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Everyday Kemomimi (エブリデイけもみみ) is a soundtrack sung by the ANM48 pop idol group.


Original Lyrics

Romaji Lyrics

English Translation

Even if the appearance is different

Love doesn't change

Prick up little ears

Want to tempt you

Cross the line

Still want to know more

If stand tall arrogantly

Want to tell you earlier than anyone else

Take each other’s hand in the same world

Exchange vows

I don’t want to be just your friend

I want to get closer to you

I don’t need to hide my animal ears

Because you won’t run away

Why can’t you say anything

Did I bite you too strong

I don’t need to hide my animal ears

I want to feel you

I want to be with you one day

Somewhat bold, Kemonomimi girl

Even if our life forms are different

There is still something we can do

Whisper In your ear

I want to make your heart beat fast

No matter the color of skin or eye

Doesn’t matter at all

From head to toe, I want to be close to you more than anyone else

Look at each other’s eyes in the same world

I want to exchange vows with you

The relationship more than just friends

A further, further relationship

I don’t need to hide my animal ears

Because I want to hear your voice

Wander around you no matter day or night...

There is a line we shouldn't step out of

I don’t need to hide my animal ears

Not feel dangerous

Will the dream come true one day?

Somewhat unsatisfied, Kemonomimi girl

I love you. This feeling can not be measured

I want to touch you. It’s true, so it's the best

I don’t need to hide my animal ears

I want to tickle you again

With a breath too sweet to be a voice

If never let you go, it will be exhausting

I don’t need to hide my animal ears

Pain is a little scary

How irritating. Please notice sooner

Bold for sure, Kemonomimi girl

Extremely bold!? Kemonomimi girl


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