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Chapter 85
Release 26th January, 2024
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
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Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 85 is the eighty-fifth chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on January 8th, 2024, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryu.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankobon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 19.


Early in the morning, Kuroko Smith drives into the parking lot in a somewhat old-fashioned black VW-Beetle, where Garu, Aluca and Vikk are already waiting for her. After looking at the car, Aluca says that it's a real motoring enthusiast car, although Smith explains to her that it's actually a hand-her-down car from her dad. Somewhat unsure, Vikk asks Smith if they will go to the MON headquarters, which Smith confirms, although Garu reminds her that they have not yet agreed to her offer to work with her at the MON. As the three girls get into the car, Ms Smith tells Garu that 's no problem since this visit is just like a little field trip and that they can make their decision afterwards.


A very fast and unsure car ride.

The next moment, however, Ms Smith's cell phone rings and when she looks at the display, she notes that the call is from Zombina, which surprises Smith a bit since Zombina should be at work. When she answer the phone call, Zombina loudly tells her thatshe must help them. The next moment, Ms Smith races accross the street in the VW-Beetle at high speed. Completely shocked by his totally fast and careless driving (and the lack of seatbelts), Garu, Aluca and Vikk tell Ms Smith to drive more carefully, although Smith apologize to them and that they should just hand on for a bit.

The Operation of the MON with the Liminal trafficking syndicate[]


Zombina explains how the MON captured the Liminal trafficking syndicate.

Smith turns back to Zombina, who is still calling her from her phone, which is in a car phone holder. Shell tells Zombina that if she is calling her on her paid day off, it must be something important. Zombina asks Ms Smith if she knows about that Liminal trafficking syndicate that the MON had on their radar and tells her that they took 'em alldown and they're on their way to process rhem now. Ms Smith asks if the operation is going well and everyone is fine, which Zombina confirms and says that they had full MON mobilization, not just her team, and that they mamaged to arrest all members of the syndicate from the boss to the underlings surprisingly easily in one swoop.

Ms Smith asks then what's the problem, to which Zombina tells her that they were doing additional search and recon in the base of the syndicate during the op and although they were able to find data on all of their previous deals, they also found out that today a trafficking deal should take place. And on top of that, it's an in-person deal, which means that the dealer take the victim directly to the swap location. But since the MON has now arrested all members of the syndicate, there is no one left who will show up for the deal, so the MON will have no idea what will happen to the victim or where the dealers will take her afterwards.

Smith asks if there is no one else from MON who can go, but Zombina informs here that they're all out on the op, so there's no one left at the headquarters. Zombina adds that they're trying to get to the swap location themselves, but they need Smith's help because there's no way They'll make it in time. However, while Smith drives to the location where the deal is to take place, she points out to Zombina that since she is off-duty and unarmed, she doesn't think she would be of much help in the operation.

Annoyed by this news, Zombina asks Smith if she doesn't have a gun or something, but Smith, disconcerted, clarifies that it is her day off and replies to Zombina that she is the only one who walks around armed all the time. Fumbling for words, Zombina says that Smith could just by them some time or try to tail the dealer even without a weapon. When Zombina ends up the phone call, Smith calmly says that it's not like she doesn't have any weapons.


The "weapons", which Ms Smith has.

Garu, Aluca and Vikk look at Ms Smith in shock for a moment before they realize that Ms Smith is referring to them by the "weapons" and are horrified by the idea of being involved in a situation with criminals and tell Ms Smith that they want out. However, Smith replies that this is just another "little bit of experience" and continues with the three girls to the place Zombina told her. Once there, Garu, Aluca and Vikk are all dizzy from the turbolent car ride, but Smith realizes that it will be difficult to find the dealer's hiding place because there are tons of warehouses and factories around there and Zombina only gives her data about the general location, not about the actual location.


The victim, a Alraune.

After they calm down a bit, Aluca and Vikk ask Ms Smith how they should find the dealer's hideout, but suddenly Garu turns to Smith and asks if the trafficking victim is a plant-like Liminal like a Alraune or a Dryad. Ms Smith checks her phone for the pictures Zombina sent her of the victim, which states that the victim is a Alraune who looks like 10 years old, although her name or real age are unknown. Surprised, Smith asks Garu how she knew that, whereupon the Werewolf woman explains that she can smell flowers with her fine sense of smell and that a sweet smell is outta place somewhere like this. Smith asks Garu if she can lead them to the scent, whereupon the Werewolf determinedly goes to the place where she smell the Alraune smell.

The Minotaur trafficking dealers[]


Garu prepares to beat the informations out of the Minotaur...

