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Hypnosis is a method used to place an individual into a state involving focused attention, reduced peripheral awareness and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion.

Psychologists have observed that the "deeper" the individual is "hypnotised", the more likely a particular characteristic is to appear, and the greater extent to which it is manifested. Some of these characteristics include: "dissociation"; "detachment"; "suggestibility", "ideosensory activity"; "catalepsy"; "ideomotor responsiveness"; "age regression"; "revivification"; "hypermnesia"; "automatic or suggested amnesia"; "posthypnotic responses"; "hypnotic analgesia and anesthesia"; "glove anesthesia"; "somnambulism"; "automatic writing"; "time distortion"; "release of inhibitions"; "change in capacity for volitional activity"; "trance logic"; and "effortless imagination".

Due to this, hypnosis is sometimes used in therapy to retrieve a memory an individual has forgotten due to time or amnesia, although this method is controversial. Nevertheless, it has been proven that under the influence of hypnosis a person's consciousness focused inward, which, similar to meditation, lowers blood pressure and pulse sequence, and also stimulates the immune system and influences brain waves. The latter can also lead to the person being able to remember things that they has long forgotten.



  • Within the manga series, hypnosis exists in farious forms; for Devils like Lilith, this is an innate ability that they can use with finger movements in front of their victims faces, while for Nightmares like Rem, hypnosis is a learned ability that they can only perform by using aids such as pendulums.
  • Although Centorea has usually a extremely high willpower, having even been able to withstand the effects of the full moon for a few moments in Chapter 6, she irronically appears to be very susceptible to hypnosis, as seen in her her encounters with Lilith and Rem. This is even highlighted in Chapter 69 when Centorea initially thought that it would unlikely that Rem could get her to sleep with hypnosis since Centaurs are quite light sleepers, but just one pendulum swing from Rem was enough to put Centorea into sleep several times.

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