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Chapter 79
Release October 29th, 2022
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
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Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 79 is the seventy-ninth chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was originally scheduled to be released in Japan on October 31th, 2022, but it was already released on October 29th, 2022, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryu.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankobon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 18.


At the Grimoire High School, the Silverfish girl Shii-Mii is eating the pages of a dictionary in the back of the school library. Shii-Mii doesn't think that the book tastes very good, although she doesn't mind it too much and already happily wants to eat the next book. Before she can do that, however, the human library assistant Suzuki smacks her with a book, angrily pointing out that he's told her not to eat the books many times before.

With mock embarrassment, Shii-Mii apologizes and says that she has decided, to only eat the old books, which would be thrown away anyway. Suzuki strictly clarifies that Shii-Mii isn't the one who has to decide that. Still sighing, Suzuki hands Shii-Mii a wad of paper, to her confusion, explaining that it is unbleached, naturally sourced, traditionally made paper, Japanese style. A little embarrassed, Suzuki explains that it's not good for Shii-Mii to eat this old gross books in the library, so he wants to give her the paper instead. He adds that she doesn't have to worry and she can just ask him if she needs new paper.


Eating library books is forbidden.

Shii-Mii thinks for a moment, but then she giggles cheekily and bites into another library book instead of the paper. As Suzuki scolds her and tells her to stop, they are watched by the group of students, who thinks to themselves that the two are cute together. Unnoticed by everyone, however, Shii-Mii is observed by Miia and Papi, with Miia holding a newspaper in front of her face as camouflage and Papi is holding a bird book (although the Harpy is holding the book upside down).

Miia says that Shii-Mii is probably eating the books on purpose, and when Papi wonders, Miia explains to her that Shii-Mii wants Suzuki to pay attention to her by chewing on the library books. Papi keeps asking Miia how she wants to know this, but Miia just says that Papi is too young to understand this (although the Harpy being her own age). Miia refocuses on the task and triumphantly says that all they have to do is is keeping monitoring Shii-Mii to find out if she really is Arbatel in transformation or not.

However, Papi still doesn't understand this, whereupon Miia explains again, annoyed, that Shii-Mii wants to get Suzuki's attention. However, Papi interrupts the Lamia, which makes it clear that the Harpy is asking something else entirely. Papi asks why Shii-Mii should be Arbatel since Shii-Mii eats books and Arbatel as a Grimoire is technically a book. Confused, Papi continues to ask if that is theoretically cannibalism. Miia falters at this thought and becomes insecure, slowly realizing that maybe Shii-Mii isn't Arbatel.

Meanwhile, the second suspect, the Paper Dancer girl Maika, examines another love letter and realizes it's for student Fujita Yuu, written by his girlfriend. Using her species' telekinesis, Maika lets the love letter float unobtrusively to Fujita's desk. Shortly thereafter, Maika sees Fujita, who is just coming to the classroom with his Elf-girlfriend. Maika speaks to him, whereupon he finds the letter on his desk. Surprised, he asks her girlfriend if the letter is from her, to which she admits, embarrassed, but doesn't understand why the letter was in Fujita's desk.

Happily amused and proud that another love letter was safely "delivered", Maika floats of to the other students' lockers. Thinking to herself that people hide so much for no reason, she gleefully prepare to deliver another letter from someone, who can't find the courage to do it themselves. Using her abilities, Maika feels another nearby love letter and uses her telekinesis to levitate the "little rascal" to her.


Maika's own love letter.

A love letter with a dark envelope to Maika flutters out of one of the lockers, but she gets a fright when she sees that it is her own love letter. Uncertain, Maika remembers how she talked to her boyfriend about her habit of delivering other peoples love letters, or how he reminded her not to read the letters. Desperate, Maika simply cannot make the decision to deliver her love letter, but the next moment a gust of wind rips the letter out of Maika's hands and lets its fly out the window. Frightened, Maika tries to grab the letter, but she lose her footing and falls out of the window.


Maika in the arms of her boyfriend.

When Maika regains consciousness, she finds herself in the arms of her boyfriend, who caught her in time from the fall. Concerned, he inquires about her health and warns her to be more careful. Maika thanks him and morosely asks why he hangs around all the times and accuses him of being too obsessed with delivering love letters. Maika's friend then sights at her inattentiveness and lets her known that he's not only hanging around for that, but also to see her. While the two are still talking in embarrassment, they don't realize that they are being watched by Mero and Centorea from a nearby bush.

