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Kimihito has a number of relationships with Liminal girls/subspecies either living with him or those he had been acquainted with outside his home.

His homestay girls[]

These girls are members of his household as he has been asked to be their host. Each of them have a special affection for Kimihito as they have either fallen for him or been attracted towards him due to his kind heart and acceptance for who they are as girls and doesn't mind what they are.



Kimihito and Miia

The first Liminal girl to move into his house. Miia is deeply in love with Kimihito after witnessing his kind heart and deep concern for her upon meeting her despite being a Lamia. Since then, Miia has always referred to him as her "Darling." She always tries to seduce him through flirting and shamelessly trying to make love to him, the end result, however, leaves Kimihito in pain. She is very possessive of him; becoming very irritated whenever another girl makes a move on him, causing Miia to become very clingy and jealous after more monster girls begin to move in.

Miia often fantasizes about Kimihito while she is in the middle of an activity or after a moving event. However, she often becomes shy and embarrassed whenever Kimihito does something perverted (albeit accidental) towards her and responds by calling him an idiot or a pervert. Her fervent desire is to become his one and only beloved and ultimately have a family with him.

Kimihito cares immensely for Miia, as seen when he stepped in the way of her attacking the Racist Couple with her tail to prevent her from getting deported and when he punched them in the face later for making fun of her. He has also saved her life such as when she started drowning after thinking Meroune was trying to drown him, holding her like a princess (with help from Meroune of course).

Due to the Extraspecies Cultural Exchange law's prohibitions, Kimihito is initially reluctant to view Miia and the other girls in his household as anything more than close friends. However, after Ms. Smith informs him about "changes" within the Extraspecies Act that would allow him to marry one of the girls, he begins to genuinely consider the possibility of pursuing a good relationship with her. However, the extent of his attraction towards Miia in comparison to the other girls (except for Papi and Suu whom he views primarily as children) has yet to be made clear.  



Kimihito and Papi

The second monster girl to move into his house. Papi first kidnaps Kimihito for no apparent reason, but it was revealed that she was running away from her previous host, which was Smith. Even though they were strangers at first, Kimihito risked his well-being to help Papi when she was in a dangerous situation, though he assumed her to be a child at the time. After witnessing his kindness and willingness to protect her, Papi decided to live with her new "Boss", causing her to fall in love with him.

Papi often plays around with Kimihito, initially viewing him as a "big brother" as well as her lover. She is a bit clingy and possessive of him, only due to her desire to play with others, until Suu appeared, Papi became less clingy towards Kimihito, but still desires to marry him one day. When Papi was about to lay an egg, she requested that only Kimihito was to help her.

Due to being a Harpy, she is very dim-witted and childish. This makes Kimihito view her more as a "younger sister," as opposed to a potential marriage candidate.

Centorea Shianus[]


Kimihito and Centorea

The third monster girl to move into his house. Cerea crashes into Kimihito when he was grocery shopping, causing her to believe their meeting to be fate as she may have found her master. He, however, explains that it wasn't exactly fate, but an accident. The two chase after a purse snatcher and Kimihito protected her from the criminal who was using her sword. After his act of heroism, Cerea tells him to refer to her by her nickname and she developed a strong sense of loyalty to him, referring to him as her one and only "Master."

Since then, Cerea became more shy and flustered due to her love for Kimihito, but tries to be more level-headed and calm about her feelings. Even so, she wishes to further her relationship with him as she tries to be intimate and a bit possessive, however she feels more obligated to be his faithful "knight" as she tries to follow her species's customs and would feel ashamed of engaging in something that may embarrass her. She even fantasized a few times about being married to Kimihito and bearing his child to start a family.

Kimihito is aware of Cerea's foreign nature and, as such, her inability to fully grasp the concept of Japanese culture. While slightly intimidated by her strength and combat prowess, he nonetheless looks upon her as a close friend and (following the amendment to the Extraspecies Act) begins considering her as a potential marriage candidate. After being appointed by Cerea as her master, Kimihito is often seen riding on her back.



Kimihito and Suu

The fourth monster girl to move into his house, albeit unofficially. Suu snuck into Kimihito's house looking for water sources and resulted in getting the guests wet. She makes her appearance in front of Kimihito while he was bathing with Cerea (after the centaur fell unconscious). She proceeded in "communicating" with him by mimicking Cerea's previous actions, such as scrubbing and embracing him. Suu developed a liking towards him, but remains childish and quiet. When she was about to fall into a river, which would have killed her, Kimihito saved her and welcomed her as a member of his house, though he had to make sure that she wouldn't wet anything else.

Suu fell in love with Kimihito after he showed kindness to her by giving her his umbrella when she was outside during a rainy day. This resulted in him catching a heavy fever and being bedridden. Suu knew that she can cure his ailment by feeding him purified water from her body. After he was healed, she finally spoke in her own words and voice by announcing her being the one to blame for his illness, but does not mind apologizing because she loves her "Master."

Like Papi, Kimihito tends to view Suu as a child or "little sister" as opposed to a potential marriage candidate. He sometimes gets a bit irritated when Suu unintentionally suffocates/drowns him through her embrace.

