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The following is a description of Kuroko Smith's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.

As a Cultural Exchange Coordinator, Smith interacts with many people and is normally responsible for bringing homestays and Liminal individuals together.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

Smith is assigned as Kimihito’s exchange coordinator, making her responsible for making sure Kimihito is following the Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill and that all extraspecies girls under his care are well and happy. Despite the responsibility of her position, Smith treats Kimihito informally and often takes advantage of his kindness. Smith often visits his household to check up on him and his homestays, constantly reminding him of the prohibitions and its consequences of the law as she is the one who often makes him the host of a number of extraspecies girls. Due to her being irresponsible, Smith only shows up when the situation is inconvenient for him, often providing information when it’s too late, and has a tendency to mooch off Kimihito for free home-cooked meals. She tends to manipulate Kimihito through threats based on the Cultural Exchange and its prohibitions, and will normally ignore any complaints he has when she does so.

Despite her irresponsible and lazy behavior, Kimihito is grateful for Smith’s assistance and protection. He does become rather annoyed and frustrated with her constantly waiting until the last minute to inform him about important information concerning his homestays, random or new subspecies he happens to encounter, when his own house is remodeled, food supplies, and finances or other expences. Nonetheless, he is never unkind to her. Because of his kindness, Smith appreciates Kimihito’s willingness to care for the extraspecies girls he was given and he, in return, appreciates her acting as a “guardian” to him whenever he is in trouble. As a result, Kimihito usually puts serious thought into the advice Smith does give him.

While Smith does not have romantic feelings in Kimihito, she is not above flirting with him and calling him “Darling-kun” because she finds it amusing.


As far as it known, Ms Smith has never personally interacted with Kasegi, but through Kimihito and his household girls she knew about his illegal dealings on the Liminal black market and was able to deduce from the fake information on his business card that he is a professional in this field. Ms Smith then initiated a search for Kasegi, which eventually ended in Chapter 15 when Rachnera wrapped him in her spider silk. It is believed that Ms Smith was also involved in Kasegi's arrest.

Police Chief[]

Ms Smith and the Police Chief have probably known each other for a long time due to their similar work, but they only interacted in Chapter 11 with each other. Ms Smith is mostly calm in his presence and doesn't seem to have that much respect for his authority almost seeming to ignore him at times. In turn, the police chief's apparent disbelief when the ministry of foreign affairs official was suggesting that Ms Smith and her team could solve the incident with the Orcs makes it clear that, presumably due to Ms Smith's lasziness, he is not really convinced of her competence.

As revealed in the Omake of Volume 7, Ms Smith doesn't know that the police chief is the husband of Papi's mother and that he is Papi's father.

Mr President[]

As revealed in Chapter 53, Kuroko Smith and Mr President seem to have some sort of long-standing rivalry, although the exact background has not yet been revealed.

Ms Smith openly questions the legality of Mr President's company, accusing him of not caring about the welfare of the Liminals and more about increasing his own profit. Mr President counters that it is rather the government regulations that make life in human society so difficult for the Liminals and that they should be free to decide their future without human interference.

In the end, the two don't come to terms because of their mutual arguments, but given Ms Smith's sense of thriumph when Mr President reveals that he shipped Nega-Suu to Japan, she seems ready to sue him should it turn out that there is something illegal about his dealings.

In addition to their rivalry, Ms Smith also viewed Mr President as an impudent man as he always pokes his notes into the government's affairs. The Prez deals a particularly heavy blow to her in Chapter 85 when he somehow finds out that Smith is offering Garu, Aluca and Vikk to work with her at MON, whereupon he offers the three of them better-paying jobs at his company. His smug, even mischievous look towards Smith after her conversation with Garu, Aluca and Vikk clearly shows that he did this partly just to get one over to Ms Smith, an act that deeply shocked her.

Kimihito's homestay girls[]


Smith is the coordinator who was responsible for choosing a host family for Miia. Smith ends up placing Miia with Kimihito, despite the fact that the young man is not part of the exchange program, let alone Miia’s correct host. Despite her negligence in Miia’s placement, Smith seems to genuinely care about Miia’s well-being and happiness, as she encourage Kimihito to study snake ecology so he can make Miia more comfortable and encourages Miia to talk to Kimihito after he hurt himself protecting her.

Miia seems to respect Smith’s authority as a coordinator, but also recognizes Smith’s laziness and negligence, leading her to label Smith as a woman who “does whatever she wants”. Miia’s feeling toward Kimihito can also cause her to become jealous whenever Smith seems to have an interest in him. Smith recognizes this and avoids actively flirting with Kimihito in front of her, but she still teases both him and Miia whenever she sees a good opportunity.


Papi was initially one of Smith’s problem cases who would often run away from the home-stay to which she was assigned. Smith, looking to avoid the work of chasing her down, decides to place Papi with Kimihito in hopes that his positive influence would make her happy enough to stay. Since Papi’s placement, Smith has had no difficulties dealing with her. Smith is one of the few individuals who treats Papi like an adult based on her age, instead of a child based on her appearance. It appears Smith is ignorant to the fact that Papi is the daughter of the Police Chief, her superior.

