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Chapter 81
Release June 30th, 2023
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
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Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 81 is the eighty-first chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on June 30th, 2023, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryu.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankobon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 19.



In the early morning, Miia, Papi, Mero and Centorea are sitting on the garden terrace of the Kurusu house. Miia sighs in boredom while saying that she really wanna go to a pool or the beach. Papi immediately enthusiastically agrees to the idea, but Miia points out that getting to the beach or pool is such a pain because they always ends up sitting together in some huge bus and that they always have to asks Ms Smith a week in advance until she wants to get a bus ready for them.

Wishing there was an easier way, Papi says that they can all go to the pool at Polt's gym since it's "super-duper close". However, Miia points out that the pool at Polt's gym is not for playing but for fitness training, while she just wants to relax. Papi then says in amazement that she also plays in the pool at the Kobold gym, to which Miia replies that that is exactly the reason why she gets yelled at every time by Polt.

Ch81 Prologue1

Bored at the "pool".

Mero then joins in the conversation and asks if she should then ask her mother to get them some accommodation on the beach. However, Miia rejects this suggestion as Mero's mother as the Mermaid queen with all the security and protection she'd bring along would only make the situation unnecessarily complicated. Miia then thinks that maybe they should build a pool here in the Kurusu house, but Centorea thinks that would be the biggest pain of all and adds that Ms Smith's colleagues only build a pool for Liminals that need it for daily life and there is no way they would build one for simply relaxation. Miia agrees with a sigh.

As Miia leans back in her deck chair, she quietly complains about the much too small kiddie pool that's next to them on the terrace, in which Centorea and Papi admit that they might need a bigger one for next time. At that moment, Kimihito appears on the terrace with a portion ice cream for everyone, which the four girls happily accept. However, Kimihito's smartphone suddenly rings and while he's on the phone he asks in astonishment when his contact person offers him and his homestay girls a free trip to the pool. The four girls listen in amazement at this offer.

The Waterpark[]

A short time later, Kimihito and his homestay girls visit the "pool" which turns out to be a huge water park. While Miia, Papi, Centorea and Mero are full of anticipation, Rachnera and Lala have stayed at home because Rachnera finds the pool too hot and Lala feels uncomfortable in front of so many people.


Mero in enthusiastic "sports mode".

Papi immediately jumps in the pool and enjoys the fun, although Kimihito chides the Harpy that it's not allowed to jump in the pool and that she didn't even do stretches to warm herself up. To Kimihito's shock, however, Mero also jumps into the pool with a rather unusually expressive enthusiasm for her and starts swimming upstream like a salmon, while the other bathers frantically dodge her. Kimihito calls out to Mero that that's not what the "lazy river" (as the pool is called) is for, but Mero ignores him in her enthusiasm.


Miia argues with Centorea.

With a sigh, Kimihito thinks to himself that ever since that thing at the high school, Mero has been in sports mode. However, his attention is drawn by a loud splash, and turning around, he sees Miia spluttering to the surface and scolding Centorea. Centorea was supposed to hold onto a flotation mattress while Miia climbed onto it, but she lost her balance and fell into the pool. Annoyed, Miia says she almost had it and had told Centorea to keep the flotation mattress steady, although Centorea angrily says she did, claiming in return that it was because of Miia's lack of balance. Kimihito looks at the scene and wonders what the two are doing.


An uncertain matter.

Miia gives in and asks Centorea if she wants to try standing on the floating mat instead. Centorea says that this is not possible with her horse lower body. Miia then teasingly asks the Centauride if she admits defeat without even a fight, to which Centorea finally, to protect her pride, grudgingly agrees to do. While Miia holds the floating mattress steady, she tells Centorea to try not to flip it over while the Centauride carefully steps on it. Annoyed, Centorea says it's Miia's plan to flip it on purpose, although she adds that regardless, as she stated, it's impossible to stand with her horse lower body on the floating mattress.

As Centorea predictably slips and falls into the pool, Kimihito looks questioningly at Suu and spots her still sitting on the mat where Kimihito and his homestay girls have put their bags. Miia asks Kimihito if he's not gonna swim, to which he explains that something seems off with Suu, which is why he wants to check on her. Centorea recalls that Suu was afraid of water and Miia adds that she thought Suu was fine as long as she wore the wet suit like she did when she was playing on the beach. Kimihito says that Suu seemed a little odd since they got to the pool but that it should be okay and wishes Miia and Centorea for now have fun without him while he turns to go to Suu.


Kimihito meets Mr President.

