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The following is a description of Curie Drakulya's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Wladislaus Drakulya[]

Wladislaus Drakulya was Curie's father, but he was disappointed about the fact that Curie was probably the most unvampiric Vampire of all times and made no secret of the fact that he regarded her as a "shame". Nevertheless, he saw in Curie the potential of resurrecting the Vampire species and in the end went so far that even his own death could not stop him as his ghost took control of his daughter at night. Curie herself mourned her father after his death, but in the end she was more than relieved to have been freed from his influence. It's obvious that Wladislaus never really loved his daughter and only saw her as a means to his own ends.

Curie's Mother[]

Curie's mother died when Curie was very young, so the exact nature of their relationship is not known. However, Wladislaus said that she would be greatly pained to see her daughter, which suggests that she would not have really accepted Curie either, although this was perhaps just Wladislaus' own personal opinion.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

Under the influence of her father, Curie kidnapped Kimihito and took him to an old church, but Wladislaus did not force her to turn Kimihito into a vampire, presumably because he already viewed humans as inferior. Due to his friendly manner, however, Curie feared that she would have turned Kimihito into a thrall, as he had worried about her health even though she had kidnapped him and even he cooked her a meal. However, Papi informed her that Kimihito is fine, and since then they seem to get along well.

Mr President[]

Mr President is the smuggler who smuggled Curie (and unknowingly Wladislaus' ghost) into Japan because he saw the vampire virus as a valuable resource for his research. As revealed in Chapter 53, Curie also provides samples of her saliva to the Black Lily Laboratory, but she and Mr President have not interacted directly and her exact opinion of him is unknown.

Kimihito's homestay girls[]


Curie made friends with Papi during the Inter-Species Cultural Exchange Exposition, however their friendship got off to a bumpy start, as Papi first confused Curie´s name with "Kyuri" and later events at the exposition with Curie left the impression that Papi would make fun of her. Eventually, however, Papi revealed that she was only looking for Curie's medallion. Both later developed a deep friendship that eventually went so far that Curie bit herself to prevent her from harming Papi under Wladislaus' influence.


Although Curie did not interact directly with Lala, the Dullahan still saved her and Papi's life by using her powers to server Wladislaus connection with Curie and thus finally free her from his influence.

Her flatmates[]


Curie gets along well with Leechi in general, even if she is already concerned that a hermaphrodite could cause problems for their lives together. In addition, Leechi and Moskii´s training to get Curie used to drinking blood can be viewed as somewhat drastic by force-feeding her blood.


Curie gets along well with Moskii, but Leechi and Moskii's training to get Curie used to drinking blood can be viewed as somewhat drastic by force-feeding their blood.


Of all three of her flatmates, Curie and Yatsume seems to have the best relationships because of her meek nature. However, at the beginning they had difficulty bonding due to their different daily rhythms.

Monster Community[]

Killa and Kino[]

Curie first met Killa and Kino as she was being smuggled into Japan along with them by Mr. President. Though her opinion of them is uncertain, Killa at least seemed very wary of her, having likely heard horror stories about Vampires in the past. Kino was also very afraid of Curie, although she was unaware that the evil Curie emanated was actually due to the ghost of her father.

Later, Curie was seen working at a facility alongside the two of them as a way of earning money and staying in Japan. It's possible that they eventually became friends.