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The following are quotes said by or relating to Kimihito Kurusu. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 1[]

"BOOOOOBS! No! Can't get distracted! But... mmmm, boobs!"
Kimihito Kurusu tries to resist as Miia snuggles up to him tightly, giving him a close-up look at her breasts, Chapter 1
"Mixed-sex bathing is not a service we provide here!"
Kimihito to Miia when she tried to bathe with him, Chapter 1
"Let me just double-check one last thing. That bruise on your cheek..."
Kimihito Kurusu
Ms Smith to Kimihito, Chapter 2
"Um... well, you looked like you wanted to knock them out in one strike, but since it'll be illegal for you to do that, I did it in your stead. It'd be awful if you had to leave Japan just because of something like this. And, well... even though you're a Lamia, you're still a girl, Miia. And bullying a girl is something that I just can't forgive. That's basically it."
Kimihito to Miia as he explains to her why he beat up the racistic couple for her and that he sees her as a normal girl despite the fact that she's a Lamia, Chapter 2
"Who... are you?"
"Papi! Papi's Papi the Harpy! "
Kimihito Kurusu when he first met Papi, Chapter 3
"There are times when you do go overboard... and it's bad for you three to fight... but Ms Smith is the one to blame this time. And there'll always be trouble. I mean, this homestay is to see if you can live in this world one day, right? And since we're in a homestay, we're like a family, right? That's why... we're a family. And since we're a family... don't hold yourselves back!"
Kimihito to Miia, Papi and Centorea as they feel guilty for all the trouble they are causing him, Chapter 5
"Legs. "
Chapter 5.5 omake, where Kimihito is asked by Miia, Papi, and Centorea what his fetish is.

Volume 2[]

"I'm okay! Well, I'm not, but... It's all because I freaked you out, and you all got really riled up about it... and because of that, I freaked you out again...! But I'll make a decision for you!"
"... a decision?"
"From now on, I plan on going out with all of you as my potential marriage partner! So... well... yeah!! That's that!! Also, on the next full moon, you girls are going to bed early..."
Kimihito tells Miia, Papi and Centorea his decision regarding marrying one of them before collapsing exhausted from the night's toil, Chapter 6
"This is bad! If things keep going like this. My trouser-snake's gonna do some shedding of its own!!"
Kimihito when he fears that helping Miia molt will make him sexual aroused, Chapter 7

Volume 3[]

"If you want eggs, go down to the damn supermarket and buy some yourself!"
Chapter 14, after punching out Kasegi who tried to steal Papi's egg, Chapter 14

Volume 4[]

"We came here to get healthier, not to hurt ourselves! I can understand getting fired up over a race, but you have to draw the line somewhere! Learn a little self-restraint!"
Kimihito sternly rebukes Miia and Mero after the two exhaust themselves in their swimming race, Chapter 17

Volume 5[]

"What's this...?"
"Ah!! That's... well, I saw it in the shop, and thought it'd look good on you... but I couldn't find the right timing to give it to you..."
Kimihito to Miia when she notices the necklace with the heart-shaped snake pendant he wanted to give her, Chapter 19
"H-hold on a second! This whole thing, from the threatening letter to the fight, it was all because of the illegal dumping here! She's not responsible for what happened! If anyone's at fault, it's the people who dumped these things here...!"
Kimihito defends Kii when he believes Ms Smith intended to punish her, Chapter 20

Volume 6[]

"...Miia. If...IF I make it back alive, we're getting married!"
Chapter 24, tripping the first of many death flags.
"I'm not sticking around here! I"m going home! Can I just go the goal now? You don't mind if I beat that thing, right? No problem, everything's fine. I'm not afraid of anything anymore!"
Chapter 24, tripping enough death flags to make a death flag theme park.
"I refuse."
"Wh... why?! Did I something wrong?! I passed all the tests...!"
"Are you still going on about it? You keep calling Rachnee a problem, a challenge. You're treating her like a hurdle you have to jump over! Do you think Rachnee is some quest to gain experience from? That's just rude! I can't let someone like you take charge of Rachnee!"
Kimihito to Ren when he tells her why he doesn't think she's a good host for Rachnera, Chapter 26

Volume 7[]

"Excuse me, Ms Miia's mom! I know Extraspecies people have their own problems, and It must be difficult to breed! So I can understand why you try to trap men like this! But... I don't want anything to happen just because I was high on some incense! I need to think these kinds of things through! Miia is a wonderful girl! She's kind and always tries her best... and she's trying so hard to improve her terrible cooking, every day! So... could you please wait... until I can give you a proper answer...?"
Kimihito to Miia's mother after she tried to seduce him with an aphrodisiac, Chapter 27
"I do. Everyone else has... well, how do I put it, they all really seem to communicate how they feel through life-threatening injuries... but you've never, ever hurt me, Rachnee. It might be harder for me to understand you sometimes, but you're always trying harder than everyone else to be careful. I know just how kind and gentle you are, Rachnee."
Kimihito reveals to Rachnera that he is aware of her feelings for him and her gentle side, Chapter 30

Volume 11[]

