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Chapter 80
Release November 30th, 2022
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
Previous Chapter Chapter 79
Next Chapter Chapter 81
Character Debut Arbatel

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 80 is the eightieth chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on November 30th, 2022, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryu.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankobon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 18.


The chapter begins with Kimihito confronting the person in the empty schoolyard, which he believes to be the transformed Grimoire Arbatel. He sternly enumerates the many things the Grimoire has done, such as creating this world and drawing everyone's consciousness into this school. Kimihito finished his charges and it is revealed that the person he is confronting is Ms Honma Shiori from the library committee.

Honma appears clueless and tells Kimihito that she hasn't the faintest idea what he's even talking about. Kimihito then explains what Zombina told him about rom-com otakus: Unlike rom-com fans, rom-com otakus don't want to enter the world of a love comedy because what they love about rom-coms, is the love and the lovers' relationship itself. He adds that's why rom-com otakus wants to be like a wall, a mist, or one of the crowd getting close to see those little moments of love between couples.

Honma is silent for a moment before, arms folded, she asks what exactly this has to do with her, to which Kimihito in turn asks her if she was an eyewitness at a rom-com event. Hesitantly, Honma asks what he's getting at, to which Kimihito sternly says that she was always present whenever the other students had a rom-com event, no matter the place or time. He adds that this could not be a coincidence unless Honma was the creator of this world. Honma says she doesn't care what Kimihito thinks, and while she admits she may have been around a few of those events, she insists it was just coincidence. She asks Kimihito if he has any actual proof that she's been around all of those rom-com events, to which Kimihito says out loud that he has.


Kimihito shows Honma the photos.

Kimihito explains that there is someone at this school with "insane information gathering skills" and that he had her gather the evidence. He pulls out some photos from his pocket showing various rom-com events that have happened at school over the past few days. These photos clearly show that the same six people from the library committee, including Honma, were always present at these events.

Honma is now getting visibly nervous and tries to reply, but Kimihito interrupts her by adding that there is another very special piece of evidence. Every student at Grimoire High School has someone they like or is liked by someone else. Even the other members of the library committee have formed relationships with each other. However, the only exception outside of this "web of relationships" is Honma Shiori, as she is the only one who doesn't love anyone and isn't loved by anyone. Kimihito ends his explanation by adding that it's almost like Honma is only here at the school to watch everyone else and again accuses her of being the creator of this rom-com world, the magical tome Arbatel.


Arbatel transforms into her true form.

Honma then snorts contemptuously and says to Kimihito that harem rom-com protagonists really are the worst. She pulls a book with the symbol of Arbatel out of her pocked and transform into her true form in front of Kimihito's eyes in a glare. She says she's surprised that he figured it out and reveals that she brought Kimihito into her world on purpose without brainwashing him. Confused by this revelation, Kimihito asks why he was the only one who wasn't brainwashed, but Arbatel responds scornfully to this question, saying as if he doesn't know himself.

With deep disdain, Arbatel says it was because Kimihito is the kind of person she hates the most, a "harem rom-com protagonist". Shocked and perplexed, Kimihito asks what she means, but Arbatel cuts him short by pointing out that he lives together with seven Liminal girls. Angrily she calls him a polygamist and that he is "pathetic indecision" because he can't pick one of the girls. Arbatel also says, she can't abide that kind of rom-com.


Arbatel tries to put a spell on Kimihito.

After Arbatel reveals this, Kimihito mentally recalls that when the group discovered the secret library, Zombina notes that there were no harem rom-coms there. However, Arbatel interrupts his thoughts by saying that she brought him into this world without brainwashing to change his "filthy harem obsessed heart". Kimihito reluctantly says he wouldn't say "obsessed", but Arbatel doesn't listen and instead announces, to Kimihito's shock, that now that her plan hasn't worked out, she will also brainwashed him with her magic to give him a "proper, healthy, non-harem school life".

Arbatel sneers about Kimihito's folly and asks him if he honestly believed that a simple single man like he could do anything against her, the creator of this world. She mockingly adds where his harem is now, although she didn't expect that anyone else figured her out like this. Kimihito curses himself, only now realizing that he got so caught up in figuring out who Arbatel was that he hadn't really thought about what he would do against her by himself. Arbatel sneeringly says that maybe she'll make Kimihito one of those school six mysteries, but regardless of that, that'll be his end. Before she can cast a spell against him, however, someone suddenly stumbles into her and they both fall to the ground.


Kimihito backs away, startled, but as the dust settles, he sees that the person who bumped into Arbatel is a male human student. While Arbatel is still confused, the student sits up in a daze, accidentally grabbing her right breast, to her shock. When the both finally look at each other, the boy says Arbatel's alias Honma uncertainly, to which she makes only a few hesitant noises, apparently frozen with love. Kimihito frowns when he suddenly realizes that the boy is also one of the members of the library committee, since Kimihito didn't take into account that only four of the six members have developed relationships with each other.

Before Kimihito can think about it any further, however, he is startled to see that the building in the schoolyard suddenly start to deform and blur. And then he also has to cover his ears tightly when suddenly there is a tremendous noise that sounds like heart racing to Kimihito. While he covers his ears, Arbatel and the student continue to look at each other in love/insecurely.


A sudden change of heart.