Meroune Lorelei[]


Kimihito and Meroune

A Mermaid and the fifth monster girl to move into his house. Mero first meets Kimihito when she was testing her wheelchair as a means of mobility on land which causes her to roll down a steep hill and crash into him. She was very grateful for his help and kindness, including in saving her from a wild Suu. Smith revealed that Mero is the next one to move in, but the others weren't very happy. Mero developed an admiration and a desire of tragic love for Kimihito, leading her to refer to him as her "Beloved."

Because of her desire for "tragic love" from Kimihito, Mero would make several attempts to make herself the victim of said love, even when he happens to have an intimate moment with another girl, when he or herself would be on the verge of dying or dramatically leaving him behind. She soon realizes that her obsession is not as fulfilling, but still acts friendly and warm towards Kimihito as she is truly in love with him, just in her own "weird" way.

Their relationship was slightly strained when she tried to make love to him, thinking he was going to die anyway. He then referred to her as a "crazy tragedy freak" (though this was likely more out of frustration than out of spite and hatred). After that, Mero believed that Kimihito did not love or even like her, though Kimihito has denied this. He truly cares for Mero. In chapter 37, Mero tried to save Kurusu from dying in the water and gave CPR to him.

Kimihito takes care of her knowing that she is practically immobile on land and would require assistance. When she is not in her wheelchair, he often carries Mero bridal-style and always tries to put her well-being and happiness first.

Rachnera Arachnera[]


Kimihito and Rachnera

An Arachne and the sixth monster girl to move into his house. Rachnera kidnaps Kimihito when she lured him into an abandoned warehouse and began to torture/play with him to break his "tough guy" act. In the midst of this, she became slightly perverted around him and changed her initial outlook on humans when she discovered that Kimihito's kindness is genuine. She accused him of being attracted to her upper-human half and being disgusted with her lower-spider half, but he states that her legs are charming causing her to call him a pervert. She soon developed a strong liking to Kimihito and he agrees to become her homestay.

After moving in, Rachnera began referring to him as "Honey" and openly flirts with and makes sexual advances towards him. It is unknown whether she does this because she loves him or to just simply upset the other homestay girls. She once stated that she sees Kimihito as her "toy" and takes great sexual pleasure in making him her "hostage".

Kimihito initially viewed Rachnera somewhat as the troublemaker in the family due to her constantly making the others angry through her cynical and playful persona. When they first met, he always tries to compliment her features, knowing how self conscious she is about her appearance and even risked himself to help her escape. When Rachnera's former host arrives to take her back and claims to be ready for anything, Kimihito refuses as he states that she is a person, not a challenge, causing Rachnera be moved by his kindness which lead her to get drunk and admitting her love for him.

Kimihito sometimes has a hard time to understand Rachnera, but as revealed in Chapter 30, he is aware that she, unlike the other homestay girls, always takes special care to never accidentally hurt him and that he knows how kind and gentle she actually is. Rachnera is deeply moved by these words, but she painfully refuses to show this side of herself openly, partly because it is embarrasing for her and partly because she doesn't want to reveals her vulnerability on front of others.



Kimihito and Lala

A Dullahan and the seventh monster girl to move into his house. Lala first appeared as a Grim Reaper threatening Kimihito's possible death if he were to marry one of his homestays. It was believed that she is a stalker who was sending death threats demanding him to not marry. She was prepared to execute him, but had dropped her head somewhere and became distressed causing Kimihito to help her find it. While her body was being sexually toyed with by Rachnera, the others retrieve her head and return it to her body. She constantly tried convincing Kimihito and his homestays that she is the grim reaper and warning them that he is on the brink of death, recalling all the pain and suffering he went through with them.

After the sequence of the girls trying to help him escape death, Kimihito finally had enough of their gullible behavior and announced that he is not afraid and that there is no such thing as fate causing Lala to become nervous. Smith reveals that she was simply spouting difficult sayings and her reason for appearing was due to her concern for his well-being (wondering why he does not die whenever he is close towards death). She decided to stay and observe him in the meantime, but also to get away from Ms Smith.

After a series of near-death experiences due to the girls' clumsy attempts to get closer to Kimihito, Lala encounters him a few times and states that he is constantly fighting death due to what he does for others out of the kindness of his heart, finding him as well as his strength and fortitude rather interesting. She, however, is not exactly interested in marrying Kimihito, but claims that his soul will belong to her when he dies.

Kimihito initially viewed Lala as hopeless and delusional due to her accidentally dropping her head and her constantly trying to convince him, others and possibly herself that she is a manifestation of death. He was not afraid of her and decided to let her stay. Over time the two have grown close and share a special relationship. Whenever Lala is distressed or worried he happily gives her advice and comforts her.

As revealed in Monster Musume: Monster Girls on the Job!, Kimihito now has a simple but also somewhat drastic solution when he can't understand Lala's obscure speech. When he takes her head off, she's forced to cut to the chase, while her body's reaction is a pretty obvious way to tell how she's feeling. Since Lala's body shows her feelings very emotionally and expressively, this is very embarrassing for her.

Monster Ops: Neutralization/M.O.N.[]

These are Kimihito's bodyguards and coordinators for the Cultural Exchange Program who are often called in to assist and/or protect him.

