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Kobolds are a pseudohuman Liminal species that possess canine physical characteristics and traits.

Abundant in German folklore, Kobolds are known for mining rich veins of Cobalt; a mineral used in certain alloys and small electronics. As such, many kobolds have earned themselves a small fortune in processing and selling cobalt on the market.

Possessing coarse fur covering their bodies, a kobold's ears are around 4x more sensitive than a human's while their sense of smell is easily 1000x times more sensitive. Female kobolds are more humanoid than males of the species, the latter which appear more bestial and less anthropomorphic.


As an entrepreneurial race, the kobold race seems to have one "race-wide" company through which all of their businesses and entrepreneurial ventures are run; this company entity is known collectively as "Kobold Industries". Kobold Industries may have arisen following the global "reveal" of extra-species to the human populace and various Kobold-run gyms, training facilities, relaxation facilities and resort hotels have been constructed via the company; including Sports Club Kobold, Kobold Stadium, the Kobold Casino concept and other ventures created by the Kobold Polt.

Physiological Attributes[]

  • Ears: The ears of a Kobold are about 4 times more sensitive than those of a human and pick up on every sound. There are particularly sensitive to specific phrases such as "Lets go for a walk".
  • Sense of Smell: Kobolds have a sense of smell that is a thousand, if not tens of thousands stronger than those of humans. Due to this, many toxic smells in human society (such as cigarette smoke) cause great discomfort for Kobolds.
  • Paws: A Kobold´s paws are twice the size of human hands. They naturally have razor sharp nails, but most Kobolds smooth them down with a nail file as they are of no use to them.
  • Tail: The tail of a Kobold portrays their emotions, they wag it when they are happy. However this happens reflexively and it is impossible for a Kobold to actively suppress.

Male Kobold.

  • Dimorphism: Kobolds have a distinct dimorphism. While the heads of female Kobolds are human-like with the exception of the fur that covers their faces and their dog-like ears, the heads of male Kobolds are similar to those of wolf-like dog breeds such as huskies and sheepdogs, giving male Kobolds a generally wilder and less anthropomorphic appearance.
  • Breasts: In contrast to some other Liminal Races, female Kobolds do not have excessively large breasts (a D-cup is standard). However, this is offset, by the fact that they have 4 extra pairs of hidden nipples under their abdominal fur. Some rare subspecies of female Kobolds even have a 2nd pair of developed breasts.
  • For some reason, all Kobolds wear dog collars around their necks. Whether this is a cultural or fashionable thing is unknown.


In the Manga[]

In the Game[]



  • Kobolds are depicted as canines in Eastern culture due to the original Dungeons & Dragons 1st edition book depicting them as such. While the image of the race later evolved to be more reptilian in western culture, in eastern culture they remained as they were originally depicted in Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Although not officially confirmed in the manga series, the fact that female Kobolds have 4 extra pairs of hidden nipples suggests that Kobolds usually have more than two to three children in one litter.
  • Although there are currently no known Kobold subspecies in Monster Musume (or at least no Liminal species who is officially confirmed as a such), their existence is nevertheless confirmed by a line in Polt's secrets which states that some rare subspecies of female Kobolds have a second pair of developed breasts.

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