On the way there, however, an Undine passes him and Kimihito stops and looks after her when he suddenly gets the feeling that he has seen this person somewhere before. At that moment, however, he is spoken to by a voice familiar to him, and when Kimihito turns around, taken by surprise, he sees Mr President, the head of the Black Lily Advanced Materials Laboratory. Mr President is amused that Kimihito is surprised to meet him here since he invited him and his homestay girls to his water park. Kimihito asks what Mr President means by "his water park", to which Mr President asks if he forgot to explain that bit.

Mr President points to a sign that reveals the name of the water park as "Black Lily Waterpark" and explains to Kimihito that his company bought this little closed pool nice and cheap and renovated the whole place into a Liminal friendly resort. He adds that they want to do a final pre-opening test to make sure there are no problems and that's why he invited Kimihito and his homestay girls.

Sighing, Kimihito says he knew a free trip to the pool was too good to be true, but Mr President nonchalantly replies that it's always good to have more feedback. He goes on to explain that his company is using a lot of new tech here, and that as long they don't run into any problems (although he doesn't think they will) they'll aim to open all over the country. Mr President says that Kimihito and his homestay girls should just relax their hearts out and give them all the feedback they can.

With a proud smile, Mr President tells Kimihito not to tell anyone, but that his company has got a little "world's first" going on there too. For Kimihito, however, this news is the starting signal to try to slowly sneak away from him, since he can still remember Mr President past dealings all too well, not least because it always got him and/or his homestay girls in big trouble. Noticing Kimihito sneaking away, Mr President, slightly offended, asks the young man where he is going, but Kimihito, who doesn't want anything to do with Mr President, shouts out to him that if he wants to brag, he should go talk to his employees. Kimihito adds that he's trying to check in to Suu.


Centorea and Miia on floats.

Meanwhile, Centorea and Miia try to keep their balance while sitting on their flotation mattresses, but this proves not so easy, with Miia complaining when Centorea accidentally rams her with her flotation mattress. Papi, on the other hand, has fallen asleep in her swim ring, so she doesn't notice that she's drifting towards Miia and Centorea. When the two notice Papi's foot claws threatening to damage their floating mattresses, Miia and Centorea yell for the Harpy to wake up and don't come closer, but Papi just keeps sleeping.

While Miia and Centorea are busy with Papi, Mero, who is also lying on a floating mattress, looks around and says to herself that she supposes that this "lazy river" is just for relaxing and going with the flow. A little disappointed, Mero thinks to herself that she had expected more facilities for serious training and that swimming against this gentle current wouldn't be worth doing anyway. However, when Mero dips a hand into the water, she feels a change and is amazed to find that the water is suddenly receding.

Meanwhile, as they eat ice cream, Mr President asks Kimihito and Suu if they heard of "Elite Liminals" and explain to them that there's a lot that mankind doesn't know about Liminal's ecology, but when it comes to Elite Liminals, they're wrapped in mystery. He adds that they can't even describe how their powers work with their current technology. Kimihito says that's great and all, but he didn't come to the pool for a "school lecture", whereupon Mr President is a little disappointed with Kimihito's disinterest.

In a light-hearted tone, Mr President continues that one of these Elite Liminals is actually deeply involved with running this pool, pointing to the person sitting in a chair in the center section of the Lazy River. Kimihito perks up when he sees that it's the same strangely familiar-looking Liminal woman who walked past him earlier. Mr President explains to him that the woman is an Undine and amusedly comments how one of the Elite Liminals right here actually works for his company. While Mr President is talking to Kimihito, however, the two don't notice that Suu is nervously not looking at the Undine while visibly sweating.

Now that Kimihito knows that the Liminal woman is an Undine, he also remembers where he saw her once before, namely at Yukio's Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort. Mr President says to Kimihito that he then might also know that Undines have the ability to seemingly create infinite water, which basically reduced the water bill at the waterpark to zero. Unsure, Kimihito asks if it's really okay to use the power of an Elite Liminal for something like that, but Mr President assures him that he doesn't have to worry about that and adds that after all, they made this pool for the Undine to begin with, to Kimihito's astonishment.

Mr President tells Kimihito that one day the Undine came to his office and made the proposition for the waterpark. She told him that she needs to stay in Japan for a while and wanted his company to make a place for her to stay and that she would of course be willing to pay whatever it cost. So Mr President and his staff took a bit of their resort project that was already under construction and changed things around into a specialized clean pool fit for an Undine to utilize. He adds that they of course have a state of the art filtration system and goes on to explain that once they get the resort started, the Undine can provide supplemental water and with customers to provide funds for the maintenance of the water park, it will be an infinite loop.