Kuroko Smith[]


Kimihito and Kuroko

As Kimihito's "Cultural Exchange Coordinator", Smith often drops in his household to check up on him and his homestays, constantly reminding him of the prohibitions and its consequences as she was the one who often made him the host of a number of monster girls. Due to her being quite irresponsible, Smith only shows up when the situation is inconvenient for him; often providing information when its too late and has a tendency to mooch off of Kimihito for free homecooked meals. She tends to manipulate Kimihito through threats based on the Cultural Exchange and its prohibitions, warning him not to hurt or have sexual relations with a monster girl, otherwise the girl will be deported and he would end up in prison. Smith takes an amused liking towards Kimihito and refers to him as "Darling" after hearing Miia calling him that, albeit she finds the endearing term amusing.

Despite her irresponsible and somewhat lazy behaviour, Kimihito is grateful for her assistance and protection. He does, however, become rather annoyed and frustrated with her constantly waiting until the last minute to inform him with needed or important information concerning his homestays, random/new subspecies he happens to encounter or his own house repairs, food supplies and finances/expenses. Smith appreciates Kimihito's willingness to care for the subspecies he was given and he appreciates her acting as a "guardian" to him whenever he is in trouble.


A member of M.O.N. and a somewhat indirect bodyguard of Kimihito. Tio seems to like him as she finds him cute and very sweet. During her date with him, Tio seems quite happy and cheery around Kimihito referring to him as "Snookums", however becomes visibly frustrated when he somewhat refuses to do what she asks, feeling that he can be a little more considerate and sensitive. When they were clothes shopping, Tio began weeping over how all the pretty clothing she wants never come in her size as they are too small, but quickly cheers up after Kimihito offers to adjust the size of her clothes in order for her fit into them causing the ogre girl to gleefully glomp him. She claims to greatly admire him for his good-hearted nature, but it is unknown if she is now attracted to him.

Kimihito finds it hard to keep up with Tio's level of energy and enthusiasm, but is aware of how innocent and sensitive she can be. Due to her bust size arguably being the biggest, he stares at her large breasts, but tries not to comment on her size knowing how self-conscious she is about her overwhelming measurements. Due to Tio wanting the pretty clothes she likes to fit her, Kimihito offers to adjust her clothes from now on.



Kimihito and Zombina

A member of M.O.N. and a somewhat indirect bodyguard of Kimihito. Zombina seems to think of Kimihito as naïve, but humorous. During her date with him, she makes the best of it by being a bit extreme and watch horror genre or Zombie themed films. She seems to take great pleasure in watching other people, mostly Kimihito whom she refers to as "Loverboy," lose their cool or become freaked out at the sight of scary things. When her hand fell off, Zombina takes him to a private place so he can sew it back on. She becomes both impressed with his skills and concerned with his rather calm demeanour, wondering why he isn't fazed by her. After he gives an honest and kind reply about her, Zombina becomes rather flustered by his kind words and decides to screw with his head by unstitching her breast and have him sew it back on, taking pleasure in watching him act nervous, until he accidentally pinched her nipple and tries to brush it off then laughing hysterically at the sight of Kimihito's nosebleed. She claims that he is a bit naïve, but is grateful that he treated her as well as Tio and Manako as normal girls.

Kimihito often finds Zombina's behaviour a bit extreme and slightly troublesome, but doesn't mind much because that is who she is. Despite her being a zombie and her claims, he is very concerned about her well-being and her feeling any form of pain should harm come to her. Even when she intentionally unstitched certain bodyparts for Kimihito to sew, he still offers to sew her body back together again if she asks. Due to how Zombina is seemingly used to others being freaked out or at least fazed by her, Kimihito always lets her know that she is a normal girl.

During their second date Kurusu tried to shield her from one of Shi Shi's attacks but failed. When she realized this she got angry but became embarrassed after he said she was still a girl. She later smiled after he tried to stitch her back together again, but soon became embarrassed again when her breasts were exposed as he was about to put her back together. She soon thought to herself why she became embarrassed, considering that he's seen her breasts before. It is implied that through these interactions, she is now attracted to him.



Kimihito and Manako

A member of M.O.N. and a somewhat indirect bodyguard of Kimihito. Manako seems to be slightly indifferent or a bit intimidated by Kimihito, acting somewhat nervous around him. During her date with him, she keeps her distance from him as she claims to not do well with crowds as well as having bad depth perception. She seems to wonder if Kimihito is genuinely a nice or kind person as others claim he is, recounting an experience in which humans becoming visibly disturbed when speaking to her. She asks him, being professional and calling him by his real name "Kurusu", to look at her, believing that he too may be disturbed by her, but was surprised to see that he was looking at her as if she was normal causing her to become very flustered and embarrassed. She claims that her date was a bit embarrassing because he was the first person to treat her like a normal girl, but seems quite grateful and glad by his genuine kindness. It is unknown if she is now attracted to him.

Kimihito seems to think that Manako is somewhat hopeless due to being far away from him and crashing into objects during their date, but tries to put her comfort and needs first knowing how nervous she can be. He seems to understand how self-conscious she is about herself and as such tries to make her feel like a normal girl, not minding what she is.

During their second date he helped her overcome her fear of being in crowded public places by taking her to a festival while wearing a mask. Since she enjoyed it Manako asked him if they could do it again.



