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The following are quotes said by or relating to Kuroko Smith. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan‐based translations.


Volume 1[]

"Good morning, Kurusu Kimihito. What's wrong? Surely you haven't forgotten about me, right? After all, I am your cultural exchange coordinator, Smith!"
Kuroko Smith's Introduction, Chapter 1
"Our goal is peaceful coexistence between species, but we're not there yet."
Kuroko Smith explaining why humans and extraspecies must not harm each other, Chapter 2
"Hold it right there! This is the Cultural Exchange Security Squad!"
Kuroko Smith making an explosive entrance, Chapter 2
"Well, we couldn't find a host family that was wiling to put up with such a frequent runaway...so we were actually on our way here to force yo− I mean to ask you to take care of her, Darling, but then she flew off."
Kuroko Smith stating her intent to place Papi with Kimihito, Chapter 3
"Sorry, I'm, off duty today. Can I ask you to take care of her for me?"
Kuroko Smith leaves Kimihito to deal with Centorea on his own, Chapter 4
"Hey, could you not tell anyone about this, please? I'll get in trouble!"
Kuroko Smith covering up the fact she shot Kimihito, Chapter 5
"A family...a family, huh? Hahaha...I was right about leaving all of this to 'Darling' here...!"
Kuroko Smith, amused by Kimihito's speech about family, begins to plot, Chapter 5
"Oh my, that'd be me then."
Kuroko Smith commenting on Kimihito's leg fetish, Volume 1 Omake

Volume 2[]

"I feel like I forgot to tell him something. Well, whatever. It's getting late. I gotta get home. And I'm off the clock, anyway."
Kuroko Smith forgetting to tell Kimihito that there is a full moon tonight, Chapter 6
"Think about whether or not you wanna get married...If you don't talk about it, they're going to get nervous. That's why everyone's acting like this, you know."
Kuroko Smith's advise to Kimihito, Chapter 6
"That woman does whatever she wants......"
Miia's opinion of Kuroko Smith, Chapter 9
"I have a lot of different jobs. Looking for home‐stays, working as the extra‐species exchange ministry's gun...er, as security and surveillance, putting new experiments into practice...but I never get a raise for it. So I'm not going to deal with this! Illegal entry? New Species? Not my job!"
Kuroko Smith neglects her duty regarding Suu's sudden appearance, Chapter 10

Volume 3[]

"The special unit specifically created to deal with "untouchable" situations involving extraspecies. A special task force made up of extraspecies girls. That's us! Monster Ops: Neutralization, M.O.N."
Kuroko Smith introduces M.O.N., Chapter 11
"We must be cautions of the dangers of a viral mutation! Like the bird flu! Thanks to a sudden mutation, the bird flu was able to jump from birds to humans! That danger could exist here as well! If a new mutated virus were to be transmitted from humans to extraspecies...It could turn into a complete pandemic that would threaten the existence of all the extraspecies!!"
Ms Smith describes (rather exaggeratedly) the "danger" of the girls being around Kimihito, who has a cold, Chapter 13
"Man, I had piles of work to do today, but I've gotta take extra precautions against disease. My colleagues are working hard on all the work I had to do, so I better step it up and do my best to help out!"
Ms Smith tells Kimihito's household girls her "sacrificing" reasons for wanting to help them care for Kimihito, though it's obvious that it's just an excuse to skip her work, Chapter 13
"That director guy was gone by the time I got here, just so you know."
Ms Smith
"Of course, his card, his name, and his address were all fake. He seems used to this kind of thing, so he's probably a career criminal. We'll start the investigation tomorrow."
Ms Smith tells Kimihito about her investigation into Kasegi, Chapter 14

Volume 4[]