Centorea Shianus[]

Smith and Centorea seem to share a mutual respect for each other.

Centorea recognizes Smith’s authority as her coordinator, and usually tries to keep order in the Kurusu House when Smith is not present. When there is a problem, Centorea will often suggest calling Smith for help. However, Centorea does recognize Smith’s more foolish tendencies, like Smith commenting on her breasts during a televised duel with her mother, and can become annoyed in a manner similar to Miia.

Smith trusts Centorea significantly as she allowed the centaur to perform several actions to accommodate her cultural heritage without oversight, such as the ability pick her own homestay and keep weapons (mostly replicas), despite the fact that there are provisions in the Extra Species Law that prohibit such things. Smith also acknowledges Centorea’s strength and combat skills, as she hires the centaur to act as extra security for Kimihito when there is the possibility of him being in danger. Also, when discussing Centorea’s family, Smith is quick to say that they are one of the strongest families in the world.


As slimes are not technically part of the Interspecies Exchange Act, Smith has taken a hands-off approach to dealing with Suu in order to avoid more work. Despite their limited interactions, Suu does not like Smith’s freeloading habits, but she usually keeps her criticisms to herself. However, when she ingests poisonous materials, Suu will gladly call out Smith on her behavior.

Meroune Lorelei[]

Since Smith is aware of Meroune’s status as the princess of the Mermaid Kingdom, she treats her with greater care than the other girls. Before Meroune arrives, Smith ensures that Kimihito's house is renovated so the mermaid will be comfortable, making a waterproof room complete with a 50-foot deep indoor pool. Later, when introducing Meroune to the other girls, Smith exhibits relatively formal behavior, and avoids her normal freeloading habits while at the house. However, as time goes by, Smith becomes more prone to letting her guard down around Meroune, and has gone back to her usual freeloading off Kimihito with no second thoughts. Meroune seems to accept Smith’s authority as her coordinator, and treats her in the same overly formal way she treats everyone else.

Rachnera Arachnera[]

Smith initially places Rachnera with Ren Kunanzuki’s family. However, Smith’s laziness causes her to fail to take the family’s tastes into account. She also forgets to check on Rachnera’s well-being. This negligence results in the Kunanzuki family “selling” Rachnera to the conman Kasegi. Despite these events, Rachnera does not seem to hold any ill will toward Smith.

Instead, Rachnera blackmails Smith into placing her with Kimihito. Since then, the two have not had any negative interactions with each other. In situations where something goes wrong, Rachnera will most likely try to resolve the situation herself, instead of relying on any help from Smith and the exchange program.


Lala, like Papi, was one of Smith’s problem cases who constantly ran away from her original homestay (though unlike Papi, Lala doesn’t do this because of poor memory; rather, she does it intentionally). Unlike the other girls who live with Kimihito, Smith seems to have taken a more intimidating approach to dealing with Lala, mainly due to the latter’s defiant behavior.

Smith does not put up with Lala’s Chuunibyou act, and will usually force the Dullahan to speak in conversational language instead of the complicated prose she normally speaks in. Smith also has no problem casually tossing Lala’s head to punish her if she misbehaves, like when she puts Kimihito’s homestays under a lot of distress when she sends them an ominous letter. Because of the casual way she treats Lala, Smith also seems to know that Lala is an actual psychopomp, and not just pretending. Nevertheless, her defiant behavior and fixations in harvesting people’s souls is an apparent nuisance to Smith.

Monster Ops: Neutralization/M.O.N.[]


As the head of the M.O.N-team, Ms Smith is Zombina's superior, but the relationship between them is not always problem-free. As seen in Chapter 13, Ms Smith sometimes tends to offload her strenuous office work onto the M.O.N- team, much to the team's dismay. In this regard, Zombina tends to openly express her frustration with Mis Smith or make fun of the coordinator behind her back.


As the head of the M.O.N-team, Ms Smith is Manako's superior, but the relationship between them is not always problem-free. As seen in Chapter 13, Ms Smith sometimes tends to offload her strenuous office work onto the M.O.N- team, much to the team's dismay. In contrast to Zombina and Doppel, however, Manako usually shows no annoyance towards Ms Smith and even when Ms Smith caught a cold, Manako had a rather neutral expression on her face, in contrast to the other team members who couldn't suppress a certain amount of gloating.


As the head of the M.O.N-team, Ms Smith is Tionishia's superior, but the relationship between them is not always problem-free. As seen in Chapter 13, Ms Smith sometimes tends to offload her strenuous office work onto the M.O.N- team, much to the team's dismay. Due to her gentleness, Tio is much less likely and less open to show anger at Ms Smith's carelessness than Zombina and Doppel.