Kimihito and Doppel (Kemomimi form)

A member of M.O.N. and a somewhat indirect bodyguard of Kimihito. Kimihito and Doppel haven't personally interacted with each other much. However, Doppel is aware of Kimihito's situation through Smith and her position in M.O.N., and like to meddle in his affairs. Eventually Doppel sent a death threat to Kimihito in hopes it would force him to stop being indecisive and choose a marriage partner, thus causing the "D" incident. When asked on her motivations for messing with Kimihito she simply said "Because it was fun."

When Kimihito apologizes to M.O.N. for the trouble he and Lala caused them, they decided to date him once again. Doppel decided to spend her date with Kimihito, whom she refers to as "Buddy", pranking a few people such as Lilith and Draco. While she puts on false acts and scenarios in order to trick Draco and lure Lilith into a trap seemingly enjoying the role of his girlfriend, Kimihito was able to help her capture a rogue Orc and as token of her appreciation said she is willing to do whatever he wants such as transforming into other monster girls for him to use and practice. Kimihito simply requested that she would wear clothing, something she usually refuses to do, but reluctantly puts on and wears the clothing he picked out for her.

Monster Community[]

Outside his home, Kimihito has had many encounters with the Monster Community, meeting and sometimes helping other Monster girls that come his way.


Kimihito sees Polt as a reasonable authority figure. The two seem to get along relatively well, as they teamed up to give commentary on Miia's and Mero's swimming race, and Polt gave him extra catfish she had caught while doing community service with Draco, when his food budget was low.


Kimihito originally didn't like Draco very much because of her attempt to grope Miia in Chapter 19, he is now rather neutral towards her. As stated during Kimihito's visit to the Kobold Casino in Monster Musume: Monster Girls on the Job!, because she spent most of her time sneaking out to pick up other scaly Liminal girls, he views Draco as a person who has some problems. However, he also admits that with her sense of daring and her draconic features she can easily set someone's heart aflutter.

Draco, on the other hand, doesn't like Kimihito as she sees Kimihito as a rival and obstacle in her quest for Miia's heart, utterly clueless at the fact that Miia wants nothing to do with her and doesn't like her. Initially, Draco's dislike of Kimihito was so strong that she even attempted to attack him in Chapter 25, although she was quickly incapacitated by Suu's Slime groping. Afterwards, Draco promised not to attack Kimihito again out of fear by Suu and since then the two have been rather neutral toward each other, although Draco never misses an opportunity to make it clear that she doesn't like Kimihito.


Kimihito's gets on well with Kii, having helped her out several times. Kii's feelings toward Kimihito are mixed to say the least. The first time they met, Kii attacked him because of her distrust of humans, and the influence of chemicals she had absorbed. After Kimihito, Papi, and Suu helped her return to normal she warmed up towards him a little, as she allows him to take edible plants from her forest, but she can still act cold towards him if Papi and Suu are not with him. It's implied that she actually enjoyed Kimihito's action of sucking on her nipples.


Although Kimihito doesn't see Lilith as his enemy and is rather neutral towards her, he still distrusts the Devil woman because of her thieving nature and the trouble she constantly causes. As stated during Kimihito's visit to the Kobold Casino, he is of the opinion that everyone who spends too much time with Lilith would see her as nothing other than a Devil, whereby he points out that Lilith drinks, smokes and that she'd con anyone out of their money at the first chance she got.

Lilith on the other hand seems rather jealous of Kimihito as Rachnera favours him above others. She attempted to seduce him in Chapter 40 through her loli charms, assuming he was a lolicon, in order to blackmail him which would cause Rachnera to leave him, however he simply whacks her forehead and scolds her for the way she dresses. Shocked and confused, Lilith decided to use her succubus powers to hypnotize and allure him, only for Kimihito to repeat the same action and scold her. Frustrated, Lilith resorts to forcing herself onto him, only to be "caught" by Rachnera (a disguised Doppel) and performed bondage on her as part of her prank.


Kimihito gets on well with Yukio and is always ready to give her advice. As seen in Chapter 66, Kimihito can sometimes wonder about Yukio's methods, although he also admires her for the fact that she always has a solution ready for almost all problems.

Ils Nineta[]

Ils and Kimihito first met in Chapter 32, but they don't have a special relationship and are more like acquaintances. Ils seems to get along with Kimihito, but she was a little offended when he was unimpressed by her transforming abilities, although this was because he already knew such abilities from Doppel.

Basically, Kimihito gets along with Ils, but he thought her plan to use her monster form to scare shrine visitors so that the shinto shrine would become famous as "the haunted shrine" was "awful" and suggested that this plan would rather make people scared and that they would probably not visit the shrine. When Ils said she wanted to help to save the shrine to thank the shrine owner, Kimihito thought to himself that Ils was more sensitive than he thought, but only to change his opinion to "awful" again when Ils added it was more about the fact of the shrine owner not being able to buy rice and tofu for his delicious Inari Sushi without money.

Later, when Ils continued the live show about a transforming heroine, Kimihito admitted that Ils would probably be better suited for the role of a villain after watching her gloating over the defeat of her opponents.


