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Chapter 77
Release July 29th, 2022
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
Previous Chapter Chapter 76
Next Chapter Chapter 78
Character Debut Gill, Luthros

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 77 is the seventy-seventh chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on July 29th, 2022, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryu.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankobon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 18.


The chapter begins with an introduction to the list of cocurricular activities held in Grimoire High School. Later it is cut to the school's swimming pool where the swimming speed of a Fishman girl is being timed by a human girl and the latter praised her for being fast. The Fishman girl replies that she has difficulty in making turns. The female human then explains to her the problem is she's afraid of slamming into the wall and to remedy that, she must learn to overcome her fear along with encouraging her to do so.

It is then revealed that the Fishman girl is actually swimming in the human's place because of the latter's injury. The Fishman girl makes an oath that she'll do her best for the human and the both of them are revealed to be lesbian lovers as they walk while onlookers enjoy the sight of them holding hands.

Meanwhile, Mero goes to the girl's changing room. As she changes, Mero thinks that the injury of the upperclassgirl is unfortunate, but is also pleased that thanks to her introduction, the new girl has really started to shine. She thinks to herself that she will do her best too.


The false clothes.

Mero is so distracted by her thoughts that she only now realizes that the clothes she had put on are not her school uniform but a gothic lolita dress. Startled, Mero wonders where her uniform is, but the next moment, she has the strange feeling that she always wore gothic lolita clothes. As Mero ponders, the effects of Arbatel's brainwashing finally wears off completely, leaving Mero wondering where she is. Behind one of the lockers, Centorea (who smuggled the clothes into Mero's locker) thinks to herself that she didn't think Tio's gothic lolita clothes would have this effect.

Meanwhile, Suu is happily walking down the school corridor when she suddenly discovers a cookie which lying on the floor in front of her. She enthusiastically eats the treat and the next moment notices a trail of cookies that leads to a science prep room. Suu happily follows the trail and discovers in the room a giant glass cylinder on which is written that it's filled with as many cookies as Suu could eat. Excited, Suu jumps into the glass cylinder, but once inside, she realizes that the supposed "cookies" are actually just small stones.


Suu is filtered.

Before Suu can do anything, however, she suddenly sinks between the rocks as if it were quicksand. It turns out that the supposed glas cylinder is actually a jumbo purification filter filled with a mixture of rocks, charcoal and sand, through which Suu is now slowly pushed down. From the outside, Zombina and Doppel are watching the situation, but both are unsure if this trick will work since they built the filter out of random junk. Doppel says, the now just have to wait for Suu to be filtered out of her uniform, but when just a tiny drop of Suu's slime body drips out of the tap of the filter, they both realizes this might take longer than they thought.

Meanwhile, Rachnera takes a nap in the infirmary, using her spider silk as a hammock, but she is woken up abruptly when Papi suddenly smashes into the infirmary window. Still a little tired, Rachnera complains a little to Papi and asks the Harpy if she need something. While Rachnera prepares a cup of decaffeinated coffee, Papi says she brought a change of clothes to Rachnera. However, Rachnera isn't interested and says that Papi could use the change of clothes more after noticing that the Harpy isn't wearing her school uniform.


Rachnera drinks the coffee with caffeine.

While Rachnera is still talking to Papi, Manako positions herself on the roof of the opposite building with a rifle from the shooting club. Silently, Manako shoots with a bullet a hole in the glass with the normal, caffeinated coffee. A pinch of the ground caffee then trickles into Rachnera's coffee cup, but Rachnera doesn't notice and tells Papi to go play outside while she takes a sip from the coffee cup. Rachnera suddenly spits the coffee after being surprised to discover that it is too bitter instead of being caffeine free and start fainting. With her part of the plan done, Manako tells Papi to change the Arachne into goth loli clothes.


The girls in gothic lolita fashion.

Afterwards when Centorea, Meroune and Rachnera are in goth loli clothes with the third's being the only one that is extremely low-cut, Kimihito then explains to the girls that wearing a school uniform will brainwash them into thinking that they are students before asking if any of them has questions. Rachnera then voices out her complaint in wearing goth loli clothes and Centorea agrees with her. Mero suddenly mentions that Miia isn't around. Kimihito says they're still trying to formulate a plan to get the lamia into goth loli clothes as her daily activity makes it difficult to accomplish.

