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The following is a description of Garu's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kuroko Smith[]

When Garu first met her in the world of Arbatel in Chapter 78, she didn't have a good opinion to Ms Smith because she kept telling her, Aluca and Vikk about the relationships between the students without being asked, which Garu just found annoyed, especially since she did no really interested. For this reason, when the three girls met Smith again in Chapter 84, they were initially unpleasantly surprised to see her again, although they slowly became friends during their time at the Hotel Okaya. Despite this, Garu was irritated when Ms Smith offered her to work with her at MON, after seeing how the three girls defeated the Orc leader.

Later in Chapter 85, a series of chaotic coincidences led to Garu, along with Aluca and Vikk, being rather unwillingly drawn by Smith into a MON mission involving dangerous criminals, whereby the rather turbulent car ride in Smith's car did nothing to calm Garu down. After the operation, Garu wasn't sure if she was cut out for this job, although she gained respect for Smith and her work. However, probably combined with the experience leaving her with a less positive impression of Smith's methods, Garu was reluctant to accept her offer to work at the MON and instead accepted Mr President's better paying offer to work as a bodyguard in his company.

Garu apologized and was respectfull towards Ms Smith, although she also oppenly said that it would be a joke to work in an job as dangerous as the MON for such low pay and little free time. She also seems irritated by Smith's overly confidential manner towards her, as shown by her reaction to being addressed by Smith as "chan" in Chapter 85.

Her Boyfriend[]

Garu and her future boyfriend first met at Grimoire High School and they immediatelly get along with each other. However, after Arbatel released in Chapter 80 the consciousnesses of the absorbed people, it turned out in the real world that while Garu was a full fledged adult, her boyfriend was actually a real high school student.

Although Garu didn't break of the releastionship with him, she and Aluca and Vikk (who had the same problem) were of the opinion that they couldn't exactly go around all lovey-dovey with younger boyfriends. After her boyfriend exitedly asked her what she did for work, Garu was embarrassed (since she didn't had a job), so she, Aluca and Vikk decided to look for a job in Japan so that they could show off their abilities as adult working women.

Monster Community[]


Garu and Aluca are very good friends and they often hang out together. While the two get along well, Aluca sometimes playfully makes fun about Garu's temper, such as when she referred to Garu as "little miss-upset-all-the-time" in her conversation with Ms Smith in Chapter 84. Garu is often annoyed by this.


Garu and Vikk are very good friends and they often hang out together.

Orc leader[]

After Garu saw how the Orc leader trying to cause trouble at the hotel okaya, she viewed him as an enemy and worked together with Aluca and Vikk as a team to stop the criminal Orc. After Vikk used her abilities to turn off the lights in the hotel and Aluca attacked the Orc leader with her claws and injured his nose, Garu took the opportunity to attack the Orc, who was now disoriented in the darkness, and beat him unconscious with her strenght and quick reflexes.