Kimihito and Merino first met in Chapter 33 and both quickly got along well. However, he was quite embarrassed and uncomfortable when she asked him to shear her, thinking to himself that it was a "really, really perverted thing". Later in chapter 58, it was uncomfortable for Kimihito when Merino asked him to milk her in front of the Satyr girls as a "practical lesson" on proper milking technique.

It's obvious that Merino has feelings for Kimihito, although she's too shy to tell him openly. It is not clear whether Kimihito is aware of this, but while he does not feel the same way about Merino and sometimes finds himself in embarrassed situations with her, he still considers the Pan girl to be one of his closer friends. As seen in chapter 59, Kimihito also has Merino's cell phone number saved on his smartphone.


After the fight with her boyfriend, Cathyl sought Kimihito's help to Milk her, even when he was a complete stranger to her, as she was overdue to be milked and her chest was getting painful. Thanks to him, she realized that her boyfriend was not cheating on her and they both reconciled. In chapter 43, Cathyl remembers how gentle Kurusu was when he was milking her and then she blushed.

As seen later in Volume 14, Cathyl appears to have feelings for Kimihito to some extent, although Kimihito himself doesn't feel the same way for Cathyl and may not be directly aware of her affection. While Kimihito still sometimes feels uncomfortable when Cathyl asks him to milk her and doesn't always get along with her hot temper, he considers Cathyl as one of his closer friends.

Ton & Cott[]

Kimihito hasn't really interacted much with Cott and Ton, but he seems to get along with them.

Kinu & Liz[]

Kimihito had a pretty chaotic start with Liz and Kinu in Chapter 34, as the two TALIO agents were assigned as bodyguards to protect him and his homestay girls, despite they not knowing exactly who of them was the VIP. The clumsiness and partial incompetence of the two agents meant that Kimihito didn't really know what he should think of them, although he later showed sympathy for them when they dejectedly explained to him that they wanted to prove themselves due to their many failures in previous missions by trying to complete this mission perfectly without the help of their colleagues.

While Kimihito had little to do with Kinu, he did get into some unpleasant situations with Liz, such as when he accidentally grabbed her butt while trying to stop her from throwing off her tail after she explained to him that there was a risk that if she did this, she could die from malnutrition. While Liz was quite angry about this and called him a "pervert", their relationship seems to have gotten better again in Chapter 40, when Liz warned him and Doppel about the Orc leader.

Flounnder & Sebasstian[]

Kimihito's relationship between Sebasstian and Flounnder isn't always the best. There is a certain respect between him and the two Fishfolk butlers and Kimihito is usually willing to help the two if they have difficulties. On the other hand, Kimihito greatly dislikes the butlers' selfish nature when they are faced with problems, always fearing their own personal disadvantages first, even when someone is in danger, whereby Kimihito is not afraid to angrily remember them that their personal disadvantages are pretty much secondary in such a situation.

As seen in Chapter 36, Kimihito is also quite speechless about the butlers' cowardly way of shirking responsibility in problematic situations, whereby he was also very angry when the two of them warned him and his homestay girls too late about the giant sea anemones in Octo's cave. This selfish attitude probably led to Kimihito not really trusting the two Fishfolk butlers.


Due to the rumours Kimihito had heard about Octo, as well as the fact that the Scylla had supposedly kidnapped Mero, Kimihito initially viewed her with caution. This was only reinforced when Octo attempted to seduce Kimihito and grope him with her tentacles during their first encounter in Chapter 36. However, after Mero clarified the situation and Kimihito learned that Octo wasn't an evil sea witch who was tricking the Merfolk into eloping, Kimihito quickly became friends with Octo and promised her to clear up the rumours, then Octo returned as a little out of gratitude and flirted with him.

Since the events of Volume 9, Kimihito has gotten well along with Octo, although he has only interacted with her once in Chapter 66.


Kimihito's first encounter with Shiishii in Chapter 39 was, to put it positively, bumpy, as the Jiang Shi immediately tried to force him to marry her. He also experienced Shiishii's violent side first hand when he saw her dismembering Zombina with her fan knives, and he was also visibly disturbed when he saw the Jiang Shi in rage.

While Kimihito and Zombina were eventually able to solve the problem by shooting Shiishii with a rock salt bullet and Shiishii apologized to them afterwards, it can be assumed that Kimihito is still cautious around her after seeing her violent side. Basically, while Kimihito doesn't hold a grudge against Shiishii, he seems unsure what to make of her ambiguous "friendship" with Zombina, as well as the fact that the only reason why Shiishii wants to marry a Japanese man is because she can come to Fujishi events much more often when she lives in Japan.

The Orc Leader[]

Kimihito has never directly interacted with the Orc leader in a conversation during the series, but from the news in Chapter 11, he knows about the P.O.R.K's raid on the shop Libido Doujin, which is why he views the Orc Leader as a creep and someone to avoid. In Chapter 40, when the Orc Leader attempted to grope Liminal women on the street, Kimihito threw the tied up Lilith at the Orc leader, forcing him to let go of the transformed Doppel, hiding from the Orc along with the real Lilith; Kimihito was also there later when the Orc leader was arrested.


Kimihito and Bahkurin first met in chapter 69, but they have no special relationships with one another and in essence they can only be viewed as passing acquaintances. Kimihito is probably getting along with Bahkurin in general, but he was quite angry with her when she and Rem tried to give Centorea more nightmares, regardless of how much Centorea was already traumatized by the torture.