Kimihito is still not entirely convinced and thinks that letting people in the pool when the water needs to be clean could be an issue. Mr President blithely replies that natural rivers have fish and animals living in them and claims that it's basically the same deal. He adds that thanks to their super filtration system, there's no way the pool water is getting dirty. When Kimihito still shows some concerns, Mr President says to the young man with a shake of his head that he worries a lot and that if he keeps being that overly cautious that much, he will miss a ton of chances.


The situation of the "Elite Liminals" in human society.

Mr President goes on to say that the overly cautious approach of the Japanese government to the Extraspecies Exchange Program is indeed a problem, as it is this overcautious attitude that leads to Elite Liminals having basically no options up 'till now. Although Elite Liminals have powers beyond what humanity understand, the government has no system in place to account for it, so they just treat them the same as any other Liminal species and don't take into account their special abilities. In turn, private Extraspecies Exchange Programs like the Black Lily Laboratory can use their flexibility and cash to take proactive steps to support Elite Liminals.

Mr President ends his explanation by saying that Elite Liminals have insane amounts of power and he asks Kimihito if he thinks treating them like everyone else is a little rude. He adds that, even better, Ms "complains-all-the-time" Smith was oddly agreeable recently so that he and his staff were able to move forward at full speed. Kimihito then recalls that Ms Smith has been strange ever since she experienced the life of a student at Grimoire High School, although he can't quite decide what to think of it. Still not completely convinced, Kimihito asks Mr President that he said "full speed ahead", but what will he do if something happens. However, Mr President only replies improvidently and vaguely that if something happens, they'll "do something".


The "lazy river" becomes a raging current.

However, the conversation between the two is suddenly interrupted by a loud commotion and when they turn around, they see how the water in the Lazy River has suddenly foamed up and turned into a raging current. Most of the visitors, completely taken by surprise, are falling from their floating mattresses and into the water, while some of them have difficulty staying on the surface. Horrified, Kimihito asks what's going on, but Mr President, who is able to keep his composure but is also concerned, doesn't have an answer either.

In the raging current, a Nekomimi girl tries desperately to stay afloat and calls for help because she can't swim. Mero quickly comes to her aid and takes the girl to the edge of the pool where two lifeguards are already waiting and asks the girl if she's okay. The Nekomimi girl thanks Mero, but the Mermaid quickly bids her farewell as there other guests who need her assistance. When the Nekomimi girl hears this, however, she is worried that Mero might also get hurt in this current, but Mero assures her that she doesn't have to worry about her as she is actually "a member of the swim team", much to the confusion of the two lifeguards.

Meanwhile, Kimihito notices that the Undine is floating over the foaming water in all the commotion, fearing that she might be responsible for it. He turns to Mr President and says that " that something that might happen" seems to be happening and asks if he will do anything about it. Mr President, however, thinks out loud that if they can't open the waterpark, maybe they could use the Lazy River for something else, like a special pool for Liminals who like strong currents, or that they maybe cancel the pool and turn it into a facility for Slime propagation. However, upon hearing this, Kimihito yells at Mr President in anger and disbelief that this is not the time for risk management and that he needs to do something about the here and now.

Before Kimihito can continue arguing with Mr President, however, Suu suddenly runs off with a determined expression, seemingly intending to go to the Undine. Startled, Kimihito calls after her, but Suu ignores him. Dismayed, Mr President says that's bad since he and his company haven't actually finished the bridges to get to the center section of the pool yet, whereupon Kimihito reproachfully asks him if he really wants to open the waterpark like this. Kimihito then worries that it doesn't matter how good Suu's wetsuit is as she will die if she falls into this current. Realizing the full extent of the danger Suu is pitting herself in, Kimihito calls to her to come back, but Suu ignores him and keeps running toward the center section and the raging current.


Miia and Centorea balance each other.

Meanwhile, Centorea has also been overwhelmed by the sudden current in the Lazy River and is desperately trying not to sink on her floating mattress, fearing that she will drown. Miia then paddles her floating mattress to Centorea and calls out to the Centauride to give her her hand and that they can keep their balance if they work together. Centorea grabs Miia's hand a bit uncertainly, but in fact the idea of the Lamia works and the two are able to balance each other by holding on. Relieved, Centorea thanks Miia, whereupon the Lamia, in an almost sisterly moment, says that's just what friends do.


Suu uses Miia and Centorea as stepping stones.

