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Chapter 82
Release September 8th, 2023
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
Previous Chapter Chapter 81
Next Chapter Chapter 83
Character Debut Sekmeti

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 82 is the eighty-second chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on September 8th, 2023, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryu.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankobon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 19.


Rachnera comes out of her room asking for whoever is making that loud noise this early in the morning to keep it down. Kimihito tells her that the noise is coming from Miia and Centorea playing a card game called "Duel Monmusus", and they just got to the good part. Miia summons a "Snake Princess Anaconda" and equips a "Reverse Snake Mask" card to it to make it stronger, far stronger than Centorea's "Centaur Aya". However, Centorea uses a card called "Emergency Combination" to fuse Centaur Aya and "Dragon of Earth" to form "Dragoon Aya", which defeats Miia's monster and earns Centorea the victory.


Lala, Centorea and Miia play Duel Monmusus.

At that point, Rachnera asks what is going on and Kimihito explains that he found some of his old Duel Monmusus cards while cleaning his room and the game had become popular again thanks to streaming, and since the girls wanted to know how to play, he offered to teach them. Lala then says that Miia and Centorea's skills pale in comparison to her own.

She pulls out a card called "Dullahan Seeker of the Cards," which she claims is her soul in card form, only to be reminded that these cards are Kimihito's and they are just borrowing them. Embarrassed, Lala demands that the duel between her and Miia can begin. With a sigh, Rachnera says that everyone is way too into the game, though folks like Papi and Suu are more interested in making a house of cards instead of actually playing.

Rachnera recalls that the game was on the news the other day but when Kimihito tries to remember what it was about, Meroune comes in and tells Kimihito that Mr President called for him. Kimihito, Miia, Centorea, and Lala go to the Black Lily Advanced Materials Laboratory and Kimihito says they have been meeting with him too much. Miia asks if he doesn't like him but Kimihito corrects that he doesn't trust him. Centorea says that Mr President brings less trouble than Mrs. Smith (though Kimihito comments that she is just as untrustworthy).


A mishap typical of Kimihito.

Miia asks what Mr President wants with Kimihito and his cards and Centorea wonders how he learned Kimihito played the game, but Kimihito says that whatever this is about, it isn't normal. Miia then asks what cards Kimihito brought, and he reveals that brought a bunch of pre-made decks because they were in a hurry. The girls start wondering what the cards are just as a woman bumps into Kimihito and makes him drop one of his cards. When he reaches out to grab it, he accidently lifts up the woman's bandages and exposes her breasts.


Mr President introduces Sekmeti to the group.

The woman gets mad at Kimihito for his actions and he nervously apologizes, but when he explains he was getting his card, the woman decides to settle the dispute with a duel, while she places her breasts back into her scantily clad torso, to everyone's shock. That is when Mr President walks in and introduces the woman as Sekmeti, a Mummy and by her own words, the head of the Letopolis Family. Mr President also reveals that he called Kimihito over to have a Duel Monmusus match with her.

Kimihito asks why he needs to duel Sekmeti, making it clear that he only accidentally bumped into her. Mr President, who asks what Kimihito is talking about, explains that the Mummy people created the game, with Sekmeti stating that they created the game to replace their previous blood sports with something more elegant, to decide such affairs. Sekmeti even reveals with pride that she was one of the few who took part in designing the card game, adding that was around 3000 years ago and thinks to herself how the time flies. Kimihito and Miia don't really know what to make of this statement.

Mr President explains that the Mummy people entrusted part of the rights to a different company to make it a card game, but the Interspecies Exchange program has ramped up business activities. As such, they came to sign a contract with his company, which is what the news that Rachnera and Kimihito were talking about earlier was about. Sekmeti perks up when Mr President mentions the contract and announces that if he wants her to sign the contract, he must first defeat her in a duel. She explains that her species decides everything in a duel, be it their fates, their card business or what they have for dinner. Sekmeti tells Mr President that if he wins, he can decide the rights and profits how he wishes, but if she wins, the deal is off.


Kimihito as a Duel Monmusus' player in his younger years.

