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Physical Appearance
Monster Species Fishfolk
Gender Male Male
Monster Profile
Occupation Head butler of Neptune royal family
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 34

Potemkinme (ポチョムキンメ, Pochomukinme) is the head butler of Neptune royal family. He makes his debut together with Sebasstian in Chapter 34.


as Fishman, Flounnder has the appearance of an anthropomorphic fish, with arms and legs where his fins would normally be. Because of this, he appears to be hunched over, so that his face can actually face forward. He is a Kinmedai (Splendid alfonsino), and is short and stocky compared to Sebasstian. He also has comically small glasses perched on his face, and wears a tuxedo.


Flounnder is excitable and boisterous, appearing to be in a perpetual state of aggressive enthusiasm over everything he does. He takes a great deal of pride in his job, and becomes very upset when things do not go as planned. He also appears to be rather haughty, berating Kimihito, Suu, Centorea, Papi, and Miia for not immediately bowing down upon learning of Mero's heritage. However, he also shows a great deal of gratitude when Kimihito helps the cooks save their dinner.

While Flounder take his job very seriously, he also seems to have a deceptive side, as he confesses in Chapter 36, that he and Sebasstian were secretly trying to sneak up to Octo, hoping she could use magic to turn them into handsome Fishmen. Because of this, the two butlers also refused asking someone from the Mermaid Kingdom for help as Mero was "kidnapped" by Octo, as they didn't want to take responsibility for their secret visit to Octo. Similar to Sebasstian, Flounnder also has a selfish side, as he always thinks only of his personal disadvantages in chaotic situations and generally worries about taking responsibility for his mistakes, even when the lives of others are in danger.

The two butlers also only warned Kimihito and the girls about the danger of the giant sea anemones after they entered Octo's cave. It is to be viewed with scepticism whether the two butler really forgot this detail or whether they deliberately kept it secret, as they feared that they would otherwise have to take responsibility for Mero's rescue themselves, if Kimihito and the girls had refused. In any case, it shows that Flounnder is sometimes very careless.

Skills & Traits[]

Physical Traits[]

  • Fishman Physiology:
    • Amphibious: As a Fishman, Flounnder has gills on the cheeks of his fish-like head, which allow him to breathe water. He also has a humanoid respiratory system that allows vocalization and mouth breathing. As long as his gills remain moist, he can breathe on land.
    • Swimming: As a Fishman, Flounnder is an excellent swimmer by nature. Since he has gills, swimming actually plays a role in his natural breathing, which allows him to breathe underwater indefinitely without having to surface.


  • Smartphone: As shown in Chapter 36, Flounnder owns a white smartphone. He used it to call Kimihito to warn him and the girls (too late) about the giant sea anemones after they entered Octo's cave.


Potemkinme first appears at the end of chapter 34, revealing that he and Potemkinme are responsible for hiring Mero's security detail. In the next chapter, they insist that Mero visit the hotel that her mother is staying at to speak with her. At the hotel, he insists on having the entire group say, noting that the kingdom will cover all of their expenses in repayment for Kimihito's care of Mero. He is next seen panicking over the lack of food that the chefs have to cook for dinner, but is relieved when Kimihito steps up to fix a new set of meals for the hotel, expressing gratitude for it.

Zoological Classification[]


Fishfolk are a pseudohuman race resembling, in effect, humanoid fish with arms and legs, and with webbing between their fingers. Fishfolk are capable of breathing air and, ironically enough, are more capable on land than the far more humanoid Mermaids thanks to their functioning legs.

While appearances vary between individuals, the majority of their body resembles a fish, complete with visible gill covers, a thick tail, scales, and occasional tendrils above the mouth. The head appears to be at least a little different from a common fish's, however: the mouth is more articulated and capable of forming words, and the eyes, though lacking lids, have a noticeable degree of expression to them.

The Fishfolk seem to be in direct service to the Mermaid crown, and evidently handle most terrestrial affairs for their lieges


  • His name is a wordplay on the russian family name Potemkin and kinmedai (金目鯛, "splendid alfonsino").
    • In the official translation, "Potemkinme" is called "Flounnder" by Mero.
  • Flounnder, along with Sebasstian and Wladislaus, is one of the few named male Liminal characters in the manga series.

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