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Chapter 83
Release 10th November, 2023
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
Previous Chapter Chapter 82
Next Chapter Chapter 84
Character Debut Abul

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 83 is the eighty-third chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on November 10th, 2023, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryu.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankobon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 19.


A Sphinx named Abul approaches some of the neighborhood boys and gives them the classic riddle of the Sphinx: "In the morning I go on four legs, in the evening two, at night three. What am I?" She tells the boys that if they answer correctly she'll reward them, but if not she'll devour them.


Sphinxes acted as servants of the Mummies.

Meanwhile, at the Kurusu House, Sekmeti, who is playing Duel Monmusus with Kimihito, tells him that Abul is her friend and she has been acting weird recently. She tells to him that Abul is a Sphinx, and, in responsible to his question, Sekmeti confirms that Sphinex like to asks riddles, although they don't eat people as claimed in myths. Sekmeti explains that Sphinxes have acted as servants for Mummies for centuries, and that Abul not only comes from Letopolis like her, but came for the Interspecies Exchange Program to Japan. Sekmeti then plays Brutal Eyes Jade Dragon only for Kimihito to use his trap magic card "Tentacle Pit" to destroy it, to her dismay.

Back to the topic, Sekmeti says that Abul is a huge fan of the series "Ikkyū-san" and that is her main motivation for coming to Japan, and though she was thrilled at first, she is now acting oddly. While Sekmeti says this, at the same time she revives Brutal Eyes Jade Dragon by using the "Revivification" magic card, but Kimihito counters with "Graveyard Controller," exiling her monster, to her further dismay.

Back to the topic, Sekmeti asks for a favor from Kimihito to check on Abul in her place. Kimihito is concerned because he has never met Abul before but Sekmeti assures him she'll notify her. She also explains that she is technically Abul's superior so it may be difficult for her to open up to Sekmeti (which Centorea fully understands). Kimihito acknowledges this but is still concerned, so Sekmeti reminds him of how he offended her before by exposing her nipple to him, calling it a debt he needs to repay, and Kimihito finally relents.


Kimihito defeats Sekmeti (again).

Sekmeti then activates her ritual magic card and sends a level 8 monster to the graveyard, then she ritual summons "Brutal Eyes Chaos X Dragon" to attack Kimihito's life points directly. However, Kimihito activates his trap magic card "Magic Tube" to reflect her attack back at her causing her to lose the game, and at that point Sekmeti throws up her cards in defeat.


Kimihito tells how Mr President made the area habitable for larger species.

Kimihito, Miia, Papi, and Centorea travel to a neighborhood inhabited by large Liminals like Minotaurs, Ogres and Lamia. Kimihito tells the girls that before the neighborhood was going to be filled with luxury villas during the Bubble Era, but after it burst it became desolate until Mr President bought up the land and made it accommodating to large Liminals. Centorea remarks that this neighborhood is truly ideal for such species, but Miia taunts her that she should move out her herself since Kimihito's place is so small for her. However, Centorea fires back saying she (Miia) is just as big along with Rachnera and she would take her with her, to Miia's annoyance.


The boys with snacks.

The four then notice some kids walking by with a ton of snacks, saying they came from Abul's place and are fortunate acquire lots when one of them later mentions about missing his cap. Abul welcomes Kimihito and his girls into her home after they told her that they are friends of Sekmeti. Abul serves them tea, but the four see she is acting very depressed.

Kimihito asks her if this new lifestyle is difficult for her, but she says her depression actually has to do with her love of riddles. Abul clarifies explaining that as part of the program she is trying to teach children the Sphinxes' ways by telling riddles. However, the children didn't seem interested in learning. She was able to come up with a new teaching method to get a good response from the children, but she is still feeling down.


Abul expresses her admiration for the anime series Ikkyu-san.

