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Kimihito and Freesia

The following is a description of Freesia's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

Although Freesia initially did not interact with Kimihito due to her occupation with the Minotaur girls, in interacting with him, she was quite friendly and at the same time shy as Kimihito, befitting her nature with Pan. But like Mil, after being manually milked by the young man, Freesia had been strongly attracted to Kimihito, and among the Pans, she was the most sincere about her desire to make him live permanently on the ranch, even trying to seduce him with the other pans tenderly in the bath.

Farmyard Members[]


Freesia respects and appreciates Cathyl.


Like her veteran, Freesia respects Merino very much and both seem to get along very well.

Residents of Black Lily Ranch[]


They are coworkers and get along well.


They are coworkers and get along well.


Freesia originally had an aversion to Saane for his perverted nature. However, being influenced by the full moon, the Satyress had realized the perverted nature beneath Freesia's shyness and was thus able to seduce her by using her milking massage.


After learning how to do the milking massage, Tokara drew Freesia's feelings to her.


As his superior, Freesia respects Mil very much.

Other Ranch Minotaur girls[]

Freesia looks like she gets along with all the other minotaur girls at the ranch.

Other Ranch Pan girls[]

Freesia looks like she gets along with all the other pan girls at the ranch.

Other Ranch Satyresses[]

Despite not being hostile to Satyresses, Freesia had an aversion to them for their lewd nature, which only got worse after they began to chase after Kimihito to have sex with him. Later, under the influence of the full moon, believing that the Satyresses were trying to monopolize Kimihito just for them, Freesia tries to appease the situation by declaring that they could all divide Kimihito since he was essential to the ranch.