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The following are quotes said by or relating to Cheron Du Pell. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 17[]

"Ah, how's it goin'~ You must be Centorea's host guy, right~? Nice ta meetcha~Name's Cheron~ Perfect timi', I was short on farm help~"
Cheron when she first meets Kimihito, Chapter 70
"I'm usin' ta supplement food fer extraspecies who tend ta eat a lot~ In Exchange tha government' is givin' me a lice little payday~ That's how I'm makin' a livin' right now~. Right now I'm getting' by on that money, but~ in a future I want ta expand operations N' make an honest profit with tha farms too~ Most important is that it's a way fer extraspecies ta feel pride in what they can do~. Plus, I've been thinkin' there must be more ways ta use extraspecies' special traits, ya know~"
Cheron tells Centorea and Kimihito about her plans, Chapter 70
"You filthy thieves...If you have any last words, start talking...!!"
Cheron (in rage)
"Y...You're wrong~! We thought this stuff was just growin' here~!"
—The biker gang
" As if tomatoes and onions just grown in the wild! The red of the tomato is the red of blood!! The very life blood of the farmer!! To lay hands on such as things...inexcusable!! I'll send you straight to hell!!"
Cheron in rage confronts the thieves, Chapter 70
"My knightly name...all that is merely past glory. Even a knight must learn to live in harmony with the times. Jousting is now merely a sport. No matter how strong you may be, that cannot be said to be a knight's duty. But now, I'm finding my own path. As a Centaur, as an extraspecies... what it means "to live" and where I can share my way of "living" with others. That's what it really means to be a knight now-a-day...or that's what I think anyway~"
Cheron tells Centorea about her past and how she sees things today, Chapter 70