Kimihito asks if it has anything to do with Ikkyū-san, and Abul enthusiastically confirms, explaining that her dream was to ask a riddle to someone like him because of how wise he is, though she sees everyone staring at her and she calms herself down. Kimihito assumed that Abul's depression is because she hasn't found any kids like Ikkyu, though Miia says it is an unrealistic expectation.

Even Abul admits that reality and ideals are different, but she finds it still frustrating when kids instead act snarky and rude back to her by throwing logic nonsense into the mix. She ultimately resorted to bribing children with snacks, but the kids continued to use logic against her and she relents and gives them the snacks anyway, explaining the situation that Kimihito and the three girls saw before with the children and the snacks. Frustrated, Abul asks whether children in Japan are really that different from Ikkyu-san, with Kimihito thinking to himself that this question alone shows that Abul, although she claims the opposite, mixing reality with fiction, since Ikkyu-San is mainly fiction anyway.


A technically not false answer.

The four decide to come up with different ways to cheer Abul up, first being having Abul ask them her riddle. When Abul asks Papi the riddle, the Harpy says happy that the answer is "Suu," because she, as a Slime, can change her form and therefore can have two, three or four legs if she wants. After Kimihito explains to the confused Abul what a "Suu" is, Abul gives Papi the snacks saying that her answer is technically right.

But Miia tells Abul that her grading is too lenient because if she keeps giving out treats despite not receiving the right answer, the kids are going to abuse that heavily. Centorea suggests Abul that she could try posing a tougher riddle, and Abule does, but it confuses the four. Abul explains that the answer was the "sun," but the four tell her that even adults would be stumped by such a riddle. Abul says this is why she been used the old easily riddle, which Kimihito can understand.


Abul finally admits that she wants to get close to "cute boys".

Kimihito suggests to Abul that she could give a different prize, and Abul pulls out some rare Duel Monmusus cards, which hype up Miia and Centorea until Kimihito calms them down and says those cards may be too much. Centorea then suggests Abul ask riddles to adult people and not kids, but Abul vehemently refuses. As Kimihito and the girls look at Abul, confusing by this vehement reaction, Abul calms down and hesitantly tries to explain the reason is because she has focused her cultural exchange mainly on children and that she think it would be a wastle of everything to change her focus now.

The four counter saying that its the kids who are caused the problem and saying to Abul that she could ask riddles to adults. Abul hesitantly says that asking riddles to adults is hard, but Miia counter saying just asking kids is the problem and she could ask adults, with Miia even adding she could make escape room riddle games. Miia and Centorea make further suggestions to Abul about the escapr room game, adding that she could also offer the rare Duel Monmusu cars as a prize, although Kimihito say that the should stop mixing in what they want for themselves. However, Abul refuses still, breaking down and confessing she is trying to meet cute boys, to the shock of everyone.

Embarrassed, Abul confesses that she came to Japan because she wanted to gobble up boys and gently teach them all about the riddles of adulthood and asks loudly if is that so wrong. Miia says it is wrong for her to hit on a young boy and whispers to Kimihito that leaving Abul depressed might be for the best for everyone. Abul, also acknowledging her extremely high expectations, solemnly says she should just go to her home country. Kimihito hesitantly asks Arbul if she couldn't stay in Tokyo to help Sekmeti, but the conversation is suddenly interrupted by a voice above them. They look up and are amazed to see Rachnera sitting on top of the wodden roof of the veranda.


Rachnera give Abul the Advice to use her "adult weapons".

In response to Kimihito's question, Rachnera says that she is just here because of a coincidence, explaining she lost contact with a fellow Arachne (the leader of her tribe) who moved just recently here, so she went to go looking on her. However, after finding her and seeing her to getting it on with her boyfriend in the middle of the affternoon (in a BDSM), this was enough of Rachnera and she decided to leave her leader be until she saw Kimihito and the other girls with Abul. Rachnera tells Abul that she is being too wishy-washy asking riddles and should instead approach the kids more boldly by using "adult weapons." After that she leaves to go mess with her friend while Abul ponders Rachnera's words.