However, while Miia and Centorea are still relieved, they don't notice Suu running towards them. Suu jumps at first onto Centorea's flotation mattress and then onto Miia's mattress and from there makes another jump to the center section of the lazy river without coming into contact with the turbulent water. Surprised by this springboard action, Miia and Centorea lose their balance and fall into the pool.

Kimihito is amazed that Suu made it over the pool, although Mr President is more concerned if Miia and Centorea are okay. Since Suu is still determined and seems to be running to the Undine, Kimihito is worried about what Suu is planning on doing to her. However, to Kimihito and Mr President's confusion, Suu runs past the Undine, which apparently wasn't her target in the first place, and instead runs to a filtration room located on the other side of the lazy river. Suu rips the door open and walks into the room, and while Kimihito and Mr President look on in confusion, the current in the pool suddenly calms down as quickly as it started.


The filtration's Slime girl is at fault.

While Kimihito and Mr President still don't understand what just happened, Suu comes out of the filtration room, sights in relief and then waves to another person who is still in the room. The person turns out to be another Slime girl, looking deeply embarrassed and guilty. Mr President is surprised to see that it is the Slime girl who works in the waterpark's filtration system, whereupon Kimihito, dismayed and indignant, scolds him for still using Slimes for filtration, with Kimihito asking him if he doesn't remember the trouble, which has already been caused by this at the Arctic Inn. Embarrassed, Mr President then says that he and his company had been checking in regularly to make sure nothing would happen.

Kimihito wonders if the problems in the pool were the fault of the filtration's Slime girl, but to his amazement, Suu, along with the other Slime girl who is squatting guiltily on the ground, stands in front of the Undine and starts talking to her. Suu tells the Undine that she is the one who fixed everything, but Kimihito wonders why Suu is telling the Undine all this. At first Suu is still talking with pride in her voice, but when the Undine is still looking at her in silence, Suu pauses uncertainly before she too suddenly squats on the ground in front of the Undine like the other Slime girl and lowers her head.

Confused, Kimihito and Mr President watch the strange scene when the Undine suddenly comes over to them, with Kimihito being amazed that she is walking over the pool's water. The Undine apologizes to Mr President for the trouble her Slimes caused and explains that the disturbance was caused by the Slime girl in the filtration room in an attempt to transmit her knowledge and skills to her. The Undine adds that as their progenitor, she must take some blame for her lack of forethought. Kimihito is puzzled by this statement and wonders what the Undine means by "her Slimes" and "Progenitor".


Kimihito is amazed/shocked to find out that the Undine is Suu's mother.

However, the Undine adds in a reprimanding tone to Mr President that she thinks this situation is also partly his fault as he "did not see fit to inform her" regarding the Slime girl being here at the Black Lily Waterpark. Mr President apologizes for his lack of tact in this situation, but also asks the Undine if he can inquire her about the relationship between her and the Slime employed here. The Undine then agrees with him and explains that Suu and the other Slime girl are her family, or something more like her daughters, she supposes they could say. Disbelieved and perplexed, Kimihito asks the Undine if that means she is Suu's mother, to which she explains that the particulars "differ slightly", though there does not seem to be a more appropriate expression for it.

Suu's mother turns back to Mr President and says that she believes that those "daughters" require some "supplemental education", but Kimihito then intervenes and says that while he understands that the Slime who works for Mr President needs a lesson, he doesn't understand why Suu needs a lesson too, as he doesn't think she did anything wrong. Suu's mother then explains that the reason why she sent her daughters to this company was that they should create a place where they could belong, but in order to do that they must also reproduce. However, as Suu's mother notes with some disappointment, Suu has not yet increased their numbers at all.


Suu covers the mouth of her mother.

Kimihito, feeling a sense of foreboding about this conversation, unsurely asks Suu's mother what she means. She then explains to him that she wonders why Suu, despite having such a "fine partner" (Kimihito) right in front of her, still hasn't bred with him yet. Before Suu's mother can finish her sentence, however, Suu, who seems to be embarrassed and uncomfortable about the whole situation, suddenly jumps onto her Mother's back and covers her mouth with her hands. Outraged, Suu's mother complains to her daughter about this rudeness and what she thinks she is doing with her, but Suu doesn't listen and leads her mother away from Kimihito and Mr President.


Papi slept through the whole incident.

Kimihito and Mr President are left at a loss, with Mr President not knowing what to say after this conversation and Kimihito being too embarrassed to talk about it. Meanwhile, Miia and Centorea are still floating unconscious in the pool, while Papi, oddly enough, is completely unaware of the whole incident and has been sleeping in her swim ring the whole time.

