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Chapter 84
Release 8th December, 2023
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
Previous Chapter Chapter 83
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Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 84 is the eighty-fourth chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on December 8th, 2023, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryu.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankobon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 19.


Early in the morning, Ms Smith walks through the Onsen Town, feeling very chilled by the cold wind. Shivering from the cold, she thinks to herself that she know that this mountain valley is an onsen spot, but that it is very cold and she wonders if there is anything hot to eat here. Lost in thoughts, she thinks to herself that a nice hoth fresh onsen manju would be perfect, before her eyes fall on a ice cream stand where farm fresh soft-serve made with farm fresh milk (possibly Minotaur milk) is offered. Before Smith really knows what she's doing, she has already bought a cup of ice cream, before the next moment she irritatedly questions this decision since she actually wanted a hot manju because it is cold.


Smith dejectedly thinks about her daily life at work.

Finally, Smith relaxed with a pleasant foot bath, where she can also enjoy her fresh milk flavor. Nevertheless, she thinks to herself, depressed, that she is still totally burn out. After she seeing the high-school life that she experienced through Arbatel's magic, she feels that her normal life as Exchange Program coordinator just seems completely drap since she getting nothing done at work and all she have to look forward to is some gross coffee day after day. It got so bad that her boss told her to "take some time off ang go to an onsen or something". wistfully, Ms Smith thinks that even after getting here, it's not like just taking some time of will bring back that sparkling shiny high-school life.

For a moment, Smith actually thinks that instead of going to an onsen, she should have gotten Arbatel to put her back in there. But in the next moment Smith is already scolding herself for that though, because it is clear that if she ever went back to the magical world of Arbatel, she would never come back out again and it would all be over. Depressed, Smith hangs her head and doesn't know what to do, before she stops in her tracks as three Liminal woman walk past her at a distance and she suddenly has the feeling that she has seen tthe three somewhere recently.

Later that day, Smith goes to the Okaya Hotel in the town, where she has reserved a room for one night. In front of the hotel she is greeded warmly by two hotel employees, who, interestingly enough, are Orcs. As Smith watches how the two greed a few other guests and offer to carry their bags, she thinks to herself that the Orcs here are quite courteous and hardworking. At the reception, Ms Smith sign op for her one night reservation, and the receptionist tells her that she can use the hotel's onsen freely at any time. However, before Smith can tell her what she wants to reservs for dinner, Smith suddenly listen up when loud voices ring out that seem somehow familiar to her.

At another desk next to Smith, three Liminal women stand discussing with another receptionist. The three tell the receptionist that they came here after hearing that there were positions for Liminals here, but the receptionist sheepishly explains to them that they are no longer accepting job applications for part time positions since yesterday, after they had gotten so many.


A very surprised reunion.

Pretty upset and also desperate about this news, the three asks her if they have any other open spots or something. Astonished, Smith asks the three if they are not the girls from back then and when they turn to her, it turns out that they are actually the same three Liminal girls that Ms Smith had had met during her time at Grimoire High were she (wether they wanted or not) constantly tells them about the relationships between the other students. The three reacts to the sudden reunion with Smith with unpleasant surprise, which in turn confuses Smith.

Shortly aterwards, Ms Smith and the three girls enjoy an relaxing bath together in the hotel's onsen. Smith asks the girls if they haven't looked for jobs before, to which the tree say yes, but they adds that it feels like a waste that they came to the onsen and leaving without doing anything, since there are no job positions left. Smith wants to asking them something else before she realizes that she never intruduces herself to the three girls during her time at the Grimoire High School.


Aluca, Garu and Vikk introduce themselves to Ms Smith.

She now introduces herself, whereupon the three girls introduce themselves as Aluca (a Vampire), Garu (a Werewolf) and Vikk (a Flesh-Golem). Smith is surprised to learn that Vikk is a Flesh-Golem, as she thought for sure that the girl were a Zombie. Vikk then explains to her that a Flesh-Golem is kinda like a man-made electric powered Zombie, whereupon Smith is briefly concerned at the mention of "electric powered" whether Vikk is okay to be here in the onsen due to the effect when electricity comes into contact with water.

Smith notes that she hasn't seen the three of them since those school days and asks them what they did after all that. Garu dodges the question being grumpy, to which Smith asks her what's wrong and if she's upset after not finding a job. Aluca then agrees to explain it to Smith. It happens that all three of them found boyfriends at the school, with Aluca amusingly describing it as a miracle that not only Vikk but also she herself and "little miss upset-all-the-time (to Garu's outrage) have found boyfriends.


Aluca tells Smith about the problems of the three girls with their younger boyfriends.

The problem, however, was that in the Grimoire world everyone was a "student", but in the real world Aluca, Garu and Vikk are full fledged adults while their boyfriends were actually real high school students. The three girls had to come to Japan for a relaxing time by doing some Interspecies cultural exchange, but now they couldn't exactly go around all lovey-dovey with younger boyfriends. With a deep sign, Aluca says that they decided to find jobs to show off their abilities as adult working women, but that they unforntunately haven't been able to find jobs at all.


A strange reaction.

Aluca says depressedly that it is hard enough to find work as a Liminal but that she, Garu and Vikk don't really have any special skills or qualifications either. Vikk adds to this explanation that's why they're all a little on edge like this. Smith shows understanding for the situation of the girls but when Garu asks her in return what kind of work she does, Ms Smith is taken aback by the question and stammers a few incoherent and nonsensical words, much to the confussion of the three girls.