Abul intimidates the boy with her seduction skills.

Later, one of the boy that left Abul's house runs back because he remembers that he left his cap there and doesn't mind answering any of her "lame riddles" which might earn him extra snacks. When he gets there he sees her holding the cap, but she tells him that the only way he gets it back is if answers her "adult" riddle, all the while she is showing him that she's completely naked with her nipples covered by her necklet to him, which flusters the boy. Abul gives the riddle while indirectly hinting that the answer might be a penis and his is probably having an erection as well as seducing him by crisscrossing her arms under her breasts. The boy then reacted to the mention of his perverted nature by covering his crotch with his hands embarrassingly.

After thinking about it, the boy embarrassingly whispers the answer into Abul's ear, but to his surprise, Abul tells him the answer was "a shadow." Because he got it wrong, she says his punishment is that she will "eat him," but she chooses instead by saying that she will only "eat" him as a reward if he solved her riddles. She tosses him his hat and inspires him to try again another time by exposing her nipple to him as he reacted by covering his crotch with his cap.


A solution with possible concern.

The next day, the boy and his friends visit her and actually try to solve her riddles, all the while using her body to fluster them. Kimihito and Sekmeti visit her and the latter comments that she seems to be back to normal now, but Kimihito fears a new problem will appear in the future, whereby he's probably worried about what will happen if the boys solve Abul's riddle, since that she will "eat them" could imply that Abul would then have sex with the boys.

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Key Events[]

  • The Sphinx Abul, an old friend of Sekmeti, makes her debut in the manga series.
  • Sekmeti reveals that Sphinxes have acted as servants of Mummies since the antiquity and that Sphinxes don't eat people, contrary to the legends humans told about them.
  • During her time in Letopolis, Abul worked for Sekmeti and the two traveled to Japan together through the Interspecies Exchange Program.
  • During the era of the Japanese asset price bubble, there was an area of Tokyo where only luxury villas were built for the rich, but after the bubble era burst, most of the large villas were abandoned and the area became a bith of a ghost town. But Mr President bought the land and turned it into an accommodation for larger Liminal species such as Lamia, Ogres and Minotaurs.
  • Sekmeti asks Kimihito and his homestay girls to check on Abul after she recently started to acting very oddly. However, the meeting between them turns out to be difficult after Abul revealed to them that she is an Shotacon as has an attraction to the neighborhood boys.
  • Following Rachnera's advice, Abul eventually uses her "adult weapons" to get the boys to become more interest in her riddles. Kimihito viewed this strategy with doubt and worries, because Abul's promised "reward" to the boys for solving her riddles might imply that she would then have sex with them.



Yuuhi's cameo.

  • Yuuhi Hajime has a cameo appearance in this Chapter along with the other neighborhood girls.
  • The neighborhood boy with the cap covering his crotch after seeing Abul naked is similar to the same encounter he has with Pegasania in Chapter 73 but the only difference is the Sphinx doing so was intended to be sexual unlike the Pegasus.
  • The Japanese asset price bubble mentioned by Kimihito was an economic bubble blast in Japan from 1986 to 1991, in which real estate and stock market prices skyrocketed. In early 1992, the bubble burst and Japan's economy stagnated.
  • That Papi says "Suu" due to her transforming abilities as the answer of Abul's riddle is a callback from Monster Musume: I ♥ Monster Girls Volume 3 where Papi suggested "Slime" as the answer of the last question of the crossword (which was the classic riddle of the Sphinx), although in this case the other homestay gils told her that this answer doesn't count.
  • When Abul reveals that the solution to her more difficult riddle is "the sun", she says it is about 140 million kilometers away. In reality, the distance between the earth and the sun averages about 149.6 million kilometres, although there can be variations of a few million kilometers below or above this distance depending on the time of the year.

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