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The following are quotes said by or relating to Hakuto. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 18[]

"I told ya I ain't scared already!!"
"Hey c'mon, quit yelling trying to hide it like that~"
"I ain't hidin' anything, damnit! If I say I ain't scared, I ain't scared!! Got it? Besides! Ain't no way some dumb kids' stuff like "school ghost stories" is gonna be scary!! It's just' cause I don't have good night-vision. So I don't like dark places is all!!"
"Oh, is that so? You sure it's not because you can't see so well at night that you're scared of ghosts, right?"
Mimi (mockingly)
"I keep tellin' ya I ain't afraid of ghosts!! Alright?"
Hakuto argues with Mimi, Chapter 75
"That's right! Besides, for schools it's supposed to be like seven of 'em right?! "The school's seven mysteries" is what everyone says, right! But we only got five is what I heard, right?! So there ain't no way I#m gonna be scared of some half-assed ghosts like that!"
"Oh, ho? So you did know about all five of them, then?"
Mimi and Hakuto discuss the "ghost stories", Chapter 75
"Oh ho? If you're scared, you can bring your boyfriend. I don't mind, you know?"
"B-? He's not my boyfriend! He's just...you know..."
Hakuto, embarrassed, denies to Mimi that the boy by her side is her boyfriend, Chapter 75
" You can tell them it was my fault. Just say I didn't want to fly at night. Or that I was super scared of the ghost stories, it's okay. That'll be a good excuse for why we didn't go, right? I don't care what they say about me, so..."
—Hakuto's boyfriend
"No...it's fine. You don't need to do that. I just...hate how...scared I am"
"I see. Sorry...maybe I went too far."
—Hakuto's boyfriend
"No, It's just...thank you. For noticing and caring."
Hakuto and her boyfriend, Chapter 76
"Um...so about the ghost stories..."
"Don't talk to me about ghost stories!!"
Mimi, (hysterical)
"We just got away from all that and you're already trying to make me remember it?! That horrible place!! Why?!"
Mimi (hysterical)
"No,I...what? What're you even...What happened?"
"That horrible place...you were...How...How could you!! Get it on in a place like that?! What...are you insane!!"
Mimi, while she still clinging to her earlier mistaken suspicion that Hakuto and her boyfriend had sex together on the night of school.
" What?!"
Hakuto, confused as she doesn't unterstand what Mimi is even talking about, while the Owl Harpy goes into hysterics, Chapter 76
"Since coming here I've learned I don't need to play so much attention to what other people say. From now on I'm going to live my life being more true to myself."
Hakuto's future plans in Chapter 79