Suddenly, however, the noise stops and the buildings look normal again. Kimihito looks uncertain when Arbatel suddenly says desperately that she lost, whereupon he turns to her in confusion. Arbatel goes on to say sadly that she can't be someone who falls in love at first sight. She adds that she has no right to continue looking beyond this "perfect world" since she was thinking of actually participate a rom-com event instead of just watching it. Kimihito is just confused by this as he can't understand or comprehend why Arbatel is so sad or what she actually means. Arbatel then announces that she will release everyone's consciousness, further confusing Kimihito as he cannot understand her sudden change of heart.

Late in the evening, Kimihito, his household girls, the MON girls and Ms Smith are back in the Kurusu house after Arbatel released everyone's absorbed consciousnesses. Manako says that it seems that everyone has basically decided to not blame Arbatel, and since all of them started new relationships, they even praised Arbatel. Tionishia (returning to her normal size) adds that people from all over the world are sending out petitions to Arbatel.

Zombina goes on to say that she guesses people are saying that Arbatel just went a little crazy and that she's sure everything is fine since the extraspecies laws that prohibit humans and Liminals to harm each other, aren't clear for Arbatel's case. However, after his personal and not very pleasant encounter with Arbatel, Kimihito is not really sure what to think of everything the girls from MON told him.


Mero and Miia rave about their school experiences.

However, Miia and Mero take it mildly and rave on about how nice it was to experience student life and the "school spirit". Centorea, on the other hand, isn't happy with it and thinks that Arbatel shouldn't get away with it so easily, since a crime is a crime. However, Rachnera teases that she seems to remember a "certain someone" who was having more fun than anyone else and jokingly calls Centorea "Ms rules enforcer".


Ms Smith burn-out.

While Centorea gives Rachnera a stern look, Doppel asks what to do with Ms Smith, who seems to be still in a trance talking incoherently about school. Kimihito replied, shaking his head, that school life might have been a bit too good for a burned out office worker. Zombina jokingly tells Manako that Ms Smith may have been one of the ghost stories with them as well, namely the "burn-out office worker that thinks she's a student". Ms Smith then tells Zombina (either in trance related to a school work or as a sarcastic comment on Zombina's joke) that she should better prepare for her next performance review.

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Key Events[]

  • The person Kimihito confronted and suspects to be the Grimoire Arbatel in disguise is Ms Honma Shiori from the library committee. Although Shiori initially denies this, she eventually confirms Kimihito's suspicions and shows him her true form after he confronts her with proof that supports his suspicion.
    • Kimihito got it from Zombina when she explained to him in Chapter 78 that unlike rom-com fans, rom-com Otaku don't want to enter the world of a love comedy themselves, since what she loves about rom-coms is the love and the lovers' relationship itself. So Arbatel would just silently watch the other students instead of having a relationship with someone herself.
    • Zombina's explanation and the photos Ms Smith took of the student couples turned Kimihito's suspicions on the library committee, as the group, including Shiori, was always present and observing the event, when a student couple fall in love. He narrowed his suspicions to Shiori since she was the only person in the entire school, including the other committee members, who was not in a romantic relationship with anyone.
  • Arbatel reveals that she brought Kimihito into this world on purpose without brainwaswashing him as she wanted him to play the role of a harem rom-com protagonist since he lives together with seven Liminal girls. She also explains that she can't abide that kind of rom-com, and that she harbors a personal grudge against Kimihito, considering him as a polygamist and pathetically indecisive for not being able to pick one of the seven girls and live with her in a steady relationship.
  • Arbatel also explains that she brought Kimihito into her word specifically to change his "filthy harem obsessed heart". However, since that didn't work, she tries to use her magic directly against him, whether it's to brainwash him or make him to one of the school's six mysteries. However, that doesn't happen because another student crashes into Arbatel, causing her to experience her own rom-com.
  • Since Arbatel is still the grimoire, the world she created responds to her feelings. When Arbatel got excited, Kimihito heard some sort of loud heart racing, and the school yard also started to blur, presumably because it was created by Arbatel's mind and Arbatel was unfocused.
  • Having experienced some kind of rom-com herself, Arbatel doesn't think she can be someone who can fall in love at first sight. For this reason, she feels that she no longer has the right to look over this "perfect world" anymore and then releases everyone whose consciousness she had absorbed.
  • Kimihito, his household girls, the MON-Team and Ms Smith are back in the Kurusu house, and everyone else has also regained consciousness.
    • Tionishia has returned to her original size after exiting the rom-com world.
  • Since all the Grimoire people have started new relationships, everyone has decided not to blame Arbatel and in fact, people even praise Arbatel and send her petitions from all over the world.
    • According to Zombina, the extraspecies laws that say humans and Liminals can't harm each other aren't clear in Arbatel's case, so the charges aren't enough for an arrest either.
  • While most of the people who were in the Grimoire are doing well, Ms Smith still seems woozy and in trance believing she is still a student. However, most of the protagonists take this fact with amusement.
  • The school arc ends.


  • Although the group ends up back in the normal world at the Kurusu house, Lala and Suu don't appear in this chapter.
  • When Kimihito shows the photos to Arbatel, a Matango girl can also be seen among the Liminals on the next page. This seems a bit odd since Matangos are considered a dangerous species due to their hallucinogenic spores, possibly implying that since the events of Volume 11, Matangos are now allowed to participate in the Cultural Exchange Beetween Species Program.

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