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Kana 曲輪
Romaji Kuruwa
Voiced by Mana Miyamoto
Physical Appearance
Monster Species Jorōgumo
Gender Female Female
Hair Purple
Eye Red
Monster Profile
Occupation Exchange Student
Media Debut
Game Monster Musume Online (21/12/2015)

Kuruwa (曲輪) is a Jorōgumo that appears in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Online.

She joins the liminal exchange program to become one of many potential homestay boarders for the player to host.


Kuruwa is a young woman of average height with pale skin with a slight purple tinge. She has six compound eyes and an opisthosoma (coloured in black and yellow stripes) that extends out from the base of her spine, resting above her humanoid buttocks. Her six spider-like legs, extending out from her spine, are encapsulated in black and yellow chitin and her humanoid arms are also encapsulated in chitin.

Her clothing of choice is a purple Kimono imprinted with a floral/spider design which she wears loosely to expose her legs, shoulders and cleavage. Her kimono is enclosed with a red obi featuring another floral design. Additionally, it is possible that Kuruwa does not wear underwear due to her exposed shoulders revealing no signs of a bra to support her breasts and the absence of panties is considered traditional when wearing kimono.

While the back of the kimono is cut to allow her six arms freedom, she keeps her opisthosoma loosely hidden under the kimono skirt.


Described as an "Oiran Girl", Kuruwa is a young woman with an undeniable amount of sexual allure who unconsciously speaks and moves in ways that men find naturally arousing. She voluntarily prefers to be in devoted attendance to the homestay host as her "Nushi-sama".
As she is attracted to good natured, strong and reliable people, she desires to "Make love all day in Nushi-sama's room" and her greatest fear is being seen as a child in the eyes of her "Nushi-sama".

Her adult attitude and the way she carries herself often leads other women to assume she has vast sexual experience and her fellow international students all go to her for advice on love and sex.

Skills and Traits[]

  • Jorōgumo Physiology:
    • Caffeine Intoxication: Like spiders, Jorōgumo can get drunk from ingesting caffeine.
    • Spinnerets: While possessing a primary spinneret at the rear of their opisthosoma (spider abdomen), from which they are able to produce and emit silk like a typical spider, Jorōgumo also possess spinnerets in their wrists which can emit silk in a similar manner. It is unknown whether the different spinnerets can emit different types of silk, at different lengths, thicknesses and strengths, or if they possess the same capabilities and the Jorōgumo simply opts to use whichever spinneret is convenient.
    • Smallest Subspecies: Smaller than Arachnes, the Jorōgumo stands at around the same size as a human woman.

Personality Type
Devil Type
Level Max

Kuruwa's max affection points

Max Lvl.
100% Affection

Zoological Classification[]

Main article: Arachne
Main article: Yokai

Jorōgumo (絡新婦 lit. "binding bride"?) are a demi-human species of "spider-woman" originating from Japanese mythology. According to folklore, the species are said to be spiders that can change their appearances into that of beautiful women due to gaining magical powers after turning 400 years old.

Depicted as being skilled at entrapping their prey, Jorōgumo possess many of the same traits as an Arachne; such as possessing six eyes, a light exoskeleton and the ability to produced webs, however, while an Arachne has the upper body of a human and the full lower body of a spider, a Jorōgumo possesses a fully humanoid body with a spider abdomen extending from the base of their spine but no spider prosoma. Also, in addition to their humanoid arms being covered in an exoskeleton, they have six fully dexterous "spider legs" attached to their upper back which they can hide beneath their clothing should they choose.


  • Kuruwa's name is in reference to the "Kuruwa Kotoba" (廓詞) accent; which is an accent used by the prostitutes of the Yukaku (遊廓) red-light districts in 1800s Japan. Since the sex workers of the districts came from all around Japan, they invented an original accent to hide their hometown accent. A well-known phrase would be "Arinsu" (ありんす) which was said at the end of the sentence.
  • Kuruwa refers to the homestay host as "Nushi-sama" (Nushi (主) means owner; master; host (archaic, honorific), used when addressing a "senior official" or his spouse).
  • Like most Arachne, Kuruwa prefers dark places.
  • She does not like being near water.
  • She likes to play with beanbags as a hobby.
  • The Tsuchigumo are another type of Japanese shapeshifting spider-species, like the Jorogumo, but Tsuchigumo are considered to be more powerful, ambitious and politically minded. Additionally the Jorogumo are thematically based on Golden silk orb-weavers, whilst the Tsuchigumo are based on Purseweb spiders.

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