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The following are quotes said by or relating to Lala. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 6[]

"How dare ye touch me, human."
Lala when she first met Kimihito, Chapter 23
"I am a Dullahan. Reaper o' death and guide to lost souls. It seems that you are taking care of my body... I thank you..."
Lala to Kimihito, Chapter 23
"I permit ye to lay hands upon me. In return, ye shall offer up your body in service yo me. Know that being of service to a Dullahan, an agent of death, is the greatest honor for one of the world of the living... return me to my flesh, and thus, return my power...!"
"...Um...huh? What?"
Kimihito (confussed)
"Mgh...I... Insolent human... How arrogant you must be to look down upon me...You, a living being who cannot oppose death, must guide me, death incarnate, and assist me in returning my power to..."
Kimihito (confused)
"I... I'd like ye to take me... to my body... I-I don't feel right... when I-I'm just a head..."
Lala tries to tell Kimihito to bring her head to her body, but due to her obscure way of speaking, he doesn't understand her at first until she says it normally, Chapter 23
"You. You are on the brink of death."
Lala announces Kimihito's supposed death sentence, Chapter 23
"... Then remember now... how many times has your life been placed in mortal danger...?"
"But that was..."
"I have no need for your report. No truth escapes my all-seeing Evil Eye of Balor... ...I, A Dullahan and knight of the underworld, shall reap your soul."
Lala as she seemingly threatens Kimihito to "reap" his soul, Chapter 24

Volume 7[]

"I'm nae helping. ye be returnin' to life on yer own... and yer not even doin' it for yerself... it's for the others. That's what caught me interest. Your power tae push aside death, and your kindness..."
Lala to Kimihito, Chapter 30
"I'm a Dullahan... so yer soul will be mine once ye die. That means ye need never fear the reaper."
Lala to Kimihito, Chapter 30

Volume 8[]

"T...tail? I am merely one who follows those fated to die, the hunter of predestined souls... I chase the souls of the dead. I cannot chase the souls of the living... this ´tail´ you speak of is someone who pursues living souls until death. And yet, I have no relation to that being..."
Lala to Kinu and Liz, Chapter 34
"I was drawn to the scent of death that marked the group, and felt compelled to share their part... but those enlisted in the service of the underworld do not appreciate the disruption of their silence... thus, I was unable to encroach upon their part..."
"She's just being her usual delusional self. What she means to say is she was following us, but we were really loud so she felt like she couldn't just pop in."
"You jerk! Reading my thoughts...!"
Lala is embarrassingly upset when Suu reads her thoughts and tells Kimihito and Mero, Chapter 34

Volume 9[]

"Death comes tae all humans. For some, sooner; for some, later. But even when the body returns tae earth, the soul be everlasting. There be naught tae fear."
Lala tells Yuuhi about the death, Chapter 38
"We Dullahan have been called Charon, the ferryman o' the river Hades... or Thanatos, the God o' Death. That's how it's always been... and how it must always be... and yet... like Prometheus, exiled from the heavens... I find myself tempted to break a taboo and bestow upon a human that which should never be bestowed. As to whether it's the right thing tae do, I just..."
Lala to Kimihito, Chapter 38
"I am a Dullahan, one who guides souls to their resting place... I am not allowed to change some's fate. Even so... I still... I still want to save her. I... what should I do?"
Lala sadly asks Kimihito what she should do to save Yuuhi's life, Chapter 38
"Death comes tae all humans... that will ever be the way o' this worruld... but that doesna mean the lass needs tae die so soon... death comes best after a fully lived life."
Lala when she is happy that Yuuhi has made friends, Chapter 38

Volume 11[]

"I shan't allow that..."
"Who goes there?!"
"This labyrinth is my sanctuary of darkness... I shall not suffer those who dwell in the light to cross its boundary. Those who transgress this dark taboo shall suffer Thanatos...prepare thyself... Memento mori...!"
Lala to Kimihito and Centorea while she was under the influence of Kino's hallucinogenic spores, Chapter 45

Volume 12[]

"The dead must nae torment the livin'. Those who should be dead... will nae be permitted tae do so."
"Wa... Wait!!"
"Return Whence ye came."
Lala exorcises Wladislaus' ghost, Chapter 51

Volume 16[]

"Now we invite you to the scalding hellfire: "löyly time!!" This elixir made from purified fruit taken from a forbidden tree... blasted by hell itself on rocks taken from a colossal boulder, fog that envelopes this place...!! In this place of ritual hellfire and blasting heat, thou canst take nary a step forward... yet by my hand I shall stir the spirits, and... thou shalt experience yet but a tiny fraction of the true fires of hell!! The living shalt not be suffered to stand this heat... those who cannot stand such extremes must fall before..."
Lala in her usual obscure way of speaking to the Minotaur girls at the Arctic Inn, Chapter 67
"Reckless enthusiasts who put up with nonsense add unreasonable things to the prohibited articles..."
Lala to Kimihito as she's on the verge of a delirium from the heat of the onsen sauna, Chapter 67

Volume 19[]

"With this! My very soul in card form! "Dullahan Seeker of the Cards" I'll sink you to the depths of the abyss!!"
"No, but that card isn't yours though."
"You're just borrowing it from master, right?"
"Sh- shut up...! Whatever! Just start the duel...!"
Lala tries to act a little confident in front of Miia and Centorea as they play Duel Monmusus, only to back down embarrassingly when the two appears unimpressed, Chapter 82