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The following is a description of Ils Nineta's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

Ils and Kimihito first met in Chapter 32, but they don't have a special relationship and are more like acquaintances. Ils seems to get along with Kimihito, but she was a little offended when he was unimpressed by her transforming abilities, although this was because he already knew such an ability from Doppel.

Basically, Kimihito gets along with Ils, but he thought her plan to use her monster form to scare shrine visitors so that the Shinto shrine would become famous as "the haunted shrine" was "awful" and suggested that this plan would rather make people scared and that they would probably not visit the shrine. When Ils said she wanted to help to save the shrine to thank the shrine owner, Kimihito thought to himself that Ils was more sensitive than he thought, only to change his opinion to "awful" again when Ils added that to her it was more about the fact of the shrine owner not being able to buy rice and tofu for his delicious Inari Sushi without money.

Later, when Ils continued the live show about a transforming heroine, Kimihito admitted that Ils would probably be better suited for the role of a villain due after watching her gloating over the defeat of her opponents.

Shrine Owner[]

Ils and the shrine owner have a good relationship. She is very grateful to him for hosting her despite his poverty, to the point that she is trying to help him get more visitors to his shrine so he can earn more money. However, this willingness to help the owner is not entirely without self-interest, since Ils just wants to earn money so that the shrine owner can continue to buy rice and tofu so that he can continue to cook his delicious Inari Sushi for her. It is his Inari Sushi in particular that Ils appreciates so much about the owner.

While Ils and the shrine owner usually get along well, she can anger him at times. He wasn't thrilled with the live show that Ils put on at his shrine while he was away and punished her by not making her Inari Sushi for a while. It was a severe punishment for Ils, but she was still willing in chapter 43 to secretly start the show again while the owner was on a meeting. However, when he caught her trying, she hastily claimed that she only wanted to help Miia find a job as a shrine maiden to avoid punishment.

As stated in Ils secrets, it is difficult to judge exactly how Ils and and the shrine owner relate to each other. In the omake of Volume 8, in response to Ton and Cott's questions, Ils implies that she is in some sort of romantic relationship with him. It's not clear if this is mutual, however, as the owner's interactions with Ils tend to suggest that he sees her more as his employee or perhaps his younger sister.


Ils and her three future helpers first met in Chapter 32, but they didn't get off to a good start as the three were among the shrine visitors who were terrified by Ils in her monster form. Later, however, after seeing Ils' live show at the Shinto Shrine, the three young men became big fans of her and immediately agreed to help after hearing that Ils needed help with the shows. Later, the Shrine Owner banned Ils from continuing the live shows, but the three helpers remained loyal to the Kitsune.

As stated in Ils' secrets, the three men have a relationship to Ils that can be viewed as co-workers and servants. The three still look up to her, no matter how many times they are kicked, punched and sent flying by her at work.

In the omake of Volume 8, in response to Ton and Cott's questions, Ils vaguely implies that at least one of her three helpers may be in some kind of romantic relationship with her. However, more details of this are unknown.

Kimihito's homestay girls[]


Ils and Miia get along, but their relationship isn't the best, with Miia thinking that Ils is a trickster. Miia was the one who spontaneously suggested Ils do a live show at the Shinto shrine, but later she wasn't happy to take on the role of the villain, although Ils thought the show was perfect. Like Kimihito, Miia also feels that Ils' gloating side makes her more suitable for the role of a villain on a live show.

Later in Chapter 43, Ils persuaded Miia to rejoin a guerrilla show for payment, although the unexpected return of the shrine owner thwarted this. Ils was particularly disappointed as she felt Miia was perfect for the role of a bad guy.

Rachnera Arachnera[]

Ils and Rachnera first interacted in chapter 32 when Rachnera was helping the Kitsune prepare for the live show at the Shinto Shrine. During the show, Rachnera quickly weaved the costumes with her spider silk and used her threads to make Ils "fly" like a puppet doll for the viewers, though the Arachne was having a little too much fun doing it.

Rachnera and Ils seem to get along in general, but like Kimihito and Miia, Rachnera also felt that Ils was more suited to the role of a villain in a live show due to her gloating side. Rachnera also doesn't think Ils' idea for future live shows of having humans playing monsters fight her three helpers is as fun as a live show with her threads.

As revealed in the omake of Volume 11, Ils and Rachnera have previously met when the two were in the Extraspecies Exchange Program queue before Killa caused a riot. While Ils likely remembers the incident, nothing in Chapter 32 indicates that the Kitsune recognized Rachnera as the Arachne involved in the incident at the time.