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The following are quotes said by or relating to Kii. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 5[]

"Human...enemy...one that hurts me. I'm a Dryad, one of the forest, a protector. One that despises humans."
Kii when she first meet Kimihito, Chapter 20
"Papi is a friend... but humans... humans... humans that brought me here... Papi is a friend... but... humans... humans are not...!!"
Kii expresses her hatred against humans as Papi tries to explains to her that Kimihito is not her enemy, Chapter 20
"But... Papi, Suu... guessing from your actions... you love that human. But why?... I simply can't understand."
"Well... that's 'cause he's nice!"
Papi & Suu
"... True, the way he was sucking my breasts was nice..."
Kii talking to Papi and Suu after she returned to her normal form, Chapter 20

Volume 6[]

"I see... I understand your predicament. You came to me to collect edible plants?"
Kii to Kimihito, Chapter 25
"Papi taught me to listen to the request of a friend. I won't allow you to destroy the forest. But I'll allow you to take from it, if only a little."
Kii to Kimihito as she allows him to search for edible plants in her forest, Chapter 25
"I just led you to a place where the firmness and ripeness of the plants were right for ingestion. I do not know whether they are poisonous to animals or not."
Kii to Kimihito as he searches for edible plants in her forest, Chapter 25

Volume 10[]

"I did not ask for your help...I have no intention of letting outsiders into my forest..."
Kii to Polt as the Kobold woman tries to clean her forest of the garbage, Chapter 41
"The garbage is indeed problematic... However, too much activity could disturb... the forest..."
Kii to Polt before she nearly passed out in a fit of weakness, Chapter 41

Volume 11[]

"Is sucking boobs your hobby or something?"
Kimihito (embarrassed shocked)
"You sucked mine... maybe you wanted to suck Tio's that one time, too?"
Kii suspiciously asks Kimihito if sucking breasts is his hobby after seeing him suckle on Centorea's breasts, unaware that he only did it to suck the hornet venom out of Centorea's wound, Chapter 44
"I allowed it- so long as no trees were felled and all the trash was disposed of. There were some facilities built. They're only temporary, but I don't mind if you make use of them. Did you want to use them now or something? If that's the case, no one should be there right now."
Kii confirms to Kimihito's question that she finally agreed to Polt's idea to build a Liminal resort in her forest, although only if certain conditions are met, Chapter 44

Light Novel: Monster Musume: Monster Girls on the Job![]

Chapter 4: Dealer[]

"Honestly, I wouldn't have come, but I owed Polt-she cleans the mountain sometimes. I didn't want to seem ungrateful."
Kii's opinion on Polt
"I dislike humans, but even on the mountain, they appear one after another to bother me. They drop their garbage and make a commotion. If I confront them directly, it never ends well."
"I don't have to touch your species, you're perfectly capable of destroying yourselves."
"Destroying ourselves?"
"Yes-through gambling."
Kii (with a dangerous smile)
"Huh? Wait, you didn't become a dealer just to-"
"I did. Those who come here destroy themselves through their own avarice. It's the most human place I've ever seen. When we open, many humans will come here to lose their fortunes. And I will be across the table, watching."
Kii explains her plan to Kimihito
"I still hate humans, but you're Papi's boss. If you got hurt, she would worry. Besides, I saw you do this for Tio, once. Stay there as long as you like."
Kii to Kimihito