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Kana リリス
Romaji Ririsu
Voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki
Hilary Haag (English Voice)
Physical Appearance
Age Unknown but definitely an adult
Birthday June 6th (Gemini)
Monster Species Lesser Devil[1]
Gender Female Female
Hair Blue
Eye Green with black sclera
Height 120 cm (3'93")
Weight 25 kg (55 lbs)
B-W-H B63(A)-H54-W69[2]
Monster Profile
Occupation N/A
Host Unknown
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 21
Anime Episode 10

"Kihihi! No human or Extra-species person can avoid it. The Devil Lilith-chan will make everyone her toy."- Lilith's "plan".

Lilith is a Lesser Devil who debuted in chapter 21 attempting to cause mischief upon Centorea Shianus during her and Rachnera's turn with Kimihito. However despite her success at the start, a surprise attack by a wild boar caused her hypnotism to fail and she was subsequently captured and "enslaved" by Rachnera. [3] She was later released and is performing community service under Polt's supervision as punishment. [4]


Hood Lilith

Lilith with her hood.

Lilith appears as a young prepubescent girl with dark mocha skin and blue hair. Her iris color is green with black sclera. Her teeth are noticeably pointed like Rachnera's. As a devil, Lilith also has Bat-like wings and two black curved horns that face forward along with a stereotypical spadetail.

Her attire consists of a black and white hooded jacket with a grinning devil on her left breasts, hot pants, thigh high socks and sneakers. Her jacket has zippers on the back to allow her wings to be extended


As is natural for Lesser Devils, Lilith has a sadistic mischievous personality that wants to make everyone, humans and Liminals alike, be her toys to entertain herself with. For undisclosed reasons, she chose Centorea as her first target after removing Manako by leading her into a depressed state through acting at being afraid of her cyclopean features. Lilith quite enjoys insulting other people in the nastiest ways, although she can tend to go overboard, such as when she made fun of Rachnera, which only two seconds later turned out to be a bitterly regrettable mistake. After being interrogated by Rachnera, she became a submissive masochist subservient to said Arachne.[3]

Despite being an adult, Lilith has no problem using her appearance to pretend to be an innocent young girl to manipulate people. Such as pretending to be terrified of Manako's eye to make her depressed and getting cheaper fares on the train and cheaper movie tickets. This didn't work on Polt, however, whose sense of smell easily allowed her to see past the deception. [4] She also seems to be a very insightful person, as she was quickly capable of fully deducing Rachnera's history and motives after just meeting her.[3]

Although Lilith usually uses her hypnosis to manipulate others, she is also willing to use physical violence as seen in Chapter 40 when she tries to molest Kimihito to use the evidence to make him look bad in front of Rachnera as she is jealous of his bond with "her mistress". Lilith also generally has a very negative opinion of men, seeing them all as "sick lolicons". Based on this opinion, she was totally perplexed when her seductions where completely ineffective on Kimihito.

In general, Lilith has a very rude and temperamental personality, although her voice takes on a for her quite uncharacteristic gentle, flirtatious tone in the presence of Rachnera, her "mistress". Even the ever-friendly Kimihito notes during his visit to the Kobold Casino that anyone who spends too much time with Lilith would consider her as nothing more than a Devil due to her bad habits like drinking and smoking. Lilith is a pretty tough pickpocket, even crazy enough to steal from a police officer, as seen in Chapter 40.

Despite her devious and insulting nature, it is also seen during Kimihito's visit to the Kobold Casino that Lilith can also care for others, with the Devil Woman is very grateful for Polt's unwavering faith in her, despite how much trouble she constantly caused.

Skills & Traits[]

Personal Traits:[]

  • Sadomasochism: Despite being introduced with a somewhat sadistic personality, she was quickly transformed by Rachnera.[3]
  • Criminal knowledge: As revealed in Monster Musume: Monster Girls on the Job!, Lilith, due to her own criminal streak, knows a lot about the Japanese underworld such as which districts of Tokyo are punks or yakuza frequented.
  • Roulette player: Lilith is a relatively good roulette player. During Kimihito's visit to the Kobold Casino, he lost every round against her, although this was also partly due to the fact that Kimihito didn't really know the rules of roulette.
  • Drinker: As implied in her secrets and later confirmed in Monster Musume: Monster Girls on the Job! (Chapter 1: Bartender), Lilith drinks alcohol. She can drink an entire El Diablo (a strong cocktail) in one go without showing any signs of drunkenness, although this could also be because a Devil, similar to a Lamia, might have a higher tolerance to alcohol, according to the wording given in the light novel that an El Diablo is a "perfect" cocktail for a Devil.
  • Smoker: As revealed in Monster Musume: Monster Girls on the Job!, Lilith smokes, much to Polt's disapproval.

Physical Traits[]

  • Lesser Devil Physiology:
    • Incapable of Flight: Because her wings never fully formed, she is unable to fly and in fact her wings are a hindrance to daily living. This is evidenced by them causing wind resistance when running.[4]
    • Hypnosis: As a devil, Lilith is able to use magic, though the only one seen was hypnotism.[3] Lilith's hypnosis is strong as it was able to influence Centorea into acting totally seductive towards Kimihito, which shocked him beyond measure as she wouldn't normally do such a thing. However, the hypnosis can be broken by loud noises or physical blows, such as when Centorea woke up to Lilith's scream of terror as she fled in panic from the wild boar, or when Doppel slapped Kimihito in Chapter 40.
      • As shown in Chapter 40, Lilith's hypnosis can also backfire as it can only induce and amplify feelings of pleasure that a person already has. When Lilith couldn't seduce Kimihito with her usual methods, she tried to hypnotize him to arouse his "basest inhibitions", but since Kimihito is not a lolicon, this only resulted in him expressing his honest opinions towards Lilith and Doppel without hesitation.
    • Sharp Teeth: As a Devil, Lilith has teeth sharp enough to bite through the Arachne silk thread that Rachnera has wrapped around Lilith's mouth as a gag in Chapter 21.


First encounter with the main character[]

During Kimihito's date with Centorea, Lilith sees Manako keeping surveillance on them. Lilith walks up to the Monoeye and pretends to be a curious child. However, upon seeing Manako's single eye Lilith runs away screaming, proclaiming Manako to be a monster and causing the latter to lose focus on her mission. Hiding from the distraught Manako, Lilith reveals her true nature and declares that she did that on purpose, so that she could "play" with Centorea later.


Lilith hypnotizes Centorea.

Lilith later