Mero wonders whether Maika and the boy are now a couple, whereupon Centorea says that it seems so anyway. The Centauride goes on to elatedly say that if Maika is really the transformed Arbatel, then the Grimoire would have achieved its goal. This in turn would also mean that they would soon be freed from this world, and with no effort on their part at that. However, Mero is not so sure about this and after looking around she realizes that nothing has changed and they are still stuck in the fake world created by Arbatel. Centorea agrees with resignation.

At this moment, Maika's love letter flutters in front of her feet. Mero picks it up and further questions whether Arbatel, as the creator of this world, would really deliver her own love letter with a gust of wind. Even falling out of the window would then only be a rather complicated act, and that only for her own benefit. Centorea agrees and resigned asks if Maika isn't Arbatel then. Mero says it would be best to watch Maika for a while longer and wonders, how the other girls are doing.

The scene switches to the school's art room, where the third suspect, the Living Painting girl Aya, watches another human teenager girl who is painting a picture of her. Aya kindly tells the girl that she is very persistent as she also works on her picture, even if there is no club meeting. The girl happily says that Aya is also here, although Aya smiles and says that she is a painting after all and being here is quite relaxing. The girl thanks Aya for helping her keep painting like this, to which Aya asks why she comes every day. The girl explains that she is painting a picture of Aya, and since Aya is about to leave the school as a 3rd year student, the girl wants to take the chance to finish the picture.

Slightly uncertain, Aya asks why the girl is painting a picture of her at all, since she would not choose another painting as the subject for a painting. The girl happily disagrees and says that a Living Painting is a still life that's also a living portrait piece, which is the best motive of all. Aya is touched by this, but she startled when the girl asks what she is painting on her own.


Aya blushes with embarrassment.

Aya shyly says it's a secret, but when the girl asks again, she finally says it. She paints something that is very important to her because since Aya is about to leave the art club, she wants to remember something important to take with her. The girl thinks about it and then says she thought, that Aya might paint a picture of her. A remark that was actually meant to be funny, but which lead Aya being caught red with embarrassment.

The girl goes on to say that Aya is the most important person to her and that she thought it would be nice if she was also the most important person to Aya. She adds that artists often fall in love with their subjects. The girl then burst out laughing and says there's no way she could be one of Aya's precious memories since the two girls have only known each other for six months.


A smile full of love.

However, while the girl is talking, Aya climbs out of her picture frame and presents her picture to the girl. It actually shows the girl with a warm smile on her face. As the girl blushes with love, the two are watched unnoticed from outside the art room by not only the usual crowd of onlookers, but also by Rachnera.

Rachnera shakes her head mockingly at the drama of the show, thinking to herself, she's got a shiver up her spine just from watching. However, it quickly turns out that this "shiver" is actually Suu, who is monitoring Aya together with Rachnera and has climbed on her back unnoticed. Suu asks if Aya is Arbatel, but Rachnera finds it hard to say. She adds that Arbatel is someone who pulled a ton of people into this world, and Rachnera is unsure if Aya comes across as someone who would do something like this.


Rachnera considers that none of the three suspect girls may be Arbatel.

Rachnera checks the other household girls' messages on her smartphone and notices that they don't seem like they were luckier than her either. Rachnera realizes with concern that this could mean the three suspects the friends have been focusing on may all be wrong after all. Or, as Rachnera notes, worse still, they misunderstood how Arbatel works at a fundamental level. In that case that would bring they back to square one. However, in the middle of her deliberation, Rachnera pauses, suddenly wondering how Kimihito is.

Kimihito has secretly pursued his own suspicious and meets a unknown figures in the schoolyard. He confronts the person and asks if she is Arbatel as the person turns to him.

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Key Events[]

  • Kimihito's household girls take turns monitoring Shii-Mii, Maika and Aya to find out if any of the three girls are the Grimoire Arbatel in transformation. However, their observations don't paint a clearer picture and they eventually conclude that their suspicions are wrong and that none of the three girls is Arbatel.
  • Kimihito pursues a suspicion of his own and, without telling the girls, meet with the person he suspects is Arbatel.


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