Garu leads the group to a large warehouse in front of which a huge Liminal man stands guard and the Werewolf woman assures them that the Alraune is in the warehouse. The group hides behind a low wall, wondering if the Liminal man, who is a Minotaur, is might be the seller. Ms Smith congratulates Garu, who reacts somewhat irritable to the confidential address "chan", but also wonders what they should do now. She considers whether she should beat the shit out of the man, claiming that even as a Minotaur he is no match for her. Before Garu can do anything, however, Aluca shouts a warning to her.

Aluca's good hearing

... But Aluca warns her with her good hearing that there are six Minotaurs, all of them have guns.

The Vampire woman focuses her hearing on the noises coming from the warehouse and decuces that there are at least 5 other Minotaurs in there and that they are all armed with guns, to Garu's shock. Smith is surprised that Aluca could gather all that, although the Vampire woman dismisses this as nothing special since she can also hear ultrasonic waves with her ears. Unsure, Vikk points out that they can't do anything if the Minotaur have guns. Ms Smith thinks for a moment and then asks Vikk how much she can do with her electrical control power, much to Vikk's surprise.

Inside the warehouse, the five Minotaur dealers pass their time with two of them watching tv while the leader tries to contact the buyer by telephone, without knowing that the members of the syndicate have all already been arrested. The capture Alraune sits in a corner with a chain tied around her neck and watches the events impassively. The Minotaur leader in worried that he won't be able to reach the buyer with his phone, whereby one of his cronies thinks that maybe they 're busy and adds that there's no point in waiting any longer and that they'll just take the goods (the Alraune) and disappears because otherwise they might get caught.


Smith confronts the Minotaur for their crimes.

At this moment, however, noises suddenly come from a loudspeaker hanging on one of the walls of the warehouse and then Ms Smith's voice suddenly comes from the loadspeaker and announces to the Minotaurs that they are all under arrest for illegal trafficking and that they should lay down their guns and turn themselves in. The Minotaurs all burst into laughter at what they see as a riduculous request. With a sneer, the leader asks if Smith seriously expects them to surrender to a voice coming from a speaker, adding that she doesn't know what kind of criminals she dealing with.

The leader asks the sixth Minotaur, who is standing guard outside the warehouse, if he has seen anyone outside, which the Minotaur says no. The other Minotaurs then start laughing again at this obvious bluff and they mockingly asks Ms Smith over the loadspeaker how she plans to arrest them if they are not surrounded. Outside the warehouse, Aluca points out to Smith that the Minotaurs are right, although Smith assures her that everything is going according to plan.

In the warehouse, the Minotaur leader continues to mock Smith, whereby he says that they were just a few cops who accidentally stumbled around him and his group, and are now trying to use this bluff to buy time until more cops arrive, which he says scornfully is very obvious plan. Smith then replies, over the loadspeaker that she is not bluffing and she turns to the Minotaur who is sitting in front of the TV and tells him to slide with his chair a little to the left. The Minotaur is so surprised by this that he not only does what Smith tells him, but even politely asks her if the way he's sitting now in front of the TV is ok, even though one of his cronies calls him an idiot because of it.


The television suddenly explodes.

Unmoved, Smith calls the television a "target" and orders it to fire, whereupon the television suddenly explodes, much to the shock of the Minotaurs. Before they have recovered, Ms Smith oders to fire two more time, whereupon first the central overhead light and then the smartphone in the hand of the Minotaur leader explode. Horrified, the Minotaurs fears that they are dealing with a sniper, although they cannot understand how that is possible. Ms Smith explains to them that the MON have snipers who can hit a target from more than 2km around. She gives the Minotaurs an Ultimatum: whether they want to surrender or try to escape, which, as Smith claims, none of them would succeed. Intimated, the Minotaurs surrender.

After the operation[]


Smith praises Vikk's ability to control electricity.

After the Minotaur dealers are arrested, Aluca, Garu and Vikk are reluctantly impressed by how Ms Smith resolved the situation. However, Smith replies that she would never have been able to do this without the help of the three girls, particularly highlighting Vikk's ability to control electricity: In reality, it was all a bluff by Smith, since the electrical equipments were not destroyed by a sniper, but by Vikk using her electrical power control to overload them.

Vikk sheepishly says that she was simply following Smith's instructions and directions. Garu hesitantly asks if there is something like the today's operation, which Smith confirms, even tough their work is normally plain old office work like preparing documents or helping with local problems. However, Garu still hesitantly wonders whether she, Aluca and Vikk are cut out for this job.


