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The following is a description of Draco's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

As Draco loves Miia, she sees Kimihito as a rival and obstacle in her quest for Miia's heart, utterly clueless to the fact that Miia wants nothing to do with her and hates her. At first, Draco's jealousy and dislike of Kimihito was so strong that she even tried to physically attack him in Chapter 25, although Suu quickly brought her back to the ground with her usual tentacle groping.

Since that event, the two have had a more neutral relationship, although Draco doesn't miss an opportunity to make it clear that she still doesn't like him.

Kuroko Smith[]

After Tionishia seized Draco who was charged for going out without her host, Ms Smith notes that the Dragonewt was not the culprit "D", although Ms Smith knew that from the start, as the whole threating letter thing was a plan by her and Doppel to set up Kimihito with one of his homestay girls. The Interspecies Exchange Coordinator put Draco on probation for the time but warned the Dragonewt that the next punishment would be severe. It was probably also Ms Smith who later placed Draco under Polt's supervision to do community service as punishment.

Kimihito's homestay girls[]


Draco fell in love with her the first time she met Miia, but she ruined any chance of making friends with Miia after attempting to molest her. Since that event, Miia has a strong dislike for Draco, but Draco is blind to realizing this and continues to try unsuccessfully to please Miia. Draco has also proven to be unusually loveless in the process, as the first thought about Miia being angry with her in Chapter 40, which shows that Draco cannot really understand Miia's feelings.


After Draco attempted to attack Kimihito in Chapter 25, Suu attacked the Dragonewt woman as punishment with her usual tentacle groping. Since then, both have not continued to interact with each other, although it can be assumed that Draco is afraid of Suu after this event.

Meroune Lorelei[]

Draco and Mero didn't interact directly with each other, but in Chapter 19, Mero stole the oars from Draco's boat after trying to grope Miia. As a result, Draco couldn't evade as Kimihito rammed her boat with his swan boat to help Miia.



Doppel and Draco have not openly interacted with each other, but due to her work at MON, Doppel knows about Draco's run-ins with the law. As seen in Chapter 40, Doppel enjoys occasionally playing pranks on Draco to get the Dragonewt woman into uncomfortable situations. Doppel also tends to play with Draco's feelings, as she uses Draco's attraction to Miia and Liz for her prank. Similar to how she sees it with Lilith, Doppel shows no qualms about this because she thinks that no one would hold her accountable for pranking a bad guy. Draco was unaware of Doppel's involvement in the situation.


Draco was suspected of being "D" caused her to be seized by the ogre.


In the manga series, Draco and Zombina have not yet interacted with each other, but in episode 9 of the anime, Zombina was present at the capture of Draco and used a pistol to puncture the Dragonewt's wings to knock she out of the sky (since Draco can fly in the anime).


In the manga series, Draco and Manako have not yet interacted with each other, but in episode 9 of the anime, Manako was present at the capture of Draco and used a pistol to puncture the Dragonewt's wings to knock she out of the sky (since Draco can fly in the anime).

Monster Community[]


As punishment for going out without permission, Draco would do various penalties and community service under Polt's supervision. While Draco is more or less willing to do community service under Polt's supervision, she often tends to quarrel with Polt due to their temperament, for example when Draco had to wear the reverse bunny girl suit in the Kobold Casino. As Kimihito notes, however, Draco along with Lilith and Kii are also very grateful for the Kobold's continued belief in them, although all three are constantly causing trouble.


They are fellow associates for going out without permission. Draco would sometimes do various penalities with Lilith under Polt's instructions, but while Draco seems to get along with Lilith in general, Lilith often makes fun of her too, much to the annoyance of the Dragonewt. It is not safe to say whether they both consider each other to be friends.


Draco became aquainted with Kii when she and Lilith were all serving penalty under Polt's watch. The two seem to get along but are more neutral than friendly towards each other, as seen during Kimihito's visit at the Kobold Casino.


Since her first encounter with Liz in Chapter 34, Draco has been attracted to her due to the fact that Liz is a reptilian Liminal woman, but similar to Miia, Draco is unsuccessful. In fact, as seen in Chapter 40, Liz simply sees Draco's advances to charm her as an annoying nuisance to her job by TALIO, whereby her strict manner of saying this clealy is a bit intimidating to Draco. Draco attempts to apologize later in the chapter due to Doppel's manipulations but this ends in a fiasco, much to Draco's dismay.


Draco and Shiishii first met by chance in an omake of Volume 10, with Draco not really knowing what she should think of Shiishii at first and she thought that the Jiang Shi would talk too much for someone who is already dead. However, when Shiishii told her about the ghost marriage tradition, claiming that it was the "happies marriage in the world", Draco wanted to know more about it, hoping it might help her in her one-sided advances with Miia. But Draco become nervous when Shiishii said to her that someone who wanted to plan a ghost marriage must have to die at first.

Later as the two were talking, Shiishii began to rave about how nice it would be if Draco were a man, because then she could form a boys love couple with Kimihito, although Zombina, who suddenly intervened in the conversation, said that Draco could only be the submissive part in a same-sex relationship. Draco was just confused by this since she didn't know the BL terms that Shiishii and Zombina used, so she didn't understand what they were even talking about.

When Zombina made fun about Shiishii's big butt, Shiishii was offended by this and pulled Draco's pants down (much to Draco's shock) so Zombina could compare the size of the two butts. All in all this encounter has resulted in Draco probably looking at Shiishii with dislike or finding the Jiang Shi very strange.