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Chapter 74

Grimoire High School is an extra-planar location set inside the Grimoire Arbatel.

Created by Arbatel as a setting within the Romantic Comedy genre, Grimoire High School is a location set entirely inside a book, appearing as a typical Japanese high school containing a population of both humans and extraspecies living together harmoniously.

Combining classical magic with modern methods, Grimoire High School presents the world's only modern magical school. Channelling all three elements "Mind, Body, Spirit" together the school takes the colossal depths of knowledge handed down from the ancients and combines it with the limitless potential of modern technology to bring ancient magical practice into the modern world.


Grimoire High School prides itself on its clubs' unique strengths and individuality; classifying each club within one of three "pillars of school life".

Athletic Clubs
American Football
Track and Field
Ping Pong
Creative Dance

Magic Clubs
Broom Flying
Potion Preparation
Enchanted Items
Demonic Husbandry
Ying Yang
Magical Duelling
Communing with Spirits

Culture Clubs
Manga Research
Light Music
Tea Ceremony

Going Home Club



The layout of Grimoire High School consists of the school, a park, a mall, a 7/11 convenience store and the school dormitories. Nothing else exists beyond these locations and if a student attempts to venture beyond the location borders they will simply find themselves magically heading towards one of the existing locations instead (eg Papi attempts to fly back home only to repeatedly end up flying to the school dormitories instead).



The Grimoire High School Dormitories are a block of multi-level residential complex buildings intended for use as living quarters for the school's students. The buildings are separated by gender (with one building intended for use by male students and another building intended for use by female students), however both genders can enter and loiter within either building freely. Each student's residential quarters consists of a small living apartment with a bed and bath. It is unknown whether each quarters also has private cooking facilities or if that is located in another part of the building.



The Grimoire High School school compound is where the school's main building and teaching facilities are located. The school possesses the typical facilities of a modern Japanese high school; with class rooms, physical education facilities and cafeteria.



A 7-Eleven Convenience Store located across the road of the main school compound's entrance gates.



A small park near the school with paved paths, trees and a large pond in the middle. The pond is also used by the school for swimming lessons, which take place daily from 9am-to 6pm. But the most students simply visit the park in their free time to relax.


The mall is not fully shown. In Chapter 75, Kimihito remembers buying Papi's clothes at a store, and since 7-Eleven stores don't usually sell clothes, Kimihito was probably at the mall. The owner off the clothing store, unlike most of the other characters in the Grimoire, is not a real person, but a NPC created by Arbatel, who has no will of this own, but only says his given lines, like in a video game.

Places within the school[]



Swimming pool[]


The swimming pool is a large facility within the school with a large pool with six lanes. The members of the swimming club such as Mero and Gill use the swimming pool for their swimming lessons, although other students can also use the facility for their free time.

School Library[]


The school library has the appearance of a typical library with numerous bookshelves and tables and chairs. Students use this space at their leisure to study for exams or just to relax. As is customary in libraries, it is policy to keep quiet in the school library.


As Manako accidentally discovers in Chapter 78, there is a non-public room at the back of the library that leads to a huge, hidden archive. This archive is full of romantic-comedy manga, most of which are school-themed rom-coms. The protagonists suspect that the reason why the manga are in the archive is because Arbatel has been absorbing information from the books in the Kayado Public library for years, and the Grimoire has developed a fondness for rom-coms as a result.

While there were all sorts of school-themed rom-coms in the secret library, there wasn't a single harem rom-com manga among them. This was for a special reason as it was later revealed in Chapter 80 that Arbatel deeply despises this kind of rom-com.



  • A common trope in "school-life genre" anime and games is the trope of students running to get to school before the school day starts and they close the gates. The trope is usually a source of comedy, as the students do various things in their attempt to pass through the gate before they close (or, failing that, jump the fence).
  • As is typical of a Japanese school, Grimoire High School has its own set of school-based urban legends known as "The Five Mysteries of Grimoire High School" (Although school-based urban legends usually number up to seven in other schools).
  • School Uniforms range from SSS to LLL and as long as the student is wearing the uniform there are no particular rules for style or appearance.
  • As revealed in Chapter 76, the school uniforms were the reason why everyone whose consciousness was absorbed by Arbatel, thought they were students at the school. The brainwashing could only be broken when a student took off their uniform, but nobody did that (except Papi), since the students kept their uniforms on even while sleeping (probably because of Arbatel's magic).
  • According to the title card description of Chapter 76, within the lore of the school, Nicolas Flamel was the first principal of Grimoire High School and Aleister Crowley was the 72nd Principal of Grimoire High School. However, since the Grimoire high school was created by Arbatel, these lore are unlikely to be true.
  • Upon her arrival to the school Kuroko Smith established a rumour spy network, enabling her to collect information throughout the campus which she likes to reveal to three Liminal girls (Aluca a vampire, Garu a werewolf and Vikk a Flesh-Golem).

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