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Chapter 75
Release April 15th, 2022
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
Previous Chapter Chapter 74
Next Chapter Chapter 76
Character Debut Kiruraru, Aide, Mimi, Hakuto

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 75 is the seventy-fifth chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on April 15th, 2022, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryu.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankobon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 18.


In the small park surrounding the campus of the Grimoire High School, a Centaurine carries her human host (whom she calls "senpai") on her back to the dorms. The Centaurine ignores his protest that he can walk because he twisted his ankle. She also adds that he's her "life partner", but the boy notes that that's pretty old-fashioned. A little embarrassed, the centaurine says, that it's okay that he rides on her back, but because of her hoofbeats the boy can't hear her. This leads to a short discussion between the two, which ends abruptly when suddenly Papi falls from the sky, drowsily, and lands near the two students.

Frightened, the Centaurine runs to Papi and pulls the still sleepy Harpy by her legs out of the pond in the park, into which Papi fell head first. When Papi comes to and is dismayed to find out that her clothes are soaked by the water, she rips off her school skirt and shirt (to the dismay of the Centaurine) and flies back to school. Confused, the Centaurine calls after her, but Papi, now dressed only in her underwear, doesn't hear her.


Papi only in underwear.

The school is now over and Kimihito is still desperate because not even Ms Smith can help him and he is apparently the only one who is still sane and aware of the situation. However, his throughts are interrupted when suddenly Papi flies through the window and he asks where her clothes are. Papi tells him what happened and doesn't see a problem with it because she doesn't usually wear these clothes anyway.

Papi asks Kimihito when they are going home, which Kimihito first assumes that she means the student dorms, which are divided into boys' and girls' dorms. To his amazement, however, Papi says that she means the Kurusu House and asks Kimihito why he's even in the school since he's not a student. Kimihito suddenly realizes that Papi is sane just like he.

Shortly thereafter, Kimihito and Papi are in the Grimoire public high school men's students dormitory, where nobody follows the rules, as they are romping around in the dormitory, both male human students and female Liminal students. Most students engage in simple activities such as helping each other with homework or playing games. However, a Lizardfolk girl tricks one of the students into taking her to his room under the pretence that the cold weather will hibernate her, even through she seems more inclined to spend some intimate moments with the boy. Kimihito looks at the situation in the room next door and wonders who is actually enforcing the rules in the dorm.

Kimihito turn to Papi, who he brought to his room, and asks her when she started finding the situation weird. Papi explains that this was a minute ago when she was trying to fly home, but despite her weirdly reliable homing instinct, it always ended up being the school again. Kimihito understands, also realizing that their imprisonment in the grimoire would not be ended if they tried to walk away from the school. Especially since he also realizes that he cannot leave his other household girls alone, who still believe that they are students at the school.


Kimihito recognices from the NPC-like behavior of some people that they may not be real.

As Kimihito thinks more carefully about what Papi is telling him, he comes to the conclusion that the world inside the grimoire is a endless loop with only a few places like the school, the dorm and the park. In other words, Papi couldn't fly to the Kurusu house because it doesn't exist at all in the world inside the book. Also, Kimihito realizes that the teachers and stuffs are all like npcs in a game. This would mean that not everyone inside the book is a real person, possibly because they are made by the book just like the rest of this world.

What concerns Kimihito most, however, is the motive of the book. He doesn't see the point of creating a world that's just a school, filling it with a bunch of npcs, and then stealing a bunch of people's minds and making them think they're students. Even then, he still doesn't know the book's motive in doing so. Suddenly, he and Papi hear someone yelling that he or she is not afraid. They discover that the voice belongs to a raptor harpy. She is discussing at a table with two male humans and an owl harpy about something relating to ghosts.

The raptor harpy strongly affirms that she is not afraid of ghosts and simply doesn't like dark places due to her poor night vision. The owl harpy mockingly doubt this and says that the raptor harpy would get goose bumps from fear and also taps her breasts to the raptor harpy's outrage. Eventually, the two human boys try to calm the situation down, with the one, revealing the owl harpy's name as Mimi, asking if it's true that there are ghost stories at the school.

Mimi says she only heard about this recently, but admits it's quite pitiful how little they know about this, especially since Mimi is the president of the Occult research club. The raptor harpy then joins in the conversation and says that everyone is talking about "the school's seven mysteries". However, the raptor harpy also triumphantly adds that she's heard that there are only five mysteries, and she's definitely not afraid of some half-assed ghosts.