In the evening, Ms Smith and the three girls leave the onsen and go to the reception, where the three tells Smith that they will not stay in the hotel overnight. Aluca says to Smith that it seems that she has calmed down a lot compared to how she was in that high school and Garu adds that Smith was pretty hyper and annoying there back then. Vikk asks Smith if she found a boyfriend at the school, but Smith, embarrassed, asks the three to change the subject because she wants to forgot her experiences in Arbatel's world. At the reception, however, Smith is surprised to see that something seems to going on when she sees a large, beefy man standing in front of the front desk with his back to her and discussing with the receptionist.

The man says that he knows that other Orcs also work here and asks the receptionist if she can let him work her too. Intimidated, the receptionist tries to tell him that they are no accepting more job applications, but the man scornfully replies that she could certainly use a few more hands for the work, asking with a malicious grin whether they have mixed baths in the hotel and that he then will be the mixed bath lifeguard. As the man says this, Ms Smith sees his face and is shocked when she realizes that he is the evil Orc leader who attacked the Libido Doujin with a gang of other Orc terrorists during a MON-Incident some time ago.


An old acquaintance of Ms Smith with bad memories.

The Orc leader says with relish that watching naked babes while makin' money get him in the "mood to work", while as he walks away from from the front desk he ignores the receptionist's panicked shouts that the hotel Okaya doesn't have mixed baths. Ms Smith, cursing, wonders in her head what the immigration department is doing that they didn't prevent the Orc leader from getting into the country illegally again after she deported him twice. She instinctively reaches for her skirt before she remembers, cursing, that she doesn't have a weapon with her because she's off duty.


The Orc leader knockks out the two Orc employees.

In the next moment, however, the two Orc employees rush past Smith towards the Orc leader, each of the armed with a broom. They angrily berate the Orc leader that he has no right to be here, expressing their disdain that s it Orcs like him that give the rest of their species such a bad name. However, the Orc leader just grins at this and with two brutal blows of his fists, he knocks the other two Orcs unconscious. He mockingly taunts them about whether this is the best they can do to him, whereby he claims that they are all gone soft already.


Garu beats up the Orc leader.

Smith grabs one of the fallen brooms and is ready to confront the Orc leader when she suddenly sees, to her surprise, how Vikk puts her hands on the screws on her head. In the next moment, the lights in the hallway of the Hotel Okaya go out, so that the Orc leader is suddenly surrounded by darkness. Although briefly surprised, the Orc isn't really worried, because while he can't see anything, but he can still use his sense of smell to orientate himself in the dark. However, the next moment he is taken by surprise by Aluca in a surprise attack, with the Vampire woman injuring his nose with her claws. Now unable to orientate himself with his eyes or his imppaired sense of smell, the Orc leader is attacked by Garu, with the Werewolf woman giving him a good beating.

Garu tells Vikk that everything is okay now and the Flesh-Golem woman puts her hands on the screws on her head again, whereupon the next moments the lights in the Okaya Hotel come on again as suddenly as they went out. The Orc leader staggers around for a few moments, completely beaten up, with one eye swolled shut and several teeth knocked out, before he collapses unconscious at Garu's feet.


The three girls are confused when Ms Smith offers them to work with her.

The three Liminal girls congratulate each other on their success, with Aluca expressing her admiration for Vikk's ability to control electricity, which the Flesh-Golem woman used to turn the lights of the hotel on and off. Smith looks at the three girls for a moment, amazed but also impressed by their perfect teamwork, with which they stopped the Orc leader without any problems. She asks the three if they are still looking for a job suggests them that they could work with her, to Aluca's, Garu's and Vikk's confusion at this sudden offer.

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Key Events[]

  • Because of her experiences in the world of Arbatel, Ms Smith was so totally burned out that she was getting nothing done at work that her boss adviced her to take some time off and go to an onsen. She followed this and booked an overnight stay at the Hotel Okaya in the onsen town.
  • Since her time in the Grimoire world, Smith has felt that her normal life seems completely drab in comparsion. She remembers her time as a "student" with sadness, even though she knows that if she ever went back to Arbatel's world, she would never come back out.
  • By coincidence, Smith meets the three Liminal girls from Chapter 78 again at the Hotel Okaya and the four slowly become friends. The name of the three girls (Aluca, Garu, Vikk) are also revealed.
  • Vikk reveals that she is a Flesh-Golem, a man-made electric powered Zombie subspecies. Due to the method by which she was created, she can control electricity.
  • After Arbatel released their consciousnesses, it turned out in the real world that Aluca, Garu and Vikk's boyfriends were actually real high school students. Since they as adults couldn't exactly go around all lovely-dovey with younger boyfriends, the three decided to find jobs to show their abilities as adult working women, but without success.
  • The Orc leader has again entered Japan illegally and is trying to cause mischief at the Hotel Okaya, but through teamwork, Aluca, Garu and Vikk manage to stop him by force. It is also revealed that the Orc leader is viewed with contempt my many other Orcs because Orcs like him give with their crimes such a bad name to the rest of their species.
  • Impressed by how the three of them defeated the Orc leader, Smith asks Aluca, Garu and Vikk if they would like to work with her.


  • This is the first appearance of the Orc Leader since Chapter 40.
  • This is after Chapter 59.5 the second chapter in the manga series in which neither Kimihito nor his homestay girls appear, as the chapter mainly focuses on Ms Smith.
  • Although the Orc leader also appears, this is the first chapter that shows Orcs in a more positive light and as more than just antagonists. The two Orc employees as the Hotel Okaya even openly raise this point when they say that criminal Orcs like the leader are the reason why the rest of their species has such a bad name.

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