Mr President then tells Kimihito that that is the reason why he needs him to duel Sekmeti for him, because while he likes the business himself, he has no head for the game. Miia and Centorea ask why Kimihito was picked specifically and how Mr President knew he could duel. Mr President then reveals that he dug up some info showing Kimihito was a professional duelist who won a competition during a regional high school tournament, much to the girl's surprise. When Mr President tells Kimihito that he will cheer him on, Kimihito says that he never agreed to duel for him. However, Sekmeti taunts him that he will flee then, such as he planned on fleeing their little incident before, to pressure him into playing.


Sekmeti summons "Brutal Eyes Jade Dragon".

With all of that said, Mr President leads the two to a space for them to duel, and Sekmeti explains that the rules for this duel is "Classic Style" which gives each player 4,000 Life Points and no card restrictions. Centorea and Lala are confused about what "Classic Style" means, although Kimihito seems to know exactly what that is and seems annoyed by it. Mr President cheers him on (while also revealing he bet a "few million" on him and asking him not to lose on purpose, to the girls' displeasure). Once the duel begins, Sekmeti starts off right away with an extremely powerful monster called "Brutal Eyes Jade Dragon."

Miia and Centorea are outraged that she would summon such a powerful monster like that on the first turn, but Sekmeti explains that this is part of the Classic Style; there is no cost for high-level monsters. This still annoys the two as Sekmeti reveals that her deck contains nothing but the most powerful monster cards, and she can summon as many as she wants every turn, which is why she is so confident she'll win. Fortunately she says she can't attack on the first turn so Kimihito can make his move. Miia and Centorea worry about how Kimihito can win the duel when Sekmeti can summon a new powerful monster at any time, while Mr President, since he didn't know the rules of the game, asks uncertainly if it's really that bad.


Kimihito sacrifices his playing card seemingly pointlessly...

Kimihito summons a "Haru Ranman" monster, which has no attack. Mr President starts freaking out that he'll lose his money in addition to his virtual lack of knowledge regarding the game. Centorea says that Kimihito has a plan, but all three are surprised when Kimihito sends his monster to attack. His monster self-destructs and everyone continues to despair, with Sekmeti calling Kimihito a "fool" and asking him if he was merely tormenting Mr President. Miia and Centorea are also surprised at Kimihito's actions, while Mr President thinks desperately that his company would have to cancel the card game, the illustrations and the fees they have in production, although his head is smoking so much from all the thinking, that Lala covers her mouth and nose.


... but this allows him to use a spell card with which he can immediately defeat Sekmeti due to her monster exclusive deck.

However, in a surprising twist, Kimihito reveals that this was part of his plan: because Haru Ranman had no attack points, he took exactly 3,000 in damage from Sekmeti's monster, and this allows him to activate a spell card called "Inferno Storm." This card forces both sides to remove all monsters from their decks, and since Sekmeti's deck contains nothing BUT monsters, she loses all of her cards while Kimihito still has his non-monster cards. As such, Sekmeti automatically loses.

Both sides are left speechless by this turn of events with Centorea adding that powerful monster cards are no match for spell cards, but Sekmeti nervously claims that this duel was to settle the dispute from earlier, so she wants one more duel to decide the fate of the contract (which is not what was originally agreed upon). Surprisingly, Kimihito agrees, much to Mr President's shock as he fears he might lose the rights to the contract after all. Eventually, the girls realize that both are now having fun with the game.


Sekmeti has a pleasant conversation with Kimihito and his homestay girls.

Sekmeti does eventually beat Kimihito, but only because he had a weak draw that match; and they switched to the modern rules, with Kimihito winning nine of their matches. Soon, Kimihito, Miia, Centorea, and Sekmeti start having a pleasant conversation about the rules of the game, with Centorea being of the opinion that Sekmeti has truly dueled well. They then talk about the classic style, with Kimihito saying that it's quite fun, Miia thinking that she might even like it better than modern style, and Centorea adding that it is quite easily to understand. Sekmeti thanks the group for liking her people's game so much.

While Mr. President makes phone calls in the background about the card game his company has planned, Kimihito and his homestay girls point out that one of the new cards can have 3 or 4 effects and just reading everything on the cards is a challenge. Sekmeti admits that this would have been unthinkable three thousand years ago. Miia and Centorea ask Sekmeti if she can duel them next time, but the Mummy turns to Kimihito and thanks him that through him she realized that "truly one's character can be learned through dueling". Kimihito is embarrassed by Sekmeti's gratitude, wondering if everything is good between them and the embarrassing mishap from before has now been forgotten.

