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Kana チオーネ
Romaji Chiōne
Voiced by Mizuki Yamaguchi
Physical Appearance
Monster Species Gargoyle
Gender Female Female
Hair Teal
Eye Teal
Monster Profile
Occupation Exchange Student
Media Debut
Game Monster Musume Online (21/12/2015)

Chione (チオーネ) is a Gargoyle that appears in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Online.

She joins the liminal exchange program to become one of many potential homestay boarders for the player to host.


Chione is a young woman of average build. Her unkempt cobalt blue hair cascades down her back, her head is crowned by a pair of large buffalo-like horns, and her silhouette is easily dominated by a pair of large wings of demonic/bat-like design. While her head, torso and upper arms and thighs is enveloped in human-like skin, the rest of her arms, legs, tail and wings are sheathed in a stone-like material that seems to posses the same resilient properties of stone but being far more pliable for movement.

Her typical attire seems to be a yellow button-down sleeveless shirt with a collar and a white skirt (with standard white panties when she remembers to wear them). She also wears a pair of loafers that seem to be caked in stone dust from her legs.

Because her body is made of stone her body is constantly stiff and she has to practise gymnastics for flexibility. Additionally she has to frequently moisturize her skin less it becomes dry and cracks.


A girl with a rough and realistic view on life. Chione has a strong habit of acting as a gatekeeper and guardian, and is a devoted workaholic. She voluntarily guards her homestay house from the outside.

While she seems to have next to no interest in being feminine and "beautiful" and is occasionally absent-minded in regards to the clothes she wears (frequently having unkempt hair and occasionally forgetting to wear underwear), Chione does have an interest in home hardware stores, the value and design of stone statues and is proud to be related to Dragons.

Skills and Traits[]

  • Gargoyle Physiology:
    • Wings: With the large wings on her back she can fly.
    • Night Vision: Gargoyles have perfect night vision.
    • Prehensile Tail: Her tail can grab things. Her tail makes her able to support her body weight but makes it unable for her to sleep on her back. The tip of her tail is also very sensitive.
    • Superhuman Strength: As a subspecies of dragons she has bestial strength, far greater than those of any human, but unknown if they are stronger than Trolls or larger species.
    • Life Energy Consumption: Gargoyles must absorb "life energy" or "vitality" from living beings to sustain themselves. Depending on how much energy the Gargoyle absorbs the process can often leave the living being tired and physically weakened.
    • Stone Physiology: Gargoyles' bodies are predominantly made of stone; making them extremely durable but also suffering from stiffness as a result. Many Gargoyles suffer from stiff shoulders and back pain due to their racial characteristics.
    • Guardians: Gargoyles frequently work in security jobs. Working in castles and museums as guards seems to be a common racial occupancy.

Personality Type
Passionate Type
Level Max

Chione's max affection points

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Zoological Classification[]

Main article: Dragon

Gargoyles are a demi-human race of sea dragons whose origins in human mythology start in the Christian legend of France.

In the legend, a terrible sea serpent known as 'the Gargouille' one day emerged from the Seine River and began to spew water about the country side to create a great tidal wave. Whatever the waters did not kill, the dragon devoured for its meal.
The archbishop of Rouen, St. Romain, intended to put a stop to the problem. Legend has it that all it took to calm the dragon was the symbol of the cross made by St. Romain's fingers. At the sign, the dragon fell docile, and the archbishop bound the dragon by the neck and led it back to the local township. The people condemn the dragon to die by fire, since it killed so many with water. The people burn the creature, and they cast the pile of ash it left behind into the Seine River, from where the dragon first had come.

Regardless of the authenticity of this legend, Gargoyles are now regarded as personifications of evil who paradoxically serve as protectors from other evil creatures (possibly as penance for what the Gargouille did).


  • Chione is both a Greek and old Egypt name for girls. In Greek, it means "Rebellious Snow Nymph" and is the name of the goddess for snow in Greek Mythology. In old Egypt and Nubian languages it means "Mythical Daughter of the Nile."
  • Although attributed to medieval architecture, gargoyles have been used by many ancient civilizations including Greece and Egypt as a means for water diversion.
  • In medieval architecture, gargoyles were used to scare evil creatures away as well as show the personification of evil creatures.
  • Chione seems to be close to the Golem Emeth, probably because they have similar racial characteristics as a Gargoyle and a Golem. Chione and Emeth frequently interact with each other during the homestay.
  • Chione calls the head of the household "Yanushi" (Landlord).
  • Chione states that some of her friends once fought in a battle to stop grave vandalism.
  • Chione voluntarily guards the house through the night, coming in to sleep from 8:00 to 12:00 in the morning before going back out to guard the house again.

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