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The following is a description of Flounnder's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

Flounnder and Kimihito have a somewhat ambiguous relationship with each other. As Mero's host, Flounnder seems to respect Kimihito very much, whereby he assured him and his homestay girls in Chapter 35 that they don't need to pay anything at the Mermaid hotel due to their help for the princess. Although Flounnder snapped a Kimihito a bit harshly because he had mention the hotel expenses. Flounnder is always polite to Kimihito and is grateful for the help the young man gives him, for example when Kimihito used his cooking skills to cook dishes for the restaurant of the Mermaid hotel after the crabs had partially eaten the fishes for the dinner. However, Flounnder also seemed a little unsure what he should think about Kimihito's enthusiasm at the work.

Kimihito, on the other hand, distrusts Flounnder in part due to the Fishfolk's butler selfishness of always worrying about his personal disadvantages first in chaotic situations, even when there are more important things. As seen in Chapter 36, Flounnder tends to shift the task onto Kimihito in difficult situations like Mero's "kidnapping" so that Flounnder doesn't have to take responsibility for this situations himself.

Kimihito's homestay girls[]


Because of his polite and respectful nature, Flounnder gets along with Miia in general, although she also distrust him a bith in return due to his selfish side.


Flounnder and Papi probably get along well, although they don't really interact with each other in Volume 9.

Centorea Shianus[]

Because of his polite and respectful nature, Flounnder gets along with Centorea in general, although she also distrust him a bith in return due to his selfish side.


Flounnder and Suu have a positive relationship to each other, despite they don't interact often. In Chapter 35, Flounnder gives Suu a special waterproof suit with which she can go into the water and play with Papi without the risk that her Slime body dissolving in the water. As seen in Chapter 81, Suu still has the waterproof suit which could mean (if it wasn't another suit) that Flounnder actually gave her the suit as a gift from the Mermaid Hotel.

Meroune Lorelei[]

Due to her status as a princess and the fact that she is the daughter of his superior, the Mermaid queen, Flounnder respects Mero very much. He is also shown to be very concerned about Mero's well-being when he and Sebasstian hire the security company TALIO to protect Mero as a VIP in Chapter 34 or when they worry about Mero in Chapter 36 when it seems that Octo had kidnapped the princess.

Despite his good relationship with Mero, Flounnder still tends to worry more about someone holding him accountable for his mistakes than Mero when she is in danger. This, combined with the fact that he shifted the task of saving Mero onto Kimihito and his homestay girls so that he himself doesn't have to take responsibility for it shows that, despite his concern for Mero, his good reputation as a butler is more important for him than she.

Rachnera Arachnera[]

Flounnder and Rachnera have a rather poor relationship with each other as Rachnera distrusts the Fishfolk butler because of his selfish nature. In Chapter 37, Rachnera and Octo tie up the two butlers to force them to bring them to bring the protagonists to the Mermaid queen. It can be assumed that Flounnder has been suspicious to Rachnera since then.


Kinu & Liz[]

Flounnder hasn't really interacted with Liz and Kinu, but in Chapter 34, he and Sebasstian, on orders from the Mermaid queen, hired the security company TALIO to provide personal protection for Mero when they feared that Octo was planned to harm the princess.

Monster Community[]


Flounnder and Sebasstian are good friends and the two butlers are often together and share similar traits such as their sense of duty but also their slightly selfish nature. Despite their friendship, the two butlers also tend to argue with each other when they disagree about something, as seen in Chapter 36.

Meroune's Mother[]

Because of her status and the fact that she is his superior, Flounnder has great respect for Mero's mother, the Mermaid queen. Flounnder is always careful to fulfill his duties to the queen as a butler to the satisfication of the queen, which why he also wants to make sure that her daughter, princess Mero, is well.

However, Flounnder's concern that he might be held responsible for problems that happen under his leadership shows that he is also partly afraid of the scrict nature of the queen and what punishments she might give him if he fails. For this reason, as seen in Chapter 36, Flounnder also keep things that would get him in trouble, like his attempt to go into Octo's cave, quiet from the queen, which somewhat questions his loyalty to her.


Due to the rumours that she was an evil sea witch with magical powers, Flounnder initially feared Octo and was convinced that she was behind the elopement problem of the Mermaids. When it looked like Octo had kidnapped Mero in Chapter 36, Flounnder was very worried about what terrible things she could do to the princess and he pleaded with Kimihito and his homestay girls to free Mero from the Scylla. Contrary to his great fear of Octo, Flounnder also had hopes for the supposed witchcraft of the Scylla when he and Sebasstian meekly confessed to Kimihito and his homestay girls that they had tried to go into Octo's cave to ask the Scylla to using a spell to transform the both into handsome butler Fishmen.

Later in Chapter 37, Octo and Rachnera tied up the two Fishfolk butlers to get them to take them to the Mermaid queen. While the rumours about Octo were ultimately confirmed to the public as false, it can be assumed that Flounnder still views Octo with suspicion after this treatment.