Kimihito and Killa got off to a very hostile start in chapter 44 as Killa tried to attack him to get revenge on Rachnera. This forced Kimihito and Centorea to incapacitate Killa by trapping her in a sauna. Due to his friendly character, however, Kimihito did not show any hostility towards Killa and even gave her water in chapter 45 during the survey to make her feel better. As thanks to him, Killa told him about the other dangerous Liminals that had come into the country illegally with her.


Kimihito viewed Kino with caution at first, as she was one of the three dangerous Liminals, although he quickly gained sympathy for her after learning that she has no control over her hallucinogenic spores. When Kino sadly said that she just wanted to have friends, Kimihito consoled her by noting that Papi had already become her friend. Since then, both get along well.

Curie Drakulya[]

Kimihito initially viewed Curie with caution as she was one of the three dangerous Liminals, but showed no hostility towards her. After Curie kidnapped Kimihito in Chapter 49 (under the influence of her father's ghost) and took him to an old church, his kindness took on strange traits as Kimihito not only showed no fear of Curie or that she had kidnapped him, but even make her lunch as he thought she looked pretty anaemic. This frightened Curie as she feared that she had inadvertently turned Kimihito into a vampire thrall, although Kimihito's homestay girls quickly assured her that it was typical of Kimihito to strangely also care about people who had done bad things to him.


A member and de facto leader of the Black Lily ranch. She meets Kimihito after he begins working on the ranch in order to make more money for himself and his guests, affectionately referring to him as "Mr. Newhire". Mil often acts as a kind guide for him at work and seems to see him as an incredibly reliable man.

While Mil initially treated Kimihito sweetly the same as the rest of the ranch dwellers, after he agreeing to perform the milking massage sessions on the Minotaur girls to help them, she moved closer to him more, so much so that she came to admit that he united much more everyone on the ranch than herself. Later, after being amazed by the young man's efforts to help everyone at the ranch and because of the effects of her manual milking, Mil ended up becoming strongly attracted to Kimihito, showing off her softer side whenever she was with him. Indeed, of all the Minotaur girls who show interest in Kimihito, Mil was the most sincere about her feelings about him as well as the most vocal in her desire to make him live on the ranch, even trying up until to tenderly seduce him into the bath.


Kimihito got off to a rocky start with Sekmeti when he accidentally exposed her breasts during their first encounter in Chapter 82, prompting the Mummy to angrily challenge him to a game of Duel Monmusus. Kimihito found the situation terribly embarrassing and uncomfortable, but he eventually agreed to play against Sekmeti, even though he didn't like the idea that Mr President's contract also depended on him winning against Sekmeti.

While Kimihito's start with Sekmeti was poor, the two eventually became friends when he defeated the Mummy in their match, later playing a few more games just for the fun of it. After the duel, Sekmeti also had a pleasant conversation with Kimihito about the rules of Duel Monmusus, whereby Sekmeti also particularly thanked Kimihito for having realized through him that "truly one's character can be learned through duelling". Kimihito was a little embarrassed by Sekmeti's gratitude.


Kimihito and Abul first met in Chapter 83 after Sekmeti asked him and his homestay girls to help her. He seemed to get along with Abul at first, although, like the others, he found her admiration for the fantasy series Ikkyu-san strange, whereby Kimihito didn't really know what to think of Abul as the Sphinx mixed reality with fiction and talked about Ikkyu-san as if he was a real person, who could be compared with the neighborhood boys. Nevertheless, Kimihito was willing to help the depressed Abul by suggesting her to try asking riddles to adults instead of children, after the neighborhood boys had shown no interest in riddles and had only took advantage from Abul to get snacks from her, only answered to her questions with mocking nonsense.

However, after Abul finally embarrassedly confessed to them that she is an shotacon and had come to Japan because she wanted to gobble up boys, Kimihito was shocked like the others and silently agrees with Miia that in this case it would kinda better off for everyone if Abul just stayed depressed. Since then, Kimihito seems to view Abul with suspicion, objecting loudly when Abul considered overwhelmed the boys with "physical" power at Rachnera's advice. Later, when Abul had used her "adult weapons" to intimitate the boys, Kimihito thought with concern that things might get bad when Abul promised to "eat" the boys as a reward for solving their riddles, which could be implied because of her shota-complex that she could then have sex with the boys.

Centaur girls in the Centorea Arc[]

Alusia Van Dalsia[]

Kimihito doesn't have a special relationship with Alusia, and only appear to be casual acquaintances.

Rem Nighdrem[]

Kimihito seems to get along with Rem in general, although he's unsure what to think of her ability to cause nightmares for others. Also, he was got annoyed with her for causing Centorea several nightmares in Chapter 69, regardless of how traumatized Centorea was already.

Cheron Du Pell[]

Kimihito and Cheron know each other, but they don't have a special relationship. Like Centorea, Kimihito was impressed by Cheron's strategic plan for Liminals to make a lot of money with simple farm work.

