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Chapter 76
Release May 31st, 2022
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
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Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 76 is the seventy-sixth chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on May 31st, 2022, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryu.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankobon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 18.


In the evening, Mimi the Owl Harpy flies to Grimoire High School with her assistant/boyfriend and drops him off into the schoolyard. The boy finds it incredible how Mimi flies through the night, after which she brags a little about having night vision and top-notch hearing. Mimi's assistant worries about The Raptor Harpy and der friend and ask if they made it okay. Mimi sneers that the two are probably sitting somewhere, crying and scared. The next moment, however, Mimi is distracting when her keen hearing hears some noises coming from behing one of the benches in the schoolyard.

Mimi uses her hearing to identify two people trying to keep their voices down. She suspects that the two are the Raptor Harpy and her boyfriend and it occurs to her that she may have underestimated them as she imagines the twi having sexual activities behind the bench. Mimi's assistant, unable to hear the noise, asks Mimi was going on, to which she says it's nothing and that he "leave those two alone for now", to his confusion. Mimi enters the school building to investigate the ghost stories and tells her assistant to have his camera ready to take a photo of a ghost.


Kimihito tries to keep Papi quiet.

Behind the bench, it turns out Mimi's guess was wrong as the two people are actually Kimihito and Papi, the former covering the letter's mouth to keep her quiet. After he lets go her, Papi asks why they are hiding and not going into the building with the other two since they are also looking for "ghost stairs" (confusion of the word "stories"). Kimihito explains that he suspects the ghost stories are actually the M.O.N girls, and if he and Papi were in the company of two random strangers, it would probably be harder to get the M.O.N girls to come out.


The warning came too late.

Before Kimihito can add anything, Papi enters the schoolbuilding, full of anticipation to explore a school at night. Scared, Kimihito tries to remind her that she has a terrible night vision. However, the warning comes too late as Papi trips and falls down the school stairs, saying the school stairs are "scary" before passing out. Kimihito says that in these stories, Ghosts only appear when someone is alone anyway, so he takes off his school uniform and gives it to Papi as a pillow while he goes on alone to find the M.O.N girls.

Meanwhile, Mimi's assistant continues to walk the school corridors when he suddenly realizes he's alone. Startled, he calls to Mimi because he can't see in the dark. Hidden behind a locker, Mimi giggles and thinks to herself that the right amout of fear is the perfect "firestarter for romance". She is already imagining spending a few romantic hours with her assistant in the occult research room after the ghost hunt.


Mimi thinks to herself that the five mysteries aren't that scary.

As Mimi continues walking down the school corridors, however, she is disappointed to think to herself that while out of the five school ghost stories, the one with the headless girl isn't bad, but the other stories are barely worth looking into from a research perspective. In Mimi's opinion, "Hanako in the Bathroom" is at best elementary school level and also the second story isn't that impressive either, since there are actually ten meter tall Liminals, such as Gigants. The science room Zombie is more like a murder mystery than supernatural and the story of a second self in a mirror is ridiculous to Mimi as she doesn't believe that a mirror could just appear out of nowhere.


The terrifying mirror image.

However, as if on cue, Mimi notices a large mirror suddenly standing next to her. Unsure and frightened, Mimi wonders if there's always been a mirror there and looks around for her assistant, but can't see him anyway. She turns away from the mirror and tries to calm herself as after all she is the president of the occult club and it would be beyond embarrassing if anyone see her frightened just because of a mirror. However, at that moment, Mimi's reflection in the mirror suddenly starts talking, asking her if she really doesn't want anyone to see her. A chill runs down Mimi's spine and as she slowly turns around, her reflection presses its face against the mirror pane and, with bloodshot eyes, asks her if they just should change places.

Mimi is terrified and in a hysterical fit, she grabs her assistant and flees with him through a window, that breaks in the process. However, in the school, Mimi's reflection is still standing in the same place, giggling to herself. It turns out that the supposed mirror is really just a pane of glass with wheels that allow it to be moved, making it appear as if the "mirror" appeared out of nowhere. Mimi's "mirror image" changes shape and it turns out that it's actually Doppel who tooks Mimi's form with her shapeshifting abilities. Doppel amusedly says to herself that it doesn't matter how fearless someone is, as everyone gets scared at her horror act.


A pleasant reunion...

Kimihito has observed the entire situation and now reveals himself, with Doppel being pleasantly surprised to see him. Manako and Zombina also appear behind Kimihito and greet him, with Zombina ( who is wearing a lab coat and bandages) pleased to see that Kimihito is also sane. Tionishia also happily greets Kimihito, but when he turns to her, the sight of her startles him a little, as she is strangetly about ten meters tall and therefore looks through the windows into the school building from outside. Kimihito explains that he already guessed that the ghost stories were really the M.O.N girls and asks they why it all happened. The girls look to each other in embarrassment, wondering where to start.

