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The following are quotes said by or relating to Ils Nineta. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 8[]

" My name is Ils Nineta. I'm a Nine-Tailed Fox here on the Exchange program, and I work here as a shrine maiden!"
Ils introduces herself to Kimihito and Miia when they first met, Chapter 32
"If you must know, we Nine-Tailed Foxes have the ability to transform into anything! We use our tails to take the form of many different things!"
"Oh no, I wasn't asking about that. I was wondering why you were scaring people like that."
"What?! Come on! I can transform! Are you not surprised?!"
Ils brags with her abilities to Kimihito before getting a little offended when he's unimpressed, Chapter 32
"That went wonderfully! We sold out of charms and our shrine maiden goods!"
Ils (cheerful)
"Yeah, but everyone saw your goods, Ils-chan."
"That doesn't count, I was transformed!"
Ils and Miia discuss the success of the show in the evening, Chapter 32
"Bwahahahahaha! History is written by the victors!"
Ils mannerisms, which makes Kimihito, Miia and Rachnera think that the Kitsune would rather be better suited for the role of a villain in a live show, Chapter 32

Volume 11[]

"Grrrr... just what is she up to? We can't start the guerrilla show like this!"
Ils is upset when the shrine visitors surround Miia (who was supposed to be playing the villain) because they believe snakes bring good luck, Chapter 43
"Ils... this better not be that again... you're losing inari sushi privileges again..."
—Shrine Owner
"Y-you've got it all wrong!! Ah... you see, she was looking for a place to work, so... I thought she could try working as a shrine maiden, so I brought her here!!"
Ils hastily concocts an excuse for the Shrine Owner regarding Miia's presence to avoid punishment, Chapter 43
"Ahhhh... we just got her to be the bad guy, too..."
Ils is bitterly disappointed that the appearance of the Shrine Owner has meant that Miia will no longer take part in a live show, Chapter 43