The girls considers Ms Smith's offer...

Smith then gently explains to the three girls that the job at MON is of course not easy because there are many emergencies and danger involved, but that's exactly why it's worth doing it. She adds that they help people in need and that's why she think it'an amazing job. She kindly tells Aluca, Garu and Vikk that if they think it's worth considering, she would welcome the three of them to work with her at MON. Garu, Aluca and Vikk then remain silent as they think about Ms Smith's words.

The decision of the girls[]


... but in the end they reject it and become bodyguards for the Black Lily Laboratory, much to Smith's dismay.

The next morning, however, Ms Smith is in for an unpleasant surprise when it turns out to her shock that Garu, Aluca and Vikk have instead taken jobs as bodyguards at the Black Lily Research Facility. Aluca apologetically explains to Smith that after talking to her, the three received a call from Mr President, who somehow found out that they were looking for a job. Ms Smith curses Mr President and accusingly tells the three girls that they can't just throw away her offer like that.


The three girls apologetically explain to Smith their reasons for declining her offer.

However, the three girls apologetically tell her that the Black Lily Laboratory pay them much better and that they have the feeling that if they work at MON they would no longer have any free time to hang out with their boyfriends. In desperation, Smith realizes that she hasn't good arguments with which she could convince the three girls. Garu, Aluca and Vikk assure Smith that they really respect the work she does at MON and that they loved to continue to learn from her example, although this is of no real consolation to Smith given her huge disappointment.


A gesture that says more than a thousand words.

As a depressed Smith is about to leave, she suddenly notices movements from one of the upper floors of the Black Lily Laboratory and when she looks up she sees Mr President standing at the window of his office and looking down at her. He waves goodbye to her mockingly, whereupon Ms Smith is frozen in shock as she realizes at this gesture that he partly just offered Garu, Aluca and Vikk the offer to work for him in order to get one over on her.


The MON girls aren't sure what they should think about Ms Smith's sudden energetic.

A few days later, Smith is still affected by her dismay at Garu, Aluca and Vikk's rejection to her, and begins to fervently introduce improvements at the MON headquarters, even denouncing her boss for having to increase the employee's wages. Manako and Zombina are unsure what's going on with Smith, while Tionishia is happy that she's full of energy again, although Doppel think she's a little too energetic.

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Key Events[]

  • Although already hinted in Chapter 20 with Kii, this chapter reveals that there is actually a trafficking trade for Liminals in Japan, involving not only humans as dealer, but also Liminals who selling Liminals to other Liminals for money.
  • More details about about Garu's, Aluca's and Vikk's abilities are revealed:
    • Garu can detect both a person's gender and their Liminal species through her sense of smell. She also claims that even a Minotaur would no match for her in a battle.
    • Aluca's fine hearing allows her to not only hear ultrasonic waves but also whether a person is carrying a gun based on metal sounds.
    • Vikk's control over electricity extends far beyond turning lights on and off, as she can also hook cell phones and loadspeakers, or even overvoltage electronic devices to the point where they explode.
  • After Garu, Aluca and Vikk wittnessing a MON operation, Ms Smith again offers them to work with her at MON. Much to their dismay, however, the three girls ultimately refuse after Mr President makes them a better-paying offer to work as bodyguards in his company.
  • The Pool Arc ends.


  • After Chapter 59.5 and Chapter 84, this is the third chapter in the manga series in which neither Kimihito nor his homestay girls appear. It is also the first time that they don't appear in two consecutive chapters.
  • The reason why Garu was irritated when Ms Smith adressed her with "chan" is because this term is used towards persons who are close to someone, like good friends, which was strange for Garu as Ms Smith had only know her for a short time.
  • Apart from a brief cameo in an omake of Volume 11, this is the first time in which male Minotaurs appear and the first time that Minotaurs have an antagonistic role in the series.
  • This is also the first chapter in the manga series that features, aside from the four girls os Smith's team, other Liminals, including Ogres, Onis and Elves.
  • Although only superficially hinted at in this chapter, Mr President seems to be receiving confidental informations about the operations of the MON, as he somehow seemed to know that Ms Smith had made Garu, Aluca and Vikk the offer to work with her.
  • This chapter again shows the depiction often used in the manga series that only a few male Liminals take part in the Interspecies Cultural Exchange Program and instead tend to take the role of antagonists. There is a bit of a departure through the male Ogres and Onis who work for the MON, but what is noticeable in this chapter is that even male Minotaurs and Kobolds, two species that are particularly positively portrayed in the series by their female representatives like Polt and Cathyl, are part of the criminal Liminal syndicate.

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