"This... the Extraspecies Exch... Coordi... Smith. Ar... to you. You are guilty of committing a violent act against a male film director! Despite the situation, your actions are inexcusable by law. Surrender yourself immediately! Otherwise, we will be forced to take action!"
Ms Smith urges Rachnera to surrender to authorities for her attack on Kasegi, Chapter 15
"I'm terribly sorry for the commotion. As a coordinator of the Extraspecies Exchange Program, please allow me to apologize. For both your host family's rejection of you and the care you received afterwards... or lack thereof..."
Ms Smith apologizes to Rachnera for all the trouble she has endured by placing her with an unsuitable host family, Chapter 15
"I see... is that how it is? A remodeled place that would accept an exchange student. That really narrows it down, doesn't it... there's one place that fits the needs!"
Kuroko Smith officially makes Rachnera to another of Kimihito's homestay girls, Chapter 15
"Darling got this letter the other day. So I thought that it we pretended to go on a date today, we could draw out the culprit. But I guess it didn't work with me! So, I've got a little favor to ask you... until we find the culprit, could you go out on dates with Darling?"
Kuroko Smith reveals to Kimihito's homestay girls the background to her "date" with Kimihito and ask them to date him until the catch the sender of the threatening letter, Chapter 18

Volume 5[]

"What's probably happening... is the culprit is a woman with feelings for darling. So she doesn't want him to get married"
Ms Smith
"So we're talking about a yandere. How exciting~"
"What about the possibility that the culprit is one who opposes the idea of interspecies marriage?"
"The letter was too ill-prepared for that to be the case. It was probably sent by a single person, and a woman at that. But doesn't worry! the M.O.N team will protect you! They'll be lurking in the shadows, watching over you, so please enjoy your date~"
Ms Smith explains her plan to catch "D" to Kimihito and his homestay girls, Chapter 19
"You went outside without your host family, didn't you? Do it again, and you'll get a much harsher punishment..."
Ms Smith to Draco, Chapter 19

Volume 6[]

"Well, if it isn't darling! Strange thing runing into you out here!"
Ms Smith
"Ms Smith?! What are you doing out here?"
" I'm having some trouble finding a host family for Kii, so sometimes I come out to see how she's doing."
Ms Smith to Kimihito when they bump into each other in Kii's forest, Chapter 25
"We'll reimburse you for your living expenses, you know?"
Ms Smith (honestly amazed)
Kimihito (totally shocked)
"I didn't tell you? It's just like when we remodeled your place, just give us the receipt and we'll cover you. Feeding the bigger species of girls isn't easy."
Ms Smith, honestly amazed, tells Kimihito that he can get a refund for his homestay girls' board after only now realizing that she forgot to tell him that, Chapter 25

Volume 7[]

"It's about time you give us an answer. It's been a while since I brought it up, but I'd like an answer. Which one are you going to marry?"
Kuroko asks Kimihito to tell her which of his seven homestay girls he wants to marry, Chapter 29
"I am sooooo sorry, Darling! I can't believe they heard what I told you...! It's a good thing you're so tough, Darling, but you could've easily died back there... I shouldn't have rushed you for a decision..."
Kuroko apologizes to Kimihito for pressuring him to answer who he will marry after the escapades of his homestay girls destroyed a part of the Kurusu house, Chapter 30

Volume 8[]

"Oh, it's fine! The resort we're going to is Extraspecies-friendly! They recently refurbished the place to cater to Extraspecies people. But they haven't had any Extraspecies guests yet, so they wanted a few guests to try out the place. It's just like what we did with Polt's gym."
Kuroko tells Kimihito about the Arctic Inn on the drive, Chapter 31

Volume 10[]

"We've had reports that some dangerous Extraspecies have entered the country. Things could get a little dicey this time."
Kuroko tells the MON-team about the new threat, Chapter 42

Volume 12[]

"Yesterday must have been rough for you, what with all that happened... I really didn't expect three dangerous species to actually show up at your place, Darling... I believe you said something about a broker who brought them all here being the cause of this mess? I'm really sorry, but those two didn't have any intel for us. It looks like the contact details they gave us aren't being used anymore either... we're dealing with a real pro. So then why should a pro...? Maybe it's cover for something bigger...? Or some kind of grudge...?"
Kuroko to Kimihito and his homestay girls about the events of the past day, Chapter 47

Volume 16[]