Mimi then asks the raptor harpy if she knows all of the five mysteries. The human boy at Mimi's side admits that he didn't know that the Grimoire High school even had ghost stories. Mimi then enthusiastically begins telling the five ghost stories, although the raptor harpy is uncomfortable with it.

  • The first ghost story is called "the one eye's hanako san" and is about a girl who cries every night in the girls' bathroom, but the other students say the girl has only one eye.
  • The second ghost story is called "the science room formaldehyde zombie" and tells about a crazy serial killer professor who captured a girl. After he tore her apart, the professor put the girl put back together as a zombie. The professor is long gone, but the story goes, the zombie is still preserved in formaldehyde in the science lab where she's still hidden.
  • Ghost story number three is about a lonely girl who meets the gaze of others in a window until the viewer suddenly realizes that it is a second story window. The girls is said to be ten meters tall.
  • The fourth ghost story is about an alleged clone, who switch places with other and can take on different forms.
  • The fifth and final ghost story is about a girl who is looking for her lost head. The story is called "The white haired headless girl".

The Raptor Harpy is quite shocked by the five ghost stories, although she tries hard to hide her fear. Mimi then suggest that the all four (the two Harpies and the two human boys) sneak into the school tonight to see if the stories are true. The Raptor Harpy is very uncomfortable with this suggestion, to which Mimi teases her that if she's that scared, she can take her boyfriend (the human boy next to her) with her. Embarrassed, the Raptor Harpy quickly denies that the boy is her boyfriend.

From the second floor area, Kimihito and Papi overheard the conversation word for word. Amazed and concerned, Kimihito realizes that the description of the five girls in the story reminds him of the four girls from the M.O.N and Lala, which makes him wonder if they are the girls in the stories.

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Key Events[]

  • Another location in the Grimoire, the High school men's students dormitory is revealed. This was also where Kimihito and his homestay girls were at first when they were drawn into the Grimoire.
  • Papi suddenly goes back to normal and just like Kimihito, she is now aware of the situation that she is not actually a student at Grimoire High School.
  • Papi tried to fly to the Kurusu house, but no matter how far she flew, it always ended up being the school again. This leads Kimihito to suspects that the world in the book is actually an endless loop where nothing at all exists outside of the school area.
  • Kimihito concludes that some people in the grimoire world, like the teachers or the staffs, behave like npcs in a game. This means that not everyone in the grimoire is a real person and some may have been made by the book, like the rest of the world.
  • Four new characters are introduced to the manga series, a Owl Harpy named Mimi, a Raptor Harpy named Hakuto, a Lizard girl named Aide and a Centaur girl named Kiruraru.
    • However, the names of Aide, Hakuto and Kiruraru are not revealed until later in Chapter 79.
  • Prez tells some spooky ghost stories, but Kimihito gets taken aback when he realizes that the five spooky characters in the stories, who are said to roam the school at night, bears a strange resemblance to Manako, Zombina, Tionishia, Doppel and Lala.


  • Tionishia's height is overly exaggerated in this chapter, as she is claimed to be over 10 meters tall in the school ghost story told about her.
    • However, it is revealed in Chapter 76 that this was actually not an exaggerated, as Tionishia had grown to a height of over 10 meters through the magic of the Grimoire.
  • Papi stripping off her clothes because they were completely drenched after she fell into a lake is similar to Pegasania Bellerophon doing so in Chapter 73 after the neighborhood boys did the same to the latter but the only difference is the harpy has her undies on and this is because the pegasus doesn't wear any at all.
  • A group of students are shown playing Dungeons and Dragons with miniature figures in the dormitory's common area.
  • Although the description of Haru in Monster Musume: Online states that Raptor Harpies have night vision, in this chapter Hakuto states that she cannot see well in the dark. This is confirmed in Chapter 76, making this information from the game non-canon for the manga series.
  • It seems rather strange that Kimihito didn't notice from the start that Lala wasn't at the school with the other six of his homestay girls.
  • In Chapter 3, Papi was unable to fly when her wings were too wet from bathing in the fountain, but in this chapter, Papi was able to fly without any problems after Kiruraru pulled her out of the lake, even though her wings were still soaked from the water.

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