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The following is a description of Kii's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

Kii's feelings toward Kimihito are mixed to say the least. The first time they met, in Chapter 20, Kii attacked him because of her hate of humans, and because of the toxic waste she accidentally absorbed, whereby she mutated briefly to a giant tree-like kaiju. This attack wasn't not for an personal reason but simply because Kii saw all humans as enemies due to her kidnapping. After Kimihito, Papi and Suu removed the toxins from Kii's body, she was no longer as hostile, but still very cold and distant towards Kimihito due to the drastic method he used to remove the toxins from her body by sucking on her breasts.

This event, in addition to Kii's dislike of humans, contributed to her still showing distrust of Kimihito. However, in Chapter 25 it is seen that she slowly begins to trust Kimihito when she allows him to pick edible plants from her forest. It's implied that she actually enjoyed Kimihito's action of sucking on her nipples, given her embarrassed reaction when Suu mentioned this to Kimihito.

At the same time, however, this drastic (albeit necessary) action is one of the reasons why Kii is cold towards Kimihito, and as seen during his visit to the Kobold Casino, she doesn't seem to think very highly of him in general. When Kimihito was exhausted from the exertions of the evening, Kii took care of him too. However, she also said that she didn't do it for him as she still hate humans and that she only did this for him because Papi would be sad if something happened to Kimihito.

Kuroko Smith[]

Kii and Ms Smith seem to get along well. After Ms Smith found abou the incident in Chapter 20, she allowed Kii to continue living in the forest, for which the Dryad was grateful. Later, Ms Smith also tried to find a host family for Kii, but Kii had no interest in the idea.

Kimihito's homestay girls[]


Kii and Papi met some time before Chapter 20 when Papi observed on one of her sightseeing flights how Ms Smith and the MON arrested some human who had kidnapped Liminal children. The MON took the children with them, but overlooked Kii, who was instead rescued by Papi. Kii and Papi quickly shared an almost sisterly relationship with each other, with Kii also taking on the name that Papi gave her. However, since Kii was very weak. Papi took her to a forest were she had water and earth and promised to visit her again soon.

However, this "visit" only took place in Chapter 20, as Papi had immediatelly forgotten Kii due to her birdbrain, and the visit did not go well as Kii had mutated into a giant tree-like kaiju due to the accidental absorption of illegally dumped toxic waste and was not trying to attack Kimihito. However, she still viewed Papi as her friend and although she roughly slapped the Harpy aside several times when Papi tried to stop her from hurting Kimihito, it is shown that Papi only did this to avod seriously hurting Papi

Papi also felt intense guilt because she was afraid that Kii would be angry with her for forgetting her, although Kii didn't seem to care. In Kii's secrets it is stared that a Dryad is never in a hurry to talk or interact much with other species, so Kii probably didn't really care that Papi didn't come to visit her again soon.

Papi finally realized that the only way to remove the toxins from Kii's body was for someone to suck on the Dryad's breasts. She briefly did this to Kii as well, which seemed to make the Dryad uncomfortable, although unlike when Kimihito did this, she never brought it up in front of Papi. After the toxins were removed from Kii's body, the two resumed their sisterly relationship, whereby Kii is always happy when Papi comes to visit her. As seen later in Chapter 25, Papi also taught Kii a few more things about friendship, such as that friends should help each other.


Kii and Suu first met in Chapter 20, but they had a rather rocky start, as Kii had mutated into a giant tree-like kaiju due to accidentally absorbing illegally dumped chemical waste and tried to attack Kimihito. After Suu had also mutated to a giant size due to contact with the chemicals, a titanic battle broke out between her and and Kii until Papi realized that the toxins could be removed from Kii's body if someone sucked on Kii's breasts. However, when Kimihito did this, the fight ended in a rather embarrassed triple orgasms with Kii, Papi and Suu as Kii (possibly as a defensive measure) wrapped her tendrils around Suu's breasts and in turn sucked the toxins out of the Slime's body, much to Suu's excitement.

Despite this rocky start, Kii and Suu seem to have be on good terms with each other since then, as Kii allowed Suu in Chapter 25 to take mushrooms and other plants from her forest so that Kimihito could cook them for dinner. She remembers that Papi taught her that friends should help each other, indicating that she seems to consider Suu her friend as well. However, she was momentarily shocked when Suu suddenly sucked on her breasts because she though she could "persuade" Kii by doing "something nice" to her for her, as it initially seemed as if Kii would refuse Kimihito's request to collect the plants. Nevertheless, Kii doesn't hold this against Suu and and still see the Slime girl as her friend.



Kii and Zombina know each other, but don't interact often. However, their first encounter in Chapter 20 was rather hostile, as when Kii attacked Kimihito, Papi, and Suu (under the influence of the toxic waste) in her giant form, she stomped Zombina into the ground with her foot. However, this happened rather casually and it is not entirely clear whether Kii even noticed or paid much attention to Zombina. Shortly after Zombina broke free, she was buried under rubble again when Kii and Suu fell on top of her in their giant forms.


Kii and Tio are good friends, although they don't often interact with each other. As seen in Chapter 41, like most others, Kii cannot resist Tio's maternal aura, which meant that a little coaxing from Tio was enough for Kii to allow the clean-up operation in her forest. As shown by Kimihito and Polt's amazement, this was quite unusual due to Kii's stubbornness.

Monster Community[]


Kii and Polt are good friends, but Kii doesn't always agree with her either. This was seen in Chapter 41 when Kii bound Polt in a bondage, admitting that the trash in the forest was a problem but worried that the cleanup would lead to more unreast. Kii was also initially opposed to Polt's idea of building a resort in her forest, although Kii eventually allowed it al long as no garbage was left behind, as seen in Chapter 44.

As revealed in Monster Musume: Monster Girls on the Job!, Kii considers Polt as a nice person, and since Polt regularly cleans Kii's forest of garbage, Kii is also willing to help the Kobold woman, even it is means going to Tokyo, though Kii don't like the city. Just like Draco and Lilith, Kii is also grateful for Polt's continued belief in her, despite the trouble all three constantly caused.

It can be surmised that Kii also considers Polt as a friend just due to the fact that Polt is a Liminal and not a human.


While Lilith and Kii know each other, they don't seem to have a special relationship with one another. However, during Kimihito's visit to Polt's casino, Kii and Lilith agreed that Kimihito would be too much of a "pushover" to be worth hypnosis he lost to both in poker and roulette. But she also reprimands Lilith for not always talking to disrespectfully about adults, whereby she points out that Lilith herself is an adult.


Draco and Kii know each other but both don't interact often and seem to have a rather neutral relationship with each other.