Zombina tells that Ms Smith sent them to the Kayado Public Library to get their hands on the magical tome Arbatel since it was the prime suspect for the group unconsciousness cases. During their research, the girls discovered a room where the mangas weren't covered in dust, but were all super clean. They suspected this was due to Arbatel's influence, so they started to browse the selves, although Doppel found this boring as the mangas were all just one-sided genres, like love comedies or romances.


The MON-girls are distracted from their mission by the mangas.

After an hour, the girls were so engrossed in the manga stories that they almost forgot their actual mission. Only Doppel was still somewhat aware of this but said nothing, since she gets to slack off. Then, however, Zombina found a manga under a bookshelf called "Grimoire Public High",which none of the girls had ever seen before and therefore aroused her curiosity. Zombina couldn't decipher the author's name correctly, so she oppened the book and jokingly that the name might be "Arbatel". However, it turned out that the manga was actually the grimoire they should be locking for and so the consciousness of the M.O.N girls was absorbed into the book.

Embarrassed, Zombina ends her narrative with that, adding that it was pretty clever for the grimoire to disguise itself as a manga. Kimihito doesn't quite know what to make of the fact that the M.O.N girls, despite their experience, could be so careless and fall into Arbatel's trap. But then Kimihito has another thought and he asks the girls, scared, if they all passed out in the library. However, Zombina assures him that everything is probably fine in that regard, because whenever Arbatel absorbs a person's consciousness, the grimoire always calls an ambulance to pick up the unconscious victim. So their bodies are now in the hospital. She adds that while Arbatel gets its victims to live out this weird school life, it also care of everyone's bodies.

Manako laments why she and the other M.O.N girls are the only ones who didn't become students but are instead stuck playing those school ghost stories. As a result, Manako has to hide in the bathroom during the day so that nobody can find her and when night falls, she has to wander around in the dark. She sadly adds that she's more scared than anyone. Tionishia gently tries to comfort Manako, with Kimihito thinking to himself that Manako is really like "Hanako-san crying in the bathroom".

Zombina suspects that Arbatel's motiv for this special treatment is that they were trying to catch the grimoire, so it doesn't want to let the M.O.N girls move around freely like the students. Kimihito asks about Ms Smith, with Zombina asking him that since Ms Smith is a human she should be a student, not a ghost. Kimihito confirms this, although he says it was still a bit much to see Ms Smith as a student. The girls agree with amusement, with Zombina laughingly saying that she'd rather be a ghost story than a student.


Centorea as rule enforcer.

The next moment, however, the friends jump when suddenly a loud voice annonces that this is against the school rules. They look out at the window and see Centorea standing outside in front of the stairs of the school building. She says sternly that she heard that some students entered the school illegally at night. Zombina wonders that Centorea is both the rules enforcer and a student, and that this doesn't mean that Centorea is breaking the school rules herself if she enters the school grounds at night. Doppel agrees with her, but Centorea hears this and announces loudly and sternly that if they don't come out voluntarily, she will force them to do so.

Centorea grumbles that the voices came from the second floor and that she'll coming up there even though she isn't good at climbing stairs. However, before Centorea can climb the first step, a white ball suddenly falls down the steps, which Centorea can barely catch, surprised. She angrily says that the students in question should write an apology, but then stops short when the "ball" in their hands suddenly starts to groan. Centorea takes a closer look and it turns out that it is actually Lala's head. With a cry of terror, Centorea faints. Kimihito looks at Lala's head (who is dazed from falling down the stairs) and says he totally forgot that Lala was also part of the ghost story group. He asks the M.O.N girls what they can do with Centorea, especially if she doesn't come back to her senses. However, Zombina then says that there is "something else" they could try, with Kimihito feeling queasy at Zombina's mischievous expression.


A tender moment for two.

Meanwile, outside the school grounds near the school wall, sits The Raptor Harpy with her boyfriend. The Raptor Harpy trembles at the trough of flying in the night and fears that everyone will make fun of her for this. Her friend assures her that being afraid is normal and that flying in the night is also dangerous. He adds that as an excuse she can also say that it was his fault, either because he didn't want to fly at night or because he was super scared of the ghost stories. The Raptor Harpy tells him he doesn't have to do this for her, and touched by his concern for her, she leans into him, causing him to blush. However, the warm moment is interrupted when suddenly a loud scream is heard.

Mimi hysterical1

Mimi screams hysterically at Hakuto.

