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The following is a list of items available in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Online.


Title Image Description
Rubies RubyItem.png
Used in the Cash Shop to buy items and at the Gatcha
Medals MedalIcon.png
Used in the Medal Shop to buy items

Food and Refreshments[]

Title Image Description
Meat CarnivoreItem.png Food for Carnivores
Vegetable VegetarianItem.png Food for Herbivores
Bread OmnivoreItem.png Food for Omnivores
Mix FoodItems.png Contains all 3 of the above.
Genki Drink ExpDrink.png Boost Master XP Gained by 20% for2 Days
Genki Drink ExpDrink2.png Same as Genki Drink but for 14 Days
Chocolates MonPowerStrength1.png Boost Monster Girl Attack by 20% for 2 Days
Chocolates MonPowerStrength2.png Same as chocolates but for 14 Days
Macaroons MonPowerDefence1.png Boosts Monster Girl Defense by 20% for 2 Days
Macaroons MonPowerDefence2.png Same as macaroons but for 14 Days
Cake BoosterPackCake.png All 3 Boosts for 14 Days! Best Value.
Candy Candy.png
Lollipop Lollypop.png

Affection Items[]

Title Image Description
Normal Care Cream NormalCareCream.png Boosts affection by %
Ultra Care Cream UltraCareCream.png Boosts affection by %
Special Care Cream SpecialCareCreamItem.png Boosts affection by %
Back Scratcher Scratcher.png Boosts affection by %
Brush Brush.png Boosts affection by %
Feathers Haboki.png Boosts affection by %

Tickets and Permits[]

Title Image Description
Short-term Outing Permit No longer available
Group Permit ExtraGroupCertificate.png Grants you a extra group for outings and errands.
N Gacha Ticket NormalGatchaTicket.png Allows to obtain new monsters but choices are limited.
R Gacha Ticket RareGatchaTicket.png Same as above but with rare minimum.
HR Gacha Ticket HRticket.png Same as above but with hyper rare minimum. Choices are more varied.
SR Gacha Ticket SRTicket.png Same as above but 10% of getting a SR monster girl.
Medium Gacha Ticket MediumTicket.png Same as Rare Gacha ticket but you can obtain material girls as well.
Homestay Permit HomestayContract.png You get a N rarity girl.
R Homestay Permit HomestayContractRare.png You get a R rarity girl.
HR Homestay Permit HomestayContractHyperRare.png You get a HR rarity girl.
SR Homestay Permit HomestayContractSuperRare.png You get a SR rarity girl.

House Refurbishments[]

Title Image Description
Extra Bedroom ExtraRoom.png Grants you an extra 5 monster girl capacity to a max of 500.
Extra Pool ExtraPool.png Grants you an extra spa to a max of 4
Extra Jewellery Box 40px Grants you an extra 5 accessory capacity to a max of 1000.
Extra Makeup Booth 40px Grants you an extra Team Save slot to a max of 10.


Target Improvement Items

Title Image Description
Moon Necklace MoonNecklace.png 25/50/75/100% chance to target an enemy girl with the highest attack
Clover Necklace CloverNecklace.png 25/50/75/100% chance to target an enemy girl with the lowest defense
Star Necklace StarNecklace.png 25/50/75/100% chance to target an enemy girl that can be knocked out

Stats Improvement Items

Title Image Description
Garnet Ring GarnetRing.png +20/40/60/80 Attack
Sapphire Ring SapphireRing.png +15/25/35/50 Defense
Emerald Ring EmeraldRing.png +5/10/15/20 Speed
Topaz Ring TopazRing.png +20/40/60/80 Health
Rubellite Ring RubelliteRing.png +40/60/80/100 Attack, -4/6/8/10 Defense
Tiger's Eye Ring Tiger'sEyeRing.png +40/60/80/100 Attack, -4/6/8/10 Speed
Tanzanite Ring TanzaniteRing.png +25/35/50/70 Defense, -4/6/8/10 Attack
Precious Garnet Ring PreciousGarnetRing.png +3/5/7/10% Attack
Precious Sapphire Ring PreciousSapphireRing.png +3/5/7/10% Defense
Precious Emerald Ring PreciousEmeraldRing.png +3/5/7/10% Speed
Precious Topaz Ring PreciousTopazRing.png +3/5/7/10% Health
Boots RapidBoots.png +?/10/15/?% Speed.

Skill improvement items

Title Image Description
Red Coral Earrings RedCoralEarrings.png +5/8/10/15% Skill 1 proc rate.
Lapiz Lazuli Earrings LapizLazuliEarrings.png +5/8/10/15% Skill 2 proc rate.
Jade Earrings JadeEarrings.png +5/8/10/15% Skill 3 proc rate.
Fashionable Glasses FashionableGlasses.png +5/8/10/15% critical proc rate.
Marble Bracelet MarbleBracelet.png Recover 5/8/10/15% health after every battle.
Shell Earrings SR Shell Earrings.JPG N-rarity prevents the equipped girl from enemy status-reduction effects. R, HR and SR also provides +1/2/3% chance for Skill proc rates.

Other Items

Title Image Description
Heart Purse SatietyPochette.png Reduces feeding cost of team. Stackable.
Tiara PrincessTiara.png Sets girl to appear on home page regardless of who is in first slot in the first group.
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