"I... I'm the one who suggested this, but... but sucking out the venom means... u... using my mouth is... basically the same as, well, doing that."
Kimihito feels embarrassed when Centorea asks him to suck the hornet venom from her since the sting is on her nipple of all places, Chapter 44
"What is going on...?! I didn't walk into a gate to another world or anything, right...? No way, it's not like this is some kind of new popular light novel..."
Kimihito's thoughts after he and Centorea entered the Kurusu house contaminated with Kino's spores, causing both to suffer from hallucinations, Chapter 45
"But... you did make a friend, didn't you?"
Kimihito (gentle)
Kino (confused)
"Well, Papi sort of just made you her friend without really asking... but you did make a friend. And that's because... you did your best to make it here. I know how hard it can be to keep going despite everything. And you might not be able to do anything about how your body works, but... don't think for a moment that you went through all that for nothing."
Kimihito cheers up Kino after she accidentally contaminated his house with her spores, Chapter 46

Volume 14[]

"And you're saying that making me work for free on your farm is a sign of good faith...?"
Kimihito is puzzled by Mr President's request to work at the Black Lily Ranch for the expenses incurred from the Nega-Suu incident, Chapter 56
"This... is bad...! Everyones trying to keep me trapped here for good...!! I guess I'm happy they all need me, but... everyone at home is waiting for me. I've gotta get back as soon I can."
Kimihito's worries after the farm girls show more and more intrusive affection to him, Chapter 58
"Oh no!! Oh no, oh man!! If this keeps up, I'm gonna get trapped here on the farm!! What am I gonna do...?!"
Kimihito is in despair when, in addition to the Minotaur girls and Satyr girls, the Pan girls also show affection for him, Chapter 58
"It's over...! It's finally over...! I made it...! I'm finally done with this farm...! Today was kinda weird though, like no one was trying to seduce me that much... Oh I know! Because I know it's my last day, I'm just feeling like nothin' can get to me!! Though I guess I didn't end up thanking anyone myself... I still feel kinda bad about that... oh, I know...! I'll make something extra fancy and nice for breakfast tomorrow to make it up to..."
—At night, Kimihito thinks about leaving the Black Lily Ranch tomorrow, but he also feels guilty about just leaving without telling the farm girls, Chapter 59

Volume 18[]

"It seems like... everyone is totally convinced they're high schoolers... even Rachnera... this is bad... Everyone but me has...! Damn... what am I gonna do...! Damn it, Ms Smith...! This is by far the worst thing she's gotten me mixed up with...!!"
Kimihito is concerned when he sees that everyone is under Arbatel's brainwashing spell while mentally cursing Ms Smith as it is her fault that he and his homestay girls are in this situation, Chapter 74
"...That's when it must have started, after that flash and everything got hazy... before I knew it... does that mean the book has absorbed our consciousnesses? Which would mean the other victims have been absorbed the same way too...? ...But that would mean... everyone here... has been absorbed by the book too...?! But wait-- why is this a high school anyway? And why am I the only one sane in here...?"
Kimihito's thoughts just after he and his homestay girls were drawn into the world of Arbatel, Chapter 74
"But wait... according to Papi that would mean... that this world where our consciousnesses are all trapped... the world inside of the book is actually... an endless loop where nothing outside the school area exists at all...?! And on top of that... all the teachers and... the lunch lady, or the staff at the clothes store where I bought Papi's clothes... they're all like NPCs just reading their lines in a game or something... which means not everyone in here is a real person... or they've been made by the book just like the rest of the world...?"
Kimihito's thoughts on the world of Arbatel, Chapter 75
"You made this world by pulling everyone's consciousness in here. You made them think they're all students at this school. You're the creator of this love comedy high school... Ms Honma Shiori from the library committee...!"
Kimihito confronts Arbatel after discovering her hidden identity, Chapter 80

Volume 19[]

"An Undine... that's right! I saw her once at Yukio-san's Inn!"
Kimihito remembers during his visit to the Black Lily Waterpark where he meet Suu's mother once when Mr President says to him that she is an Undine, Chapter 81
"Wait... is the Undine doing this...?! Hey Prez, that something that might happen? It seems to be happening! Are you going to do something?!"
"Hmm, well if we can't open, maybe there's something we can use this for... maybe a special pool for Extraspecies who like strong currents...? Or maybe we cancel the pool and turn it into a facility for Slime propagation...?"
Mr President
"Hey, This ain't the time for risk management!! You have to do something about the here and now!!"
Kimihito asks Mr President what he will do about the current that has suddenly erupted in the "Lazy River", only to be upset the next moment when Mr President only worries about risk management, Chapter 81
"I was cleaning my room and found some of my old cards. The game has been getting popular again thanks to streaming and stuff, so everyone wanted to try playing. So I figured I'd teach everone how to play."
Kimihito tells Rachnera about Duel Monmusus and how he taught Miia, Centorea and Lala the rules, Chapter 82
"It's not that I don't like him, it's just... there's really no way I can trust him."
"But he does seem to bring less trouble than Ms Smith, wouldn't you say?"
"I mean, it's not like I really trust Ms Smith either..."
Kimihito's thoughts on the questonable trustworthiness of Mr President and Ms Smith, Chapter 82
"Speed spell "Inferno Storm". This card activates when I take 3000 or more damage. And what is does is... make us remove all monster cards from our decks."
Sekmeti (confused)
"I remove all monster cards from my deck too, but... since your deck is only monsters, all you cards are discarded."
Kimihito explains his strategy with which he won the duel between him and Sekmeti, Chapter 82
"Apparently during the bubble era this place was originally going to be all luxury villas. But since the bubble burst, it ended up being a bit of a ghost town. After that, the prez bought up all the land and turned it into accommodation for larger species."
Kimihito to his homestay girls about the district with larger Liminal species where Abul lives, Chapter 83
"I dunno, this seems like it could get bad, though..."
Kimihito to Sekmeti about Abul's possible "reward" for the Neighborhood boys, Chapter 83