Rachnera suggests simply pouring some cold water over Miia, causing the Lamia to freeze as a poikilothermic Liminal. This would allow the girls to take off her school uniform. However, Zombina rejects the idea, fearing that such a conspicuous action would draw Arbatel's attention to the group. She adds that Arbatel made this world, and if it captured the group, it could brainwash them even more powerfully, leaving them never to leave the world of the magical tome. Or, even worse, as Zombina states, they could end up in a state similar to what Ms Smith is in at the moment. This causes Kimihito and Rachnera to fully agree not to stand out too much.

However, Rachnera interjects that they don't even know where or what Arbatel is and asks how they are supposed to hide. Kimihito admits that's a problem but his musings are interrupted when they suddenly hear loud voices. Astonished, the group looks out into the school corridor and realizes that the voices are coming from the next-door classroom. Since there are apparently three voices, Mero is already beginning to speculate because of her fondness for tragic love stories. The two female voices asks which "me" the boy likes better, the "right me" or the "left me". Confused, Kimihito and Mero look at each other at this strange formulation.


two bodies, one person.

The group looks through the glass door and see a human boy who seemingly to be conversing with two dog-like Liminal girls. However, the "two" girls are actually one and the same person since the girl is an Orthrus. The girl asks the boy if he likes her, but the boy is quite unsure because while he tries to believe the girls, it is really difficult for him to imagine that the two girls are one and the same person. However, the two girls affirm that this is the case; their bodies share a soul, but they both feel the same thoughts, experiences and feelings at the same time. However, since the boy is still unsure whether to believe this, the Orthrus girls come up with another idea to prove how connected they are.

The one girl covers the other girl's eyes and opens her own blouse, exposing her breasts. Since the two girls are connected to each other, the boy should now touch either the right or left breast of the one girl, and because of the connection, the other girl with her eyes covered could say which breast he touched. The boy protests, however, embarrassed and says he could touch somewhere else but the breasts.

The girl happily agrees, but then she lifts her skirt and seductively asks the boy if he wants to touch her crotch instead. However, the boy finds this worse and asks the girls to stop. The girls reply that it's fine because no one is watching, not realizing that a group of curious onlookers has gathered in front of the classroom. Centorea covers Kimihito's eyes and leads him away from the classroom, but Rachnera then comes up with the idea that this situation might also be a way to free Miia from her school uniform, much to Kimihito's and Centorea's dismay.

As evening falls, Miia and Kimihito are together in a empty classroom. Miia asks Kimihito why he told her to come here, but Kimihito is lost in thought and doesn't answer, turning his back on her. When Miia asks him again, what's going on, Kimihito jumps and awkwardly tries to give her an answer while at the same time remembering what he discussed with his homestay girls and the MON-team.

The situation with the Orthrus girl gave Rachnera the idea that they could just get Miia in the mood and she would strip off her clothes herself, thereby freeing her from the brainwashing. Centorea and Mero reluctantly agree to the plan, although both still have reservations. But Zombina is unconcerned and says it's fine as long Miia comes back to normal. However, Kimihito hesitantly asks who exactly is supposed to set Miia in the mood, to which Rachnera says it's obviously his job, adding mockingly that there's no one else who could do this.


"Cosplay time."

Kimihito thinks to himself that he has to do this, but he has no concrete idea how best to do it. He turns to Miia and hesitantly and awkwardly asks if she might like cosplay. He shows Miia the gothic lolita clothes and says he thinks she would look great in them. While Miia wonders about it, Suu as a little blob secretly hangs on the ceiling as a kind of living surveillance camera and holds a smartphone with her slime tentacle, through which Kimihito's household girls and the MON-girls can monitor the situation from a tablet.

From their hiding spot, Zombina, Doppel and Rachnera moan at Kimihito's awkwardly hesitant attempt while Rachnera, slightly horrified, say's it's "stereotypical virgin behavior". Centorea then angrily tells the three that they instigated Kimihito to do this in the first place and should therefore stop complaining. Meanwhile, Mero turns to Manako and quietly asks her if this isn't voyeurism, whereby the Monoeye girl quietly and embarrassedly agrees. However, Miia agrees to wear the gothic lolita clothes. Centorea wonders about Miia's approval, although Manako surmises that Miia has no reason to refuse Kimihito's request.