Several days later, Kimihito and his homestay girls are back at the Kurusu house and watching a report about the Black Lily Waterpark on TV, with a reporter announcing that the resort just had it's grand opening and that this resort boasts pools that accommodate all Liminal species. Kimihito and Centorea are critical of the resort's opening, with Kimihito wondering what they would have done if that current hadn't stopped. However, Mero thinks that it was better with the current.


The "Slime pool" as a new attraction.

The reporter meanwhile interviews Mr President and asks him what makes this resort so special. Mr President explains that actually the operation of this resort is all thanks to the filtration's Slime girl but she has the tendency to get "a little overexcited". In fact, she is so energetic that his company decided it was best to create an entire "Slime Pool" for her use to burn off that extra energy.


The surroundings determines Suu's behaviour, both good and bad.

Upon hearing this, Kimihito and Centorea are concerned if a Slime pool is really okay based on their own personal experience with Suu and that it would be more of a "sexual harassment pool". However, judging by the report on TV, this concern seems to be unfounded and Kimihito wonders if the Black Lily Slime is a more straight laced Slime. Amazed, he asks Centorea then why Suu always gropes people when apparently that's something what not all Slimes do. Embarrassed, Centorea says that maybe that it's because of Suu's surroundings as she always memorizes and mimics what she sees, including at that moment when Miia shows Kimihito her new, seductive swimsuit, while Rachnera presents him her new bondage techniques, which she "practiced" on Lala. Embarrassed, Kimihito doesn't know what he should say about that.

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Key Events[]

  • The Pool Arc begins.
  • Kimihito and his homestay girls visit the Black Lily Waterpark together. However, Rachnera and Lala stay at home because the pool is too hot for the Arachne and Lala dreads the company of so many people.
  • Since the Events at the Grimoire High School, Mero has been in "sports mode" when it comes to water sports.
  • Mr President together with his company build the Black Lily Waterpark by buying a little closed pool and renovated the whole place into a Liminal friendly health resort. However, to make sure there were no problems, Mr President started a final pre-opening test by inviting Kimihito and his homestay girls to the waterpark for a "free trip" to get more feedback.
    • If the tests proves successful, Mr President plans to open new company facilities across Japan.
  • Ms Smith has apparently still not fully recovered from her stay at Grimoire High School.
  • For the construction of the Waterpark, Mr President partnered with an Undine who was willing to pay anything for the construction, no matter how much it costs.
  • Undines have the ability to create infinite water.
  • More information about "Greater Species" are revealed:
    • While most people still know little about the ecology of Liminals in general, Greater Species remain a mystery.
    • As Mr President explains, the reason why Greater Species have basically no opinion up 'till now is the excessive caution of the Japanese government. Although Greater Species have abilities beyond what humans understand, there is no system for them to put these skills to practical use, so the Japanese government simply treats them like normal Liminal species and sends them to rather inappropriate jobs.
  • Despite the incident with the Arctic Inn, Mr President still uses Slimes for filtration.
  • The Undine turns out to be the "mother" of Suu and at least one other Slime girl, although the emphasis suggests that this is meant more in the sense that Undines can create Slimes with their water-based abilities.
    • Suu's mother reveals that she sent her daughters to Japan to create a place where they could belong. She is also a bit disappointed with Suu that despite living with Kimihito for such a long time, she didn't breed with him, which is why Suu seems embarrassed dealing with her mother.
  • Kimihito and Centorea eventually realize that the reason why Suu is always groping people might be because of her surroundings, as she just watches and mimics what Kimihito's homestay girls do all the time, such as Miia's attempts at seduction and Rachnera's bondage.


  • Suu wears the same waterproof suit that Flounnder gave her in Chapter 35.
  • At the beginning of the chapter, Mero has her original wheelchair, which is the first time in the manga series after she received the amphibious vehicular wheelchair from the EXPO since Chapter 49.
  • This is the first chapter to be published after the series' half a year hiatus.
  • As of this chapter, Rachnera and Lala are the only homestay girls of Kimihito whose mothers have not yet appeared in the manga series.
  • Kimihito telling Papi to do some stretches before swimming is similar to how Centorea calling the latter to warm up prior to doing the same thing in Chapter 35.
  • Although it is possible that the filtration's Slime girl is Nega-Suu due to their similar appearance, this is not confirmed beyond doubt in this chapter as the events of Volume 13 are not addressed and nobody identifies the Slime girl as Nega-Suu.

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