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Ice Candy is a popular water-based frozen confection made by freezing flavoured liquid such as sugar water, fruit juice or purée inside a plastic casing or tube, either round or flat. They are produced in a variety of fruit flavours, including cherry, orange, lemon-lime, banana and fruit punch.

In popular media, ice candy has been used in lewd jokes in comedic adult instances where the consumer eats/sucks the confectionary into their mouth in a way that alludes to fellatio; with the melted ice sticking to them alluding to excess sperm over an orgasm. Similarly, soft serve ice cream has been used to allude to the act of cunnilingus; with the consumer over-emphasising the tongue actions required to consume the confectionary and then pushing their mouth inside the cone at the end to lick out the ice cream inside. Resulting in their faces being covered in "cream" afterwards due to their actions.



  • The name "Ice Candy" is most commonly used in Philippines and Japan, the confection also goes by other names such as "freeze pop", "pop ice", "freezer pop", and "otter pop" in the United States, "freezie" in Canada, "ice lolly" and "ice pole" in the United Kingdom, and "zooper dooper" in Australia. Names used in non-English speaking countries include "bolis" in Mexico, "marciano" in Peru, "chup-chup", "sacolé", and "geladinho" in Brazil, and "aiskrim Malaysia" in Malaysia.
  • Since Ice Candy comes in plastic sleeves, unlike popsicles, no refrigeration is necessary during storage. It also does not need to be frozen as solidly as a popsicle and can well have a consistency similar to that of a slushie.

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