Doppel portrays Kimihito as a seductive man.

Rachnera also wonders that Miia would agree to Kimihito's clumsy attempt, to which Zombina agrees that it feels kind of half-assed. Doppel adds dissappointedly that she was also looking forward to it being "a little steamier". She transforms into Kimihito with her shapeshifting abilities and mimics him in a more confident way, which he could say to seduce Miia. While this gets Rachnera and Zombina laughing, Centorea gets angry at this "disrespect", but before the argument can ensue, the group's attention is drawn back to the tablet when Miia asks Kimihito a question.

Miia has put on the gothic lolita clothes and seductively asks Kimihito if he can zip up the back, which he hesitantly agrees to. However, when Kimihito walks toward Miia, he trips over her snake tail and falls on top of her. Centorea gets upset about this and asks into the tablet if Miia tripped Kimihito on purpose. While Rachnera is annoyed by Centorea's hystery, Zombina turns to Doppel in amazement and asks her if Miia shouldn't be back to normal since she's now out of her school uniform, but Doppel just shrugs her shoulders helplessly.


Miia tries to seduce Kimihito.

In the empty classroom, Kimihito is still a little groggy from the fall, but he quickly regains consciousness when Miia tries to seduce him. In his fall, Kimihito landed on top of Miia, and he now accidentally grabs her breast with his one hand. Miia gently says that she suspected from the start that Kimihito brought her into the classroom to have sex with her and that all the stuff about cosplay and goth loli was just talk. Embarrassed, Kimihito, taken by surprise, tries to explain the situation to her.

From the hiding place, Centorea says she cannot bear to watch another moment like this and that she will act now to "protect" her master, no matter if Miia is not back to normal. Before Centorea can do anything, however, she is bound with spidersilk by Rachnera, with the Arachne telling her to pipe down as the situation is now getting to the "good part". Also, Zombina and Doppel find the situation between Kimihito and Miia to be like "real manga stuff", although Doppel adds that this type of thing is now a daily occurrence for Kimihito.

Meanwhile, Kimihito finally tells Miia that having sex with her wasn't what he planned. Miia then asks what he was planned instead and questions ehy he would want her to take off her clothes in an empty classroom. Kimihito then asks Miia is she doesn't find the whole situation strange, starting with the fact that they both are students in a school. This makes Miia pause and she finally admits that she may have lost sight of who she is.

Kimihito is relieved that Miia appears to be free of the Grimoire's mind control, but Miia suddenly adds that as long as she can spend time with Kimihito, she's never really cared about situations like this or where she is. Confused, Kimihito asks Miia what she means, adding that they need to figure out how to escape this fake world Arbatel created. However, Miia interrupts him and says that now the time to play student is over and now tries to seduce him again due to her lusty nature, with Kimihito startled to asks how long she's been sane.


Sneaky Lamia.

However, Suu then throws herself from the ceiling at Miia and within moments the Lamia is bound by Rachnera with spider silk. Hypocritical and feigned innocence, Miia begs the others to release her since she's sane, but Centorea angrily states that Miia was tied up precisely because she's sane. Shaking her head, Rachnera says to herself that she's forgotten "how sneaky snakes can be".

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Key Events[]

  • Kimihito and the girls from the MON as well as Papi and Centorea successfully manage to remove the school uniforms from Mero, Suu, Rachnera and Miia and thus free them from the brainwashing of the Grimoire Arbatel.
  • As Kimihito and the girls try to escape from the magical world of the Grimore, they try not to draw Arbatel's attention for fear of what Arbatel will do to them. However, this is made more difficult by the fact that they still don't know, what or where Arbatel actually is.
  • The Liminal species of the Orthrus is introduced to the series, a Liminal who has the extraordinary quality of taking the form of two Liminals, when in fact both are just one person with the same mind and emotions.


  • Papi running into the window while attempting to get at Rachnera may be a comedic allusion to an issue of birds running into windows trying to get at spiders who have set up their webs in the corners of said windows. Unable to perceive clear obstacles like glass windows or walls, birds often fly into them thinking that there is nothing impeding their way.
  • The depiction of the Orthrus species in this chapter contradicts the depiction of Rus in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Online.

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