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Cheron Du Pell
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Kana シユロン・ド・べル
Romaji shiyuron・do・beru
Physical Appearance
Monster Species Heavyweight Centaur
Gender Female Female
Hair Gray white
Height 212 cm (6'95")[1]
B-W-H 117(K)-86-?[1]
Monster Profile
Occupation Farmer
Knight (formerly)
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 70

Cheron Du Pell () is a Heavyweight Centaur who has asked Centorea Shianus to help her with her farming work. She was formerly a legendary knight of the noble Pell family of Centaurs. She makes her debut in Chapter 70.



Cheron in full armor.

Cheron is a dark-skinned centauride with with light hair, horse ears, large breasts and a lower horse-half body. Her hair is tied in a messy ponytail. As a Heavyweight Centaur, Cheron has a very muscular physique, and is taller than regular Centaurs such as Centorea Shianus.

Her usual clothing consists of overalls specifically designed for a Centaur's lower body, but is tied up instead of worn on the upper body and a pair of worker's gloves. Her chest is covered by a black tank top that is a few sizes too small, causing her under breasts to be visible.



Cheron when angered.

As a stereotypical Heavyweight Centaur, Cheron has a very easy-going and amicable personality, despite her past as a legendary warrior. Due to her heavy accent and way of speaking, people such as Centorea initially see Cheron as a bit simple-minded. However, underneath that Cheron is surprisingly wise and intelligent, giving Centorea valuable advice and even drafting a very crafty plan for liminals to make a large amount of money off of simple farm work which is considered unique for her subspecies.

Regardless, despite her usual easy-going and amicable personality, Cheron is still a very capable warrior when angered; when a group of Bikers started stealing her crops and vandalizing her work, Cheron furiously assaulted them and wrecked their motorcycles without hesitation, greatly impressing Centorea.

Skills and Traits[]

Personal Skills:[]

  • Martial Arts Training: As a former knight, Cheron is able to defend her farm with her farming tools from bikers trying to steal from and damage it.
  • Fantastic Farmer: Cheron proves to be an expert at farming various types of produce.

Physical Traits[]

  • Heavyweight Centaur Physiology:
    • Strength: As a Heavyweight Centaur, and due to her size and muscles, Cheron is physically extremely strong, surpassing even Cerea's strength, who was in awe by it. When angered, Cheron effortlessly beat up several bikers attempting to steal her crops and hurl piles of solid earth towards them which even wrecked their motorcycles.[2]
    • Stamina: Cheron possesses great stamina, allowing her to use her great strength for prolonged tasks, such as plowing an entire field by herself.[2]
    • Large Breasts: Female Centaurs have large breasts for feeding their young, which are larger than human babies and require more nutrition.
    • Taste Buds: As herbivores, centaurs generally have twice as many taste buds as omnivores (e.g. humans), while omnivores have over twenty times as many taste buds as carnivores (e.g. Lamia).
    • Body temperature: Centaurs have a standard body temperature of 38 degrees.
    • Centaur Ears: A Centaur's ears are capable of reflecting the centaur's mood as they are able to move much in the same way as a horse's ears.
    • Sense of Smell: As Centorea reveals in Chapter 71, because of their equine biology, Centaurs have a sense of smell that is 1000 times greater than that of a human.


  • Farming Equipment: Cheron uses various types of farming equipment on her farm which most were custom-made for centaurs and a few of them can be used as improvised weapons.


Cheron was born as a member of the noble Heavyweight Centaur family Du Pell and was originally a knight. She soon gained a famous reputation as one of the greatest knights in the Du Pell family, not least because she was unsurpassed in spear tournaments. She played 831 matches, all of which she won. Also Centorea heard tales of Cheron's fame during this time, although the both would not meet in person until much later.

However, by the time of the manga series and the introduction of the Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill, Cheron is now a farmer in Japan and regards her former career as a knight just as a glorious past. With jousting is now merely a sport in moderns days, Cheron no longer consider this as a knight duty and as a farmer she has found her own way of living in harmony.


Enlisting Centorea's Aid[]

Cheron develops an ingenious plan through which many other Liminals can earn a lot of money simply by doing farm work, while also using their individual abilities. However, since the project was still in its infancy at the time of Chapter 70, and Cheron needed help with the farm work, she sent a request to Centorea to help her. Centorea agreed, although she was unaware that farm work was involved, as Cheron apparently hadn't clearly mentioned that in her request. Also, Centorea wasn't immediately aware of Cheron's identity since Cheron didn't mention her last name either.


Centorea feels humiliated by farm work.

At Cheron's farm, Centorea helped her with the work, but she isn't very happy about it, considering farm work below the dignity of a knight. In particular, when Cheron asks Centorea to till a field with a plow, Centorea is outraged by this, feeling that Cheron is using her like a simple farm horse. While the two till two large fields, Centorea soon becomes exhausted from the unaccustomed exertion, although Cheron, due to her easy-going nature, takes no notice.

