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This page deals with Kasegi's interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Mr President[]

As revealed in Chapter 55, Mr President is Kasegi's younger brother but due to Kasegi's criminal dealings with Liminals, the relationship between the two is not good. Based on Mr President's annoyed expression when he received a call from Kasegi's cell phone in the flashback (the caller was actually Rachnera), Kasegi has begged his younger brother for money several time in the past, so Mr President actually doesn't want anything to do with him anymore.

Ren Kunanzuki[]

As seen in a flashback in Chapter 15, Kasegi purchased the hosting rights of Rachnera from Ren Kunanzuki's parents after Ren was injured accidentally by Rachnera. Kasegi didn't personally interact with Ren.

Kimihito Kurusu[]

Kasegi's relationship with Kimihito was already bad from their first (and only) meeting in Chapter 14, because even though Kasegi pretented to be a film director, his rather vapid behaviour and the inappropriate/outragous questions he asked Kimihito's homestay girls leading to that Kimihito found him unsymphathetic and arroused the young man's suspicions. When it finally became clear, thank to Suu's help, that Kasegi was only out to exploit the girls for money, Kimihito took out all his justifiable contempt for Kasegi by throwing an egg in his face and knocking him out for a short time with a megaton punch.

As part of his acting, Kasegi appeared somewhat polite towards Kimihito although in reality he probably didn't have a high opinion of the young man from the beginning. Later Kasegi managed to secretly escape from the Kurusu house at the end of Chapter 14 when his plan was exposed, but after Kimihito beat him, which also broke the camera containing Kasegi's footage, the fake movie director fumed at Kimihito. However, his subsequent arrest meant that Kasegi was never given the opportunity to take revenge on Kimihito in any way.

Kuroko Smith[]

Kasegi never really interacted with Ms Smith personally, but through Kimihito and his homestay girls she knew about his crimes, believing him to be a fraudulent professional because of his perfectly faked business card. Ms Smith was also later involved in Kasegi's arrest in Chapter 15.

Kimihito's homestay girls[]



Centorea Shianus[]


When Kasegi entered the Kurusu house in Chapter 14, he didn't pay much attention to Suu in contrast to the other homestay girls, perhaps because he somehow overlooked the Slime girl or didn't see any possibility of making money with her by videotaping her. Kasegi's ignorance towards Suu ultimately turned out to be a big mistake for him, as Suu was later able to sneak up on him, read his mind with her head feeler, and voice his true intentions out load to Kimihito and the other homestay girls. Kasegi was completely shocked at Suu's abilities.

Meroune Lorelei[]

Rachnera Arachnera[]

After Kasegi purchased Rachnera from the Kunanzuki family by pretenting to be a "free agent", he exploited her as a money-making tree by selling her silk. As with all Liminals, Kasegi had no respect for Rachnera as a person, viewing her as stupid and was only interested in making money with her silk. Eventually, Kasegi was tied up by her in Chapter 14 as she had had enough living with him.