This page details the Devil liminal race, for the Devil personality archetype featured in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Online; see Monster Musume Online Character List.


The Devils (デビル Debiru?), known simply as the "Devil Race" (デビル系他種族 Debiru-kei Tashuzoku?, "Devil Race") and also called "Succubi", are a humanoid liminal race that sports tanned skin, horns, black sclera, bat-like wings, and tails that end in spade-like points. As a race, Devils are highly variable with such things as wing size, wing strength, horn size, horn count, tail shape, and even possibly physiological body type.

General Information[edit | edit source]

It is difficult to get a general picture of Devils, as both the appearance and the behavior of a Devil depend on which subspecies it belong to. Devils are one of the few species that have magic, but the exact type of this magic or its strength also seems to depend on the respective Devil subspecies or even to be individually different. For example, Lilith seems to only have hypnosis, while Sitri can turn everything into chocolate, even though both are Lesser Devils. Lesser Devils and Greater Devils usually use their magic to play malicious pranks on others or to sow discord but this often brings them into conflict with the Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill. This is in contrast to the Elder Devils, who are generally calm and relaxed and don´t play pranks on others.

Succubi are a unusually female Devil subspecies (male representatives are called Incubi) , because they are characterized by the peculiarity that they individually look like Lesser Devils, Greater Devils and Elder Devils, even though they belong to the same species. While it is not known if they can use magic as well, they are said dream demons in the literal sense, like Nightmares (Chapter 69). They are best known for their high libido and ability to seduce men (or woman at Incubis). However, Succubi remain extremely loyal to their chosen partners and generally seem to be of a quiter, more sensible manner.

Physiological Attributes[edit | edit source]

  • Devil horns: A devil's horn shape is inherited, as well as the number of said horns. Normally, Devils possess one or two horns, but there have been individuals who have four horns.
    • However, Devils often get their horns become smaller via surgical means, as the horns can become problematic and interfering with daily life.
  • Devil magic: Devils are among the few species that are said to employ magic, with some skilled in psychic abilities such as hypnosis, which is how Devils typically sow discord, though this form of meddling is in conflict with the restriction of liminals harming humans.
  • Devil ears: A Devil's ears are capable of direction-focused hearing and are employed mainly for the purposes of extremely effective eavesdropping to make their mayhem more precise.
  • Devil tail: It is currently unknown for what purpose Devils use their tails for.
  • Devil body: Because a fully-grown Devil's body stops developing at a certain point, it is common to find out Devils are much older than what their bodies look like.
  • Devil wings: Although Devil´s have wings, they cannot fly as their wings are not fully formed and in fact the wings are an obstacle to daily life. However, this restriction could only apply lo Lesser Devils and Greater Devils, as the wings of Elder Devils may be airworthy due to their largest wing span.
  • Energy Consumption: Devils can detect and consume the life energy of biological beings to survive. However, it is possible that not all Devils bzw. all Devil subspecies have this ability, because although Saki has this ability, Lilith does not seem to have it.

Subspecies[edit | edit source]

Lesser Devil[edit | edit source]


Lesser Devils (レッサーデビル Ressā Debiru?) are devils that have the bodies of humans in their childhood. Lesser Devils have small wings and bodies that are comparable with children, even though Lesser Devils can be fully grown in actuality. Lesser Devils usually use their petite bodies to get away with affording things at children admissions rates.

Greater Devil[edit | edit source]

MonMusu - Greater Devil.png

Greater Devils (グレーターデビル Gurētā Debiru?) are devils that have the bodies of humans in their late teens. Despite the name, Greater Devils are not matured Lesser Devils, but rather their own Devil class. They enjoy dressing in human fashion and venturing into the city at night to play rather malicious pranks.

However, because their actual age is much greater than their apparent age, much like Lesser Devils, they can be out of touch with fashion trends popular among younger people.

Elder Devil[edit | edit source]

MonMusu - Elder Devil.png

Elder Devils (エルダーデビル Erudā Debiru?) are devils that have the bodies of humans in their adulthood. Appearing even older than Greater Devils, they are the voluptuous/highest class of Devil, and boasts the largest average wingspan.

Though it's unclear if it's because of their older apparent age, Elder Devils have the longest lifespans of all Devil species, and it's not uncommon for members to live several centuries. It might have to do with the their extremely long lifespans, but Elder Devils are quite calm and composed, and are beyond playing pranks.

Succubus[edit | edit source]


Succubi are a devil subspecies that can be similar in appearance to Lesser, Greater or Elder Devils but lack devil horns, posses a Womb Tattoo-like marking on their lower stomach, and possess a prominent interest in sex and all things sexual.

Religious traditions in human culture hold that Succubi live by sustaining themselves on “life energy" stolen through sexual intercourse and that repeated sexual activity with a Succubus may result in the deterioration of health or mental state, or even death. While whether this is true or not is unknown, Succubi culture is entirely rooted around the act of sexual intercourse; with the desire for sex, fornication and pleasure forming the basis of their cultural thinking and moral values, and as a result they are an extremely lustful and openly lascivious race. Not only are they physically beautiful, everything from their gestures to their voices will charm an individual and inflame lust. Their techniques for seducing and pleasing men and women alike are highly valued and are in some ways more effective than raw fighting abilities.

While it is true that Succubi have extraordiarily high libido, it is later revealed in Chapter 66 that they remain extremely loyal to their chosen partner. There is also a male variant of this subspecies, the Incubi, which are mentioned in Chapter 69.

Baphomet[edit | edit source]

0010 full.png

Baphomets are a demihuman species with goat-like attributes in similar vein to Satyrs and Pan Fauns but with the addition of raven wings.
Closely linked with occultism or outright Satanism throughout history, since the 1800's the species has been associated as members of the Hierarchy of Hell and as such their image has been imprinted as the official symbol of the Church of Satan. Baphomets are always crossed with pentagrams.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The term "Fiend" is a catch-all name used to collectively refer in a nondiscriminatory way to Demons, Devils or Daemons as a whole, and the sub-varieties of each of those races.
  • Medieval Christian tradition use Devils and Succubi as an explanation for morning wood, wet dreams and unexplained pregnancies as it was believed that Devils and, particularly, Succubi visited people in the middle of the night to have sex with them. Additional sleep related ailments such as sleep paralysis and restless sleep were also attributed to Devil/Succubi visits.
  • Cambions are a race of half-devils (half-fiends) born when a male devil mates with a human female. Similarly, Alu-Fiend's are an all-female race of half-devils born from a human male and a Succubus. A Tiefling, is a descendant of either a Cambion or an Alu-Fiend.

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