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The Kobold Casino was a concept casino a branch of the Japanese government had hired Kobold Industries to develop, headed by Polt. Located in a shopping district in Tokyo where the sky was crowded out by neon signs, the project ultimately failed and was discontinued.


Kobold Industries was awarded the contract to build the casino by the Japanese government, as the prefectural governor saw the casino as a good opportunity to bring more tourists to Tokyo and boost the economy. The fact that the contract to build the casino went to Kobold Industries was also partly due to the fact that it was the only Liminal company with the necessary resources to do it.

Although Polt knew that her company would make a lot of money if the project was successful, she was personally not comfortable with this new business move. The mission statement for Kobold Industries stands for carefully, steadily, healthily and building funds to support the people. A casino was more like the opposite of this concept picture, which is why Polt was really unsure whether it would be right for her company to build a casino at all. Other kobolds shared her conflict.
After Polt heard that Kimihito was supporting the Liminal Employment Pilot Program, she asked him to help test the casino as the first official tester (without actual money). Kimihito agreed to her request and visited the casino that evening. Before that, Polt had advised him not to tell the seven girls in his household anything about it, as gambling can cause great problems for all of them.

During the test run, Kii (at Polt's request) worked as a dealer on the poker tables, Lilith (as punishment) worked the roulette tables while Draco (who was tricked into believing she would meet Miia if she worked there) was originally a card dealer like Kii until she was removed from the tables for losing too much, now she worked as a bunny-girl waitress with the other Kobold girls.

After Kimihito had lost all of his chips to gambling during his visit (which would have meant a loss of 1 million yen for him if he had used real money), Polt tried to make the casino with some improvements that where more in line with the concept of Kobold Industries. These included lowering the rates of chips, a ban on strong alcohol and smoking (to Lilith's dismay) and a ban on bunny girl outfits as they were too high a health and safety risk. Draco, Lilith and Kii made it clear that Polt would not be successful with her restructuring, but Polt wanted to implement the idea anyway.

The next day, Kimihito and Polt met again in the cafe. As expected, the client rejected Polt's idea of a wholesome, health-conscious casino concept and withdrew the offer. Nevertheless, Polt still looked at the positive side of the situation, because even if this meant a financial loss for her company, Kobold Industries was able to keep its identity as a health promoting company.


  • Amongst the client's specifications was that the casino had to be staffed exclusively with liminals - by liminals for humans.
  • The kobold based their designs on casinos overseas.
  • When Kimihito attended the casino, the casino was a large but nondescript building right in the center of the district. As it was still in the conceptual stage, the building had no signs to indicate what kind of business it was and the windows were closed and covered to prevent anyone from seeing inside. The casino's doorway was large and dark, like the entrance to an ancient, ruined castle, while the door itself had gold-plated handles.
  • Poltfan worked as a security guard at the casino's entrance doors.
  • Polt assembled the most beautiful girls from Kobold Industries to assist in the casino's opening. Originally, the girls acted as receptionists at Kobold Industries so they were out of their element. Other kobold administrators were also present to test and assess the casino.
  • Despite having the latest filtration systems installed into the building, there were too many bars in the area and so the smell of cigarette smoke kept making its way in. This was especially uncomfortable for the Kobold staff, whose keen sense of smell meant that they could smell nothing but cigarette smoke burning their nostrils as they worked. The smoke also affected plant-based lifeforms like Kii.

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