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The following are quotes said by or relating to Leechi. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 12[]

"Ouch! Wha?! What are you doing?!"
Kimihito (after Leechi bit him)
"Ooh, I'm sorry! It's just you wrote "blood sucking ok", so I figured it would be ok!!"
"Oh, um...are you a Vampire...?"
"Nope~ I'm a Leech type extraspecies."
Leechi when she first met Kimihito on the Inter-Species Cultural Exchange Exposition, Chapter 49
"If you pick me, I'll suck out all your bad blood."
Leechi flirts with Kimihito, Chapter 49

Volume 16[]

"Until everyone finds a homestay, we all stay in a share house together?"
Leechi proposes to Yatsume and Moskii that the tree of them start a flat share, Chapter 59.5
"That's right. I'm totally hermaphroditic."
Leechi to Moskii and Yatsume, Chapter 59.5
"This stupid exoskeleton swimsuit is way too annoying!"
"Ah~!! Stop stripping, you idiot!!"
Moskii to Leechi, Chapter 59.5
"It's gotta be refreshing, but thick."
Leechi tells Yatsume, Moskii and Curie which kind of blood she likes, Chapter 59.5
"Geez, I guess Curie is only reserved during the day. She's way too energetic at night~..."
Leechi's oppinion about Curie, Chapter 59.5