"Anyway, we really need to solve this ourselves otherwise a certain private company is bound to try to step in... or rather they're ahead of us in a lot already... the government is always slow on the uptake... that said... if people lose any more faith in the government... we're liable to lose control of the Extraspecies Exchange arrangement entirely... and if that happens it won't be good for anyone, human or extraspecies... that's what I want to avoid most of all."
Ms Smith
"Okay, but you do realize I'm a private citizen too so if that's the case shouldn't someone like you who's a part of the government be doing this instead?"
Kimihito (confused)
"Oh! So sorry Mr Darling, something just came up over here! I'll call you later, okay!"
Kuroko explains to Kimihito how important it is that the problems at the Arctic Inn are solved, although she brushes him of immediately when he points out that unlike her, he is not responsible for such tasks, Chapter 64

Volume 18[]

"You absolutely cannot open it!! It's sealed for a reason!! There's a high likelihood that book has something to do with the rash of group unconsciousness cases that have been popping up."
Ms Smith strongly warns Miia and the other protagonists against opening the grimoire, Chapter 74
"Oh no, I'm like totally late~ I fell asleep during lunch teehee~ Smith-chan you are such a klutz~ Well, they say you grow in your sleep so it's okay right~ Cause Smith-chan is still just a high school girl~ I'm still growing teehee~"
Ms Smith, under the influence of Arbatel's brainwashing, believes she is a high school girl, Chapter 74
"Oh yeah, I like, totally have some info on girls who are not quite dating, but waaay more than friends if you know what what I mean~! Wanna hear? I know you do!"
Ms Smith to some Liminal girls, Chapter 78
"We've got school tomorrow. So I've gotta get to sleep~... Oh no, but I need to study too~ Oh, maybe I can call a friend to talk me to sleep hehe~..."
Ms Smith was still in a confused state from Arbatel's brainwashing after the protagonists left the magic world of the grimoire, Chapter 80

Volume 19[]

"I know this mountain valley is an onsen spot, but it sure is cold. I wonder if there's anything to eat...? I guess an onsen manju would be nice. A nice hoth fresh one if they have them would be perfect..."
Kuroko Smith to herself as she walks through the onsen town, Chapter 84
"After seeing that high-school life from Arbatel's magic... my normal life seems completely drab... I'm getting nothing done at work... all I have to lock forward to is some gross coffee day after day... it got so bad my boss told me to "take some time off and go to an onsen or something"... but even after getting here... it's not like just taking some time off will bring back that high-school life... that sparkling shiny life. Maybe instead of coming to an onsen, I should have gotten Arbatel to put me back in there... no... no no no! Get a hold of yourself, Smith!! If I go back in there, it's all over! I'd never come back out again!!"
Kuroko Smith's thoughs on what she experienced on Grimoire High School, Chapter 84
"He... he's that Orc from before...!! Him...! Even though I've had him deported twice now...!! He got into the country illegally again...!! What is the immigration department doing!?"
Kuroko Smith with horror as she see the Orc leader from back then at the reception of the Okaya Hotel, Chapter 84
"You girls were looking for a job, right? How would you like to work with me?"
Kuroko Smith to Aluca, Garu and Vikk after being impressed to see how the three Liminal women used teamwork to defeat the Orc leader, Chapter 84
"Of course our job isn't easy, there's plenty of emergencies. Plenty of danger, too. Times when you'll want to give up. But... but that's exactly why it's worth doing, don't you think? We're out there helping people in need. I think it's an amazing job. If you girls think it's worth considering then... I'll welcome you aboard! Let's work together!"
Kuroko Smith describes the job at MON to Garu, Aluca and Vikk in the hope that the three girls will decide to work with her, Chapter 85
"Get me the new squad candidate list! Expand our recruiting efforts!! Make it bigger and bolder! Don't you want to show off how cool we are?! We're droppong the ball on SNS engagement too! I'm putting someone in charge right now! We're gonna hire more people no matter whatt!! Chief! You need to increase pay around her already!! We can't hire anyone with salaries like this!!"
Kuroko Smith is eagerly trying to introduce improvements to the MON in order to cope with the huge dissappointment after Garu, Aluca and Vikk rejected her offer to work with her and decided to work for Mr President instead, Chapter 85