Meamil Airagu[]

Due to his helpful and somewhat naïve character, Kimihito initially didn't realize in Chapter 71 that Meamil was lying to him and tried to seduce him; and agreed, albeit reluctantly, to milk her when she claimed she needed his help. When Meamil squirted some of her milk into his mouth, Kimihito went into an infantile state, but this also caused him to not remember exactly what happened once the effects of Meamil's milk wore off.

It is not known exactly what Kimihito thinks of Meamil since this event, but he probably now knows that he can't trust her.

Nicole Unicole[]

Kimihito doesn't have a special relationship with Nico, but he gave her some advice to help her cut down on her spending. He generally gets along with Nico, but also seems to find her a bit odd due to her almost fanatical admiration for idols and the amount of money she spends on them.

Pegasania Bellerophon[]

Kimihito and Pegasania first met in Chapter 73 but they didn't interact that much. Unlike Centorea, Kimihito quickly realized that Pegasania was just as childish and forgetful as Papi and he was resistant by Pegasania's royal aura and speech, although he suspected this was because he was already used to Mero's aura. Basically, Kimihito gets along with Pegasania, but he doesn't have a special relationship with her.

Monster Families[]

These are the relatives of Kimihito's homestay girls he had met when they either come to visit or were visited by Kimihito himself.

Miia's Mother[]

Kimihito's relationship with Miia's mother is pretty rocky and at best it can be said that he justifiably can't trust her very much. When he first her in chapter 27, she first incapacitates all of his other homestay girls (with the exception of Miia) with an anaesthetic agent before she tries to take him by force to her home village in order to make him "a husband for her tribe". This led to a wild chase across Tokyo, which ultimately ended when Kimihito and Miia were able to lure Miia's mother into a refrigerated storage unit.

Because of his friendliness, Kimihito has no grudge against Miia's mother and also shows understanding for the difficult situation of the Lamia in finding a suitable partner for reproduction, but he also makes it clear that he would only start a family with Miia if he did it himself wants to and not because he is forced to do so by an incense. Kimihito also finds the constant attempts of Miia's mother of seduction against him unpleasant.

Later in Volume 15, Kimihito finds himself in a very unpleasant situation at the hands of Miia's mother when he has to take part in the snake tribe's tournament, where the preservation of his virginity is put to an extreme test. It can be assumed that Kimihito trusts her even less when Miia's mother finally admits in Chapter 63 that she only manipulated him into taking part in the tournament instead of studmuffin based on an excuse, which means that all the hardships he had to endure were actually unnecessary.

Papi's Mother[]

Kimihito hasn't interacted much with Papi's mother, but their first encounter in Chapter 28 didn't go well because Papi's mother, in order to get back the photo she accidentally put in Papi's letter, attacked Kimihito and Papi, leading to a wild chase across the street through Tokyo before the situation could be clarified. The exact opinion of Papi's mother of Kimihito isn't entirely known, but she approves of her daughter wanting to live with him.

After a very rocky start, Kimihito seems to be getting along with Papi's mother, although, like with Papi, he's not sure what to make of her downright bird-brained forgetfulness. Similar to Miia and Rachnera, Kimihito was also quite shocked at the idea that the Harpy could be a mother, as she looks just as young and childlike as her daughter.

Centorea's Mother[]

Centorea's mother and Kimihito got off to a rocky start when they first meet in Chapter 29. When Centorea's mother learned that Centorea had chosen Kimihito as her "master", she seemed to deeply disapprove of this, as is was actually a part of the Centaur tradition to seek out a "teaser". She also didn't seem to have a a high opinion of Kimihito at first, calling him an "unremarkable average". However, Centorea's mother said this partly only to provoke her daughter into challenging her to a joust, so these statements did not truly reflect her opinion of Kimihito. In fact, Centorea's mother seems to rather approve of her daughter's bond to Kimihito, as she ends up encouraging Centorea to choose the man of her choice.

Kimihito, on the other hand, seems to get along with Centorea's mother, although his exact opinion of her is not entirely clear. Similar to Miia's mother and Papi's mother, he was a little unsure that a woman of such a young age could actually be a mother and he was slightly shocked rather than offended by her comment that he was an "unremarkable average".

Meroune's Mother[]

Kimihito hasn't interacted that much with Meroune's mother, the Mermaid queen, but he doesn't have a good relationship towards her. While the queen doesn't seem to have a particular opinion of Kimihito and seems to approve of Mero living with him, in Chapter 37 she was willing to put him in danger of drowning, simply to demonstrate to her daughter the tragedy of seeing those she loves in danger, and not being able to help them. In the end, however, the queen lost her control of the situation because she was unfamiliar with the operation of her tablet, which almost led to the death of Kimihito and Mero.

Due to the scheming that Mero's mother had planned to end the Interspecies Exchange Program for her people, driven by nothing other than her selfish desire to experience the "perfect tragedy" with her human lover, Kimihito really doesn't know what he should think of the queen. He also suspects that these intrigues are maybe the reason why the Mermaid King (Mero's father) eloped. Later in Chapter 45 and 46, Kimihito doesn't know what to think about the fact that Mero's mother simply carried out renovation work on his house without his knowledge or permission, such as adding underground rooms for Mero or additional functions, like the flooding of the house. All of this has led to Kimihito viewing the Mermaid queen as a person he cannot trust.