However, Mr. President interrupts the conversation and tries to get Sekmeti to sign the contract and send Kimihito and the girls home, saying that he will thank them "probably later". However, because of that rude remark and because Kimihito is still annoyed by Mr. President's actions, he takes revenge on him by suggesting to Sekmeti that it would be better to have a game with Mr. President first before signing the contract, as it would be "a shame to leave all the amazing dueling to other people". Sekmeti agrees with him because she is of the opinion that dueling is something that must be done individually, much to Mr. President's displeasure.


School lessons for Mr President.

Kimihito later has a study session with Mr. President to teach him the game's rules, which is very difficult for Mr. President, because he can't memorize all of the card's effects. Kimihito can't resist telling Mr. President that millions are at stake in this contract, putting Mr. President under the same pressure as he previously put Kimihito under during his duel with Sekmeti. Meanwhile, Sekmeti plays a duel with Miia, where, when asked by the Lamia, she say's that it's fine for her that she doesn't know the modern style, since she's planning on sticking with the classic style.

Later, Lala asks Kimihito a question Centorea asked earlier: why did Kimihito stop playing? His answer is that he couldn't keep up with the game's power creep. Centorea responds with amusement that Kimihito makes it sound like he's a battle manga rival character or something.

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Key Events[]

  • The card game Duel Monmusus is introduced into the series, and when Kimihito finds some of his old cards from when he played himself while cleaning his room, he teaches Miia and Centorea the game. Lala is also enthusiastic about the game.
  • A few years before the events of the manga series, Kimihito was a professional Duel Monmusus player, to the point that he won a tournament during his time in high school. He eventually stopped playing because he couldn't keep up with the game's power creep.
  • The Mummy Sekmeti makes her debut in the manga series.
  • More details of the culture of Mummies are revealed:
    • The Mummies invented the card game Duel Monmusus more than 3,000 years ago because they viewed it as a more elegant means of deciding certain affairs, in contrast to the barbarous blood sports they used in the past.
    • According to Sekmeti, Mummies decide "everything" in a duel, whether it's important or everyday things.
  • Mr President is in contractual agreements with Sekmeti that involve his company receiving a share of the rights and millions of dollars in profits from their card game company. However Sekmeti, typical of her species, insisted on having a card duel to decide whether she would sign Mr President's contract. Because of this, Mr President asks Kimihito to duel for him after learning about Kimihito's past as a professional Duel Monmusus player from an old newspaper article.
  • Kimihito wins the duel with Sekmeti with his expertise and due to their mutual enthusiasm for Duel Monmusus, Sekmeti becomes friend with him and his homestay girls.
  • After the duel, Mr President tries to get Sekmeti to sign the contract, but Kimihito suggests to Sekmeti that she should get to know Mr President better first, by playing a duel against him personally. As a result, Mr President now has to learn the rules of Duel Monmusus as well as the various effects and abilities of the playing cards, much to his discomfort.


  • This is the first chapter in which a Dragon appears in the manga series, albeit only as a card in Duel Monmusus.
  • Nicole Unicole appears briefly on one of the panels as her live stream alter-ego Yuniko Monokerosu, while Kimihito mentions how Duel Monmusus has become popular again through streaming. Since Nicole works for Mr President, it is likely that he wanted to use her in advance to promote the card game, as the contract with Sekmeti would have given him a share of the rights and the profit from the sale of the game.
  • Duel Monmusus is likely a parody of Yu-Gi-Oh due to its game rules and mechanics. The fact that Sekmeti's species created the game is also a reference to Yu-Gi-Oh using Egyptian mythology and legends as the basis for its storyline and cards.
  • Since none of the subsequent chapters of Volume 19 discuss whether Mr President won the card duell against Sekmeti, it is not known whether the business contract was successfully concluded. If Mr President had lost the card duel then this would have resulted in him suffering a loss worth millions, partly because of Kimihito, who gave Sekmeti the idea for her personal duel with Mr President.
    • However, it should also be noted that Mr President ultimately has himself to blame. His dialogue as he worries about what he would have to cancel if Kimihito lost the card duel shows that he had already put a card game into production and ordered illustrations even before he had signed the business contract with Sekmeti. This was an unwise move from the start and would have resulted in any case in a losing deal if Sekmeti had rejected the contract.

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