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The following are quotes said by or relating to Doppel. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 3[]

"Orcs really are dumb,huh~ Why would there be a cute girl in a doujunshi shop for men? You thought I was a girl who looked just like Sweetie Witch Makochan? Too bad! It's just me, Doppel-chan!"
Doppel as she reveals her true identity to the P.O.R.K, Chapter 11
"Jeez, you guys have it easy! I got molested by those pigs, you know!"
Doppel annoyed complains to the other members of the MON-team, Chapter 11

Volume 5[]

"Well, I was talking to Ms Smith, and she said that he kept getting more girls, but hadn't really picked one yet. So I figured I'd stir up some trouble with a threatening letter, and force him to get close to one of them..."
Doppel reveals to the other MON girls that the whole threatening letter thing was just a plan by her and Kuroko Smith, Chapter 22
"Seriously?! It was all for nothing?!"
Doppel is frustrated to learn the plan has failed, Chapter 22
"You guys really wotked your butt's off, huh? And you had no idea it was me...I've been following you guys, having some fun, but i guess I got too close yo you today!"
Doppel (amused) to the other MON girls, Chapter 22
"What second letter? I only wrote one letter..."
Doppel is surprised to learn that there was a second threatening letter, Chapter 22

Volume 10[]

"Ok so~ Today I'm gonna have you help me out with my pranks!"
Kimihito (confused)
"Well, normally I'd call with Zombina but...she's the who just can't still, she's always making a mess of things ya know? I feel like you'll be able to stay still and wait for the prey to to fall into our trap."
Doppel tells Kimihito about her plans for their "date", Chapter 40
"That's cause I lust love my job. I you're up against bad guy, they'll let you get away with anything!"
Doppel to Kimihito about her job, Chapter 41
"Don't keep starting at me like that! It's more embarassing like this!!"
Doppel to the other M.O.N girls after Kimihito asks her to wear clothes, Chapter 40

Volume 12[]

"Heeey Smith...Are you seriously not gonna mention how you totally used him as bait to try to catch that dangerous species? I mean, even I think that's a bit much..."
Doppel to Kuroko Smith after Curie kidnaps Kimihito, Chapter 50
"Don't try to make avoiding responsibility sound like some super cool movie line..."
Doppel to Kuroko Smith, Chapter 50

Volume 18[]

"Well, when faced with my horror act, doesn't matter how high your san ist. It's gonna drop to zero."
Doppel (amused) after scaring Mimi, Chapter 76
"Sometimes, when no one sneaks into the school at night, theres no one to scare. So I sneak off into the student dorms."
"Why would you do that..."
"Sometimes there's school ghost stories about ghost in the dorms too, or whatever, haha. But these guys are wearing their uniforms to sleep too."
Doppel tells Kimihito what she found out, Chapter 76
"Listen up us shape-shifting extra species. Most of us anyway have a "tell" that gives away their species. Like they always have a tail, or they can change everything but their eyes, stuff like that. Unless you're a pro like me, that is. So if we're assuming that magical tome Arbatel is a shifter too, I'd wager there's some kind of "tell" left over in the transformation."
Doppel tells Kimihito and his household girls something about shape-shifting Liminals, Chapter 78

Volume 19[]

"Maybe a little too energetic, don't ya think?"
Doppel is sceptical about Ms Smith's sudden zeal to introduce improvements at the MON headquarters, Chapter 85

Light Novel: Monster Musume: Monster Girls on the Job![]

"No! I'm not doing any job that doesn't involve beating the crap outta bad guys!"
—Doppel when she learns that the MON-team will also participate in the Liminal Employment Pilot Program, prologue
"Isn't that backwards? Being embarrassment by clothes but okay being naked?"
"It's a doppelgänger thing. Don't judge Liminals based on human social mores. There are lots of different cultural standards out there."
Doppel to Kimihito, Chapter 5: Nurse
"She loved to play practical jokes and get him flustered and thease him, but there was also a side to her that cared for MON and the other people around her."
Kimihito's throughts about Doppel, Chapter 5: Nurse
"I just really hate clothes! It's so embarrassing to wear them! Why are you guys fine with it?"
"I...have no answer."
Lala to Doppel, special short story