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Physical Appearance
Monster Species Fairy
Gender Female Female
Monster Profile
Occupation Student at the Grimoire High School (temporarily)
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 78

Fii is a Fairy who, like many other people, was drawn into the world of Arbatel by the magic of the Grimoire and was a student at the Grimoire High School for a time. She makes their debut in Chapter 78.


Fii is a young girl with fair skin, pointy ears and hair that is braided into a long braid. As a Fairy, Fii's most notable characteristic is her small size, being only the size of a human's head. She has a pair of dragonfly-like wings on her back.

During her stay in the Grimoire, Fii wears the usual school uniform, consisting of a seifuku with a plaid skirt. She also wears a pearl necklace on her right wrist and a bracelet on her left wrist.


Fii is very friendly and shy. She has certain complexes about her small voice, probably because even the other Fairies often tell her that they can't hear her. Fii also expressed embarrassment when her boyfriend revealed that he bought the super high power hearing aid in order to hear her voice, which caused her heartbeat to quicken.

As revealed in her future dreams in Chapter 80, Fii later wants to develop and sell a miniature speakers for Fairies, as well as train herself to speak louder. This shows that Fii wants to overcome her complexes and support her people to make their lives in human society easier for them.

Skills & Traits[]

Physical traits[]

  • Fairy Physiology:
    • Flight: Fii's insect-like wings allow her to fly.
    • Small voice: Due to her small size, Fairies have soft voices, but Fii's voice is unusually low even for her species, as even the other Fairies often can't hear her.
    • Petite physique: Because of their small size, Fairies have a very delicate build, making them more prone to injuries, such as being held too tightly by someone's hand.


Not much is known about Fii's past, but due to her unusually small voice, even for her species, Fii developed a strong shyness and insecurity, as even the other Fairies often told her they couldn't hear her.

Fii was one of the numerous people whose consciousness was absorbed into the magical world of the Grimoire High School by Arbatel, although the exact circumstances of how this happened are unknown. Like everyone else, Fii was brainwashed by the enchanted school uniform and really believed that she was a student at Grimoire High School.


Fii makes her debut in Chapter 78 when a coffee stand pulls into the schoolyard. Fii also tries to place her order, but due to the loud crowd of students and Fii's small voice, the stallholder can't hear her, much to her despair. However, her human friend from the crowd then calls out to the stallholder and orders a super short all soy-milk extra whip black tea honey latte for her and a tall cafe au lait for himself. After both have received their orders, Fii hesitantly asks him if that was okay, since he even paid for her and apologizes for her small voice. However, the boy assures her that everything is fine and tells her that if people can't hear her, she just has to speak louder. Fii shyly agrees.


The boy presents Fii the super high powered hearing aid.

After a moment of silence, Fii tells him that he has great hearing for a human, since he can always hear her, even in crowds. To her surprise, however, the boy admits that he is actually rather hard of hearing, since he often listened to music that was too loud. When Fii asks him why he can still hear her so well, he presents her a super high powered hearing aid from his jacket and claims that with this device he can not only hear Fii's voice, but even the heartbeat of a flea.


Fii's heart beats faster with embarrassment.

Fii is embarrassed about all the hassle, but then asks him if he really bought the device just for her since it looks super expensive. He thinks for a moment and than says the reason is actually simpler than that; he bought the device to hear her voice. This embarrasses Fii so much that her heart begins beating a lot faster, to his amazement as he can hear this through the hearing aid.

It is believed that Fii was safely sent back to the normal world after Arbatel released everyone's absorbed consciousness in Chapter 80. Fii may also have been among those who sent a petition to Arbatel, since she developed a relationship with the boy thanks to the Grimoire.

Zoological Classification[]

Main article: Fairy

Fairies (also known as Faerie, Fey or Fae) are a classification of Liminals that have been commonly described as miniature elf-like humanoids with bug-like wings that commune with nature or are otherwise skilled in magic and can fly.


  • Although Fii's exact height is not known, she is currently the smallest character in the manga series.

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