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Chapter 73
Release April 28th, 2021
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
Previous Chapter Chapter 72
Next Chapter Chapter 74
Character Debut Pegasania Bellerophon

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 73 is the seventy-third chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on April 28th, 2021, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryū.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankobon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 17.



An unknown pegasus in the living room.

In the early morning at the Kurusu House, Kimihito and Centorea are amazed when they find a Pegasus girl sitting on their sofa. Centorea in particular is overwhelmed by the majestic aura, but at the same time wonders what the Pegasus is doing here. When the Pegasus girl notices the two, she apologizes rather formally for her intrusion, whereupon Kimihito asks who she is and what she wants. The Pegasus girl introduces herself as Pegasania and explains that she has come to meet a friend, whereupon Kimihito turns to Centorea and asks if Pegasania could mean her. Centorea denies this, however, because she does not know Pegasania, whereupon the Pegasus is amused to discover that her friend is quite forgetful and that she feels that she cannot remember her.

Confused, Centorea goes through all the possibilities where she has met Pegasania, but comes to no conclusion. Pegasania says that it is not important that she does not remember, as it is the way of things to forget and remember things. Before Centorea can respond, she is enveloped by Pegasania's aura, where the Pegasus says that friendship is not seeketh for a reward, to which Centorea agrees, with Kimihito noticing that Centorea is trapped in some aura again and sees something he does not see.

Pegasania then asks if they want to go for a walk, whereupon Centorea says it would be a honour for her to accompany Pegasania and that she knows the grounds pretty well. Pegasania accepts the offer even if she notes that Centorea doesn't have to be so formal. But when she asks again of Centorea's name, Kimihito thinks to herself why Pegasania doesn't know Centorea's name, when she is supposedly friends with her.


Centorea envisioning Pegasania in royal garb on a throne.

At the park, Pegasania compliments the popsicle belonging to a vender after tasting it but he humbly replies that he doesn't need such praises at all. She then tells him that his job is important because it brings joy to the world before leaving without paying and as he is thanking her, Kimihito pays for it. Centorea who volunteers to be her guide has been witnessing the whole conversation, starts admiring the latter for treating commoners with respect. She suddenly hears camera clicks which belong to those of papparazi who are secretly photographing her charge from behind a tree whom she shoos them away angrily before catching up. She feels that they have no right to take pictures of Pegasania just because she is of noble blood but Kimihito theorizes that they are only doing so because she looks extremely erotic in that skimpy outfit of hers.


Pegasania holding yoyo balloons as the boys tell her to.

As Pegasania finishes her ice candy while strolling, they meet some boys with yoyo balloons. When they ask her whether she wants to play with them, the latter's centaur guide shoos them off as she had done with the papparazi. Pegasania insists that she wants to join in the fun, assuming that they are just innocent kids who want to bond with her. They give her their yoyo balloons which the puzzled pegasus is told to hold. Immediately they tell their accomplice hiding in the bushes who is a kid as well, to shoot them after they are in her hands, resulting in water drenching Pegasania's clothes and laugh about how she fell into their trap.

The enraged Centorea starts berating the kids for humilating the noble pegasus but Pegasania tells her that there is no need to do so and understands why they play this dirty trick on her. The noble pegasus then starts stripping off her garment to everyone's shock and tells the boys to stare at her nipples since they are the ones who want to.


Pegasania stripping down to her birthday suit much to Centorea's shock.

At this point, they begin having second doubts in doing so even though they are extremely aroused by the sight of her bared breasts, but she explains that there is no reason for them to be embarrassed or sinful about it as the temptation to do so is considered normal, neither is it for her to become a nudist just because she wants every part of her body to be admired by others.


Nude Pegasania explaining to the still lecherous but already nervous boys that getting wet in your bared body is way better than doing so wearing clothes before noticing a fountain behind her.

The naked pegasus then explains to her former offenders that it makes no sense playing while wearing wet clothes and it is way better to do it au naturel. She then sees a fountain behind her where she suggests that they play with her within the vicinity. She later turns towards the papparazi who have been taking sexy pictures of her all along to invite them too as jets of water from a splash fountain shower all over her body, which the latter do so after dropping their cameras with even a few of them getting cracked lenses. Centorea sees how well her pegasus charge changes the mindsets of everyone around her as she becomes caught by the latter's royal aura again and decides to join the latter in her aquatic nudism.


Centorea envisioning the naked Pegasania with the boys and papparazzi wearing greek outfits along with jets of water from a splash fountain as waterfalls.

When she is finished with unbuttoning her blouse, Kimihito tells her to stop as there is something amiss about Pegasania which she fails to see. At this time, Papi makes her appearance. She and Pegasania appear to be well acquainted much to the shock of Centorea. Papi is annoyed with Pegasania because the latter did not wait for her at Kimihito's house.

Later that night when Pegasania is dressed back at the Kurusu residence, both Kimihito and Centorea question her whether Papi was the dear friend she had been referring to all along, as well as how they met. The forgetful pegasus confirms that it is true but isn't sure when, giving the possibilities from bumping into the harpy in midair when she was sleeping, a chance encounter in a garden as she was smelling flowers, building a sandcastle in a playground, or praticing adamitism in a river. In the end, Kimihito tells Centorea the pegasus whom she originally worshipped is actually no different from Papi at a closer inspection, which the latter goes into a breakdown when she realizes that she has been wrong about Pegasania all along. The chapter concludes by showing how similar Pegasania and Papi are in the hobbies they do.

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Key Events[]

  • The Pegasus Centaur subspecies and Pegasania Bellerophon make their debuts in the manga series.
  • The Centorea arc ends.


  • When noting how similar Pegasania and Papi are to each other, Kimihito recalls that Pegasania did the exact same things in this chapter that Papi did back in Chapter 3 (Lewdly sucking ice candy and willingly engaging in unabashed public nudism).
  • The ending image of Pegasania and Papi playing the Nintendo Switch together is also an allusive throwback to Chapter 8; which featured Papi and Suu playing the Nintendo Wii together as the ending image.

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