Suu's Mother[]

Kimihito and Suu's mother first met in Chapter 67, but it wasn't until Chapter 81 that the two really interacted. Kimihito was quite taken aback that the Undine was Suu's "mother", although it is not known exactly what his opinion of her is. However, he is embarrassed that Suu's mother considers him as a "fine partner" for her daughter and that she hopes he and Suu will finally breed together after she has been living under the same roof with him for such a long time.


These are the humans who Kimihito have met and come into contact with.

The Racist Couple[]

He absolutely hates them for making the girls uncomfortable.

Neighborhood Kids[]

The neighbourhood kids and Kimihito don't often interact with each other during the manga series, but they generally get along well, although the kids don't seem to have any particular opinion about him. Due to his caring side, he is also very protective about them when they are in danger, although this rarely happens and its always his homestay girls who rescue the children. While Kimihito gets along with the girls in the group, he doesn't like the boys that much, considering them "perverted brats". The boys are also naughty toward Kimihito as they splashed him with their water balloons just like they did with Papi.

Bicycle Police Officer[]

Kimihito didn't interact much with the Bicycle Police Officer during the manga series. In general, Kimihito has a tendency to get into unfortunate circumstances with the officer in situations that have nearly led to Kimihito's arrest on more than one occasion, although the two are rather neutral towards each other.

The first encounter between Kimihito and the officer took place in Chapter 3, when the cop asked Papi where her host family was. Kimihito then claimed that, since he knew Papi would be deported if the officer found out that the Harpy had gone out without her host family, he was her host (which was not true at the time). However, the officer wasn't satisfied just with a verbal statement and demanded that Kimihito show him Papi's certification, which of course Kimihito didn't have. Luckily the situation was resolved in time by Ms Smith showing the police officer Papi's certification.

Second, in Chapter 15, the cop entered a warehouse only to find spider webs in the interior. He unknowingly located Kimihito who had been taken hostage by Rachnera. The cop ran out to call for help.

Later in Chapter 23, an unfortunate encounter again occurred between Kimihito and the cop at the Sakanoshita Park at night. Because Kimihito was holding Lala's lost head, the officer mistakenly thought that Kimihito was a murder, wrongly thinking it was the head of a dead victim. The officer threatened Kimihito with a gun, although he himself was overwhelmed with the situation out of fear. The unfortunate encounter was finally resolved when Papi accidentally crashed into the officer, knocking him unconscious.

Purse Thief[]

Kimihito shared Centorea's dislike towards the Purse Thief who had been purse snatching in the area.


Kimihito initially was unhappy when Kasegi barged into his house without his permission doing some documentary. Suu blowing Kasegi's cover provoked Kimihito to attack the con man in order to protect the demi-human girls who were living in the Kurusu house.

Ren Kunanzuki[]

Ren Kunanzuki sought to take Rachnera back to live with her family and tried to get Kimihito to sign a contract. He refused to sign the contract saying Rachnera was a person not a challenge that the human girl would overcome and distrusted her by pointing out that Ren was too selfish in the extent that the Kunanzuki family would be unable to take good care of Rachnera like before.

Yuuhi Hajime[]

Kimihito and Yuuhi know each other, but they don't have a special relationship. When Kimihito heard of Yuuhi's fatal illness, he was deeply saddened that her life was going to end so young and gave Lala advice on what to do. While Kimihito is basically happy that Yuuhi can now lead a happy "life", he still seems to have mixed feelings about Lala's decision to turn Yuuhi into a Zombie.

Mr President[]

From his first encounter with Mr President in Chapter 53, Kimihito didn't have a very good relationship with him. Like Ms Smith and Rachnera, Kimihito questions the legality of Mr President's dealings with raw materials produced by Liminals, especially after it was revealed that Mr President was the one who smuggled Killa, Kino, and Curie into Japan, both directly as well as indirectly responsible for all the difficulties and dangers that Kimihito and his homestay girls had with the three dangerous Liminals. It is likely that this dislike was further reinforced after Suu's near death in the Nega-Suu incident, for which Mr President was partly responsible.

Later, Mr President manipulated Kimihito into working at the Black Lily Ranch by saying that if he refused, he would charge his homestay girls for their recreational stay at his company. Since these events, Kimihito has tried to have as little to do with Mr President as possible because his business always gets him into trouble. As Kimihito puts it to Centorea in Chapter 82, it's not that he doesn't like Mr President, but rather that he just can't trust him. He also often gets upset about Mr President's carelessness of when the businessman becomes more pragmatically concerned about his financial losses in situations that require quick actions, like the trouble at the Black Lily Waterpark.

In general, Mr President seems to be one of the few people where Kimihito's patience reaches its limits. When Mr President acted ungrateful in Chapter 82 after Kimihito helped him with his contract with Sekmeti, Kimihito got one over on him by suggesting that Sekmeti play a duel with Mr President. This caused Mr President a lot of stress as he now had to learn the rules of Duel Monmusus with great difficulties while Kimihito taught him, although he couldn't resist reminding Mr President how much depended on the contract, thereby undermining Mr President to put pressure on him, just like Mr President had put pressure on Kimihito before.

These examples clearly shows how much Mr President was pushing Kimihito's limit, as Kimihito, even towards those who have wronged him, usually has no desire to get back at them.