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The following are quotes said by or relating to Curie Drakulya. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 12[]

"Who're you?"
"M...My name is Curie."
"Coolie? Like a cool cucumber?"
"...It's Curie."
Curie when she first met Papi, Chapter 49
"Look, Coolie, look how cute the bats are!"
Papi (happily)
"I Caaaaaaaaaan't!"
Curie (anxious) as Papi puts the bat in front of her face, Chapter 50
"There's another side of me you don't know Papi. You've only seen this facade I put up. That's why you call me a friend. But the real me is a...blood starved...savage species...a Vampire."
Curie to Papi, Chapter 51
"Papi...I...had always...lived just how my father commanded me. Even after he passed away, I still...But now I'M alright. I'm alright now, Papi... Thank you."
Curie to Papi after Lala exoscises Wladislaus Ghost from her, Chapter 51
"See!! I told you!! Does someone who just got attacked normally care about their attackers' health and make them lunch?! I must have sucked his blood and turned him into some kind of Vampire thrall!!"
Curie (desperate) to Kimihito's household girls, when she thinks she did something to him, Chapter 51

Volume 16[]

"It was all so sudden. I couldn't bring myself to say "no"..."
Curie's thoughts on starting the shared apartment with the three blood sucker girls, Chapter 59.5
"I've been thinking this for a while, but Yatsume-san and I...have pretty similar personalities, maybe we can be really good friends too...?"
Curie's thoughts about Yatsume, Chapter 59.5
"If...you found someone to be your homestay, then...what would happen to the share house?"
Curie asks the other blood sucker girls about the future of their shared apartment, Chapter 59.5
"Well anyway...Instead of looking for a homestay, we should look for someone we can bring to the share house. Then it won't be a problem. Right! Besides, I'm renting the house. So they should let me get away with something like that, at least!"
Curie to the other Blood sucker girls, Chapter 59.5