As the head of the M.O.N-team, Ms Smith is Doppel's superior, but the relationship between them is not always problem-free. As seen in Chapter 13, Ms Smith sometimes tends to offload her strenuous office work onto the M.O.N- team, much to the team's dismay. In this regard, Doppel tends to openly express her frustration with Mis Smith or make fun of the coordinator behind her back.

Ms Smith interacted with Doppel more during the series than with the other M.O.N members. In Chapter 22, Doppel finally reveals to Manako, Zombina and Tio that the whole story with "D" and the threating letter was just a plan by her and Ms Smith in the hope that the danger would bring Kimihito together with one of his homestay girls. This implies that Ms Smith may have a more trusting relationship with Doppel and was confident that she would keep this a secret from the other girls.

Later in Chapter 50, this trust is shown again, with Doppel acting as a sort of conscience for Ms Smith, reprimanding her for not telling Kimihito's homestay girls that she used him as bait for the wanted Vampire. Ms Smith is visibly uncomfortable with this out of guilt and says that she needed to concentrate on finding Kimihito first, although Doppel chides her that she should not be trying to avoid responsibility with "some super cool movie lines".

Monster Community[]


Smith seems to be good friends with Polt. When Kimihito and the girls need to get into shape, Smith immediately recommends they use Sports Club Kobold in order to help Polt test her new business. In return, when Smith requests the use of Kobold Stadium so that Centorea and her mother could duel legally, Polt happily allows her to borrow the entire stadium without question. During said event, the two teasingly offer play-by-play commentary and seem to work well together, much to the annoyance of the duel’s participants.

Smith seems to trust Polt a great deal, as the Kobold is usually left in charge of Liminal individuals that Smith puts on probation with virtually no visible oversight.


After Tionishia seized Draco who was charged for going out without her host, Ms. Smith acknowledged that the dragonewt was not the culprit "D". The Interspecies Exchange Coordinator put Draco on probation for the time being but warned the dragonewt that the next punishment would be severe.


Though Kii got into trouble attacking Kimihito, Papi, Suu, and Zombina due to her exposure to the experimental chemicals that were illegally dumped; the Interspecies Exchange Coordinator Smith proved to him that Kii was not the culprit "D" because the dryad could not write due to illiteracy.  At the time Smith had the Cultural Exchange Security Squad to clean up the forest, she gave Kii the choice of either returning to her homeland or to staying in the forest as its protector.  The dryad chose to protect the forest. 

Orc Leader[]

As a coordinator of the Interspecies Exchange Program, Ms Smith is an enemy of the Orc Leader. In Chapter 11, the two interacted for the first time as Smith together with the M.O.N. arrested the P.O.R.K after they raised the Doujinshi shop and commiting a hostile situation.

In Chapter 11, Smith is quite unimpressed by the Orc leader's mocking comments against her, but she still know that he is a dangerous criminal. When she meets him again in Chapter 84, she is stunned that he dared to enter Japan illegally again after she had already deported him twice (in Chapter 11 and Chapter 40). After she saw how the Orc leader knock down the two Orc hotel employees, she was prepared to face him personally armed with a broom, even though she knew that in an emergency she would have had little chance against his brutal strength. Luckily, Aluca, Garu and Vikk managed to defeat the Orc leader before he could cause any trouble.

Yuuhi Hajime[]

After hearing in Chapter 38 about Yuuhi's sudden recovery from the hospital staff, Ms Smith ran a few quick tests and quickly found that Yuuhi was now a Zombie. Since Yuuhi had been transformed by one of Zombina's teeth, Ms Smith placed the entire MON-team under house arrest for awhile due to their alleged negligence.

However, as later revealed, Ms Smith already knew that the MON-team was not to blame for the incident and the alleged punishment of house arrest was only to uphold the appearance. Given the above it's unknown whether Ms Smith was genuinely concerned about the incident or whether she continued to investigate.

Aluca, Garu & Vikk[]

Ms Smith met Garu, Aluca and Vikk by chance during their stay together in the magical world of Arbatel where Smith often telling the three about the various relationships the human and Liminal students had with one another. Ms Smith had a lot of fun doing it, although she didn't realize that she left a strange impression on the three girls and that they just found Smith annoying.

Smith later met the three girls again by chance in the onsen town in Chapter 84 and despite some insecurities, the four quickly got to know each other better and become friends. The three girls also told her that they were looking for jobs. When Smith saw how the three girls in perfect teamworking depeated the Orc leader, Smith was impressed by their abilities and made them an offer to work with her at the MON, although the three were unsure about it.

Later when Smith and the MON had arrested a group of Minotaur smugglers with the help of Garu, Aluca and Vikk, Ms Smith again offered the three to work with her, whereby she didn't sugarcoat the fact that the work at MON was dangerous, but also amazed because they help people in need. Generally, Smith was too matey towards Aluca, Garu and Vikk and was really looking forward to welcome the three to the MON, but that only resulted in her shock and disappointment being even greater when the three rejected her offer and decided instead to work for Mr President, just because he offered them a better paying job. It was no consolation to Smith that the three girls assured her that they really respected the work she did at MON.