After the work in the fields is done, Kimihito, who came with Centorea, prepares a small picnic for the two Centaurides. Cheron praises Kimihito's homemade carrot cakes, which flatters him greatly. When Cheron tells Centorea that they will till one more field after that, Centorea, exhausted and still hurting her honor as a knight, asks why Cheron is doing all the farm work by hand in the first place instead of using a tractor or other farm machines.


A picnic for three.

Cheron then explains that using a tractor just wouldn't be profitable, especially in a city like Tokyo, while Liminals can cover those long distances with no problem. Also, using old-style farm tools is actually a smart strategy from Cheron, as the various Liminals can use their abilities like physical strength effectively. And they make money doing it too. Cheron adds that for now she's just getting by on the money she's receiving from the Japanese government, but in the future she wants to make an honest profit from these farms. Also, Cheron feels there needs to be more ways to use the special traits of Liminals.

After this speech, Kimihito and Centorea are deeply impressed by how many aspects Cheron takes into account through the use of simple farm work. Centorea thinks to herself that she first thought that Cheron was just a bit of an airhead, but now she needs the reconsider her opinion of the older Centauride. At that moment, Centorea thinks suddenly that she has heard the name Cheron before, but she doesn't have time to think about it when Cheron tells her that they are going back to the fields.

Trouble at the Farm[]

However, as the two Centaurides make their way back to the fields, Centorea suddenly hears loud noises and shortly thereafter she discovers a biker gang invading Cheron's fields and starting to steal vegetables. Outraged by this behaviour, Centorea calls out to Cheron that she will deal with the thieves until Cheron calls the police. At the same time, Centorea secretly thinks to herself that this would be a good time to show off her knightly prowess.

However, when Centorea turns to Cheron, she stops abruptly, as she sees the Heavyweight Centauride suddenly undergo a drastic change. Her previous calm, carefree expression is suddenly replaced by an angry coldness, causing Centorea to back down uncertainly.


Cheron confront the thieves.

Cheron stands threateningly in front of the thieves and asks them icily what they are doing in her fields. The biker thieves flinch at the sight of Cheron and try to talk their way out, but Cheron doesn't hesitate. First she uses her shovel to fling a large amount of dirt and stones at them, she then destroys the thieves' bikes with a large, thrown rock, and finishes by giving them a good beating with both her fists and hooves until the thieves are knocked out on the ground.

Centorea freezes in disbelief for a moment when, seeing Cheron's fighting style, she finally realizes where she heard her name from before; Cheron Du Pell, member of the noble family of Pell, a family of great warriors. Perplexed, Centorea asks why a great knight of house Pell works on a farm, but Cheron tells her that her time as a knight is now merely past glory. Cheron says that even a knight has to learn to live in harmony over time and nowadays jousting is merely a sport, which Cheron thinks, this cannot be said to be a knights duty. She further explains that she has now found her own path and a way to share her way of "living" with others through farm work.

Being Idolized by a Fan[]


Inspired by Cheron's words, Centorea devotes herself to the life of a farmer for a while.

Centorea is deeply impressed by these words and realizes how very different Cheron is from herself as she thinks even as a knight about all Liminal species. Ashamed, Centorea remembers how she completely looked down on farm work before and admits that she still has so much to learn even now. Full of enthusiasm and to do penance, she asks Cheron to help with the farm work again in order to fulfil her duty as a farmer. Cheron grateful accept the offer. The next morning, Kimihito is surprised by Centorea's sudden enthusiasm for farming, to which Cheron tells him that she thinks Centorea had a bit too big change of heart and now thinks she is a farmer.

Zoological Classification[]

Main article: Centaur

Heavyweight Centaurs (重量種 Jūryō-shu?) are the most muscular of the Centaur subspecies. They are so powerful that they can move around unimpeded even while wearing heavy armor. However, since they rarely have opportunities to wear armor in modern times, they apply their strength to farming and agriculture. They are the largest and most muscular of the centaurs, and their legs are far thicker than those of other centaur subspecies. However, most are gentle, good-natured, yet absent-minded and they are often dim-witted.


  • Like many characters, her name is a pun on her species. "Cheron" comes from the Percheron horse, a breed of work horses.
    • Its also a possible reference to "Chiron", the mythological centaur from Greek Mythology.
    • Her last name Du Pell basically means of the skin in French as Du basically means of the and Pell derives from the Middle English Old French word for skin, pel.
  • Cheron is the only Centaur girl in the Centorea Arc whose full name was revealed in her debut chapter, the surnames of the other Centaur girls are not revealed until the omake of Volume 17.
  • Cheron's spear tournament results are as follows: out of 831 matches; 831 wins, 0 losses.
  • Her favourite hoe and shovel have been forged from the steel of her old mithril spears.
  • Her deepest secret is that she hates eating raw vegetables.
  • Cheron is the first centaur character introduced in volume 17 who's not an exchange student, followed by Meamil.
  • Although this was not addressed in Chapter 70, Cheron's attack on the bikers can technically be considered as a violation of the Cultural Exchange Beetween Species Bill, as this law prohibits humans and liminals from harming each other.


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