The two look up to see Mimi landing in front of them along with her assistant. The Raptor Harpy reluctantly asks her about the ghost stories, but falls silent when Mimi hysterically screams at her not to talk to her about ghost stories. Still hysterical, Mimi indigantly asks the Raptor Harpy why she is trying to remember her of this "horrible place", finally confusing the Raptor Harpy as she doesn't understand what Mimi is even talking about.

Getting more and more hysterical, Mimi asks the Raptor Harpy if she's insane to do "it" in this horrible place. Mimi is referring to how she thought that the Raptor Harpy and her friend were having sex behind the bench when it was just Kimihito and Papi, who where hidding. Mimi throws himself at her assistant, hysterically begging him to stay with her, hold her all night, and that he can do "anything" with her he wants (to his shock). The Raptor Harpy and her boyfriend both look at each other helplessly, as neither of them understands what's going on with Mimi or what she's actually talking about.

Meanwhile, at the school, Centorea slowly wakes up from her faint and when she notices Kimihito, he tells her what happend. However, Centorea reacts confused when he talks about school and rules, to which Kimihito and the M.O.N girls (to Centorea's confusion) are relieved that she's really sane again. Tionishia looks in through the window and says ecstatically how cute Centorea looks. Centorea is startled by Tionishia's ten meter tall, but then wonders what she means by "look cute".


Centorea in gothic lolita clothes.

She looks down at herself and is startled for a moment because she is suddenly wearing a gothic lolita dress instead of her school uniform. Tionishia proudly say she made the clothes. Since Tio is is totally bored during the day because of playing the ghost stories at night, she started using the stuff from the home Ec room as a hobby to make clothes. Zombina triumphantly proclaims that this totally proves that it really is the school uniforms that are keeping that are keeping everyone brainwashed. Surprised, Kimihito asks what she means, whereupon she explains to him, what the M.O.N girls noticed about the weird behavior of the students.


With uniforms in bed.

Strangely, as Zombina explains, even after school, the students never take off their uniforms, but wear them the whole time. Kimihito doesn't think this is all that weird for student to wear their uniforms all the time, but Doppel tells him it's more than just that. Sometimes when no one sneaks into the school at night, Doppel also sneaks into the dooms to scare people, but she has seen that the students wear their uniforms even while they sleep.

Kimihito is stunned by this, but now that Doppel mentions it, he realizes that Papi also did come back to normal after she took off her uniform in the park. Then he tells the M.O.N girls and Centorea that's it now clear what they have to do; In order to free his four remaining household girls (Miia, Suu, Mero and Rachnera) from Arbatel's brainwashing, they must also strip their uniforms.

However, Then Kimihito remembers something else strange and he asks Zombina why he was sane from the start, even though like everyone else he was wearing a school uniform all the time. However, Zombina doesn't know the answer to that either.

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Key Events[]

  • Kimihito sneaks into the Grimoire High School at night with Papi, where his suspicions are confirmed that the girls of the M.O.N and Lala are The Five Mysteries of Grimoire High School. Just like Kimihito, all five of them are aware of the situation and still sane.
    • Strangely, unlike most people whose consciousness were absorb by Arbatel, the girls of M.O.N and Lala were not assigned the roles of students. Instead, they have been explicitly chosen to take on the roles of the five mysteries of the school.
    • Tionishia's size was drastically increased during her stay in the grimoire by the magic of the book. She is now ten meters tall, which is the size of a giant.
  • The girls from the M.O.N were sent to the Kayado Public Library to secure the Grimoire due to its potential danger (as mentioned in Chapter 74). However, through a careless mistake, the girls' consciousness was sucked into the Grimoire.
  • The grimoire has the ability to change its appearance, for example to look like a manga.
  • When the grimoire Arbatel absorbs a person's consciousness, the magic of the book will summon an ambulance to take the victim's unconsious body to a hospital. This seems to indicate that Arbatel cares about the welfare of its victims.
  • During her observation, Doppel noted that strangely enough, the students never take off their school uniforms, even while they are asleep. This has led the girls at the M.O.N to realize that wearing the school uniforms magically brainwashes the students.
    • Papi went back to normal in Chapter 75 after taking off her school uniform in the park.
    • After Centorea passed out from the sudden sight of Lala's head, the girls from the M.O.N strip her of her school uniform, which also turns her back to normal.
    • This leads Kimihito to realize that removing her school uniforms will also make his other homestay girls go back to normal.


  • This is the first proper appearance of the M.O.N-Team after a lengthy absence from the main series since Chapter 52.
  • According to Zombina's comment in the flashback about the manga she read before she became a Zombie, this would have to have happened before the April 29th, 1994 in the universe of the manga series since, according to Zombina's dog tags in Chapter 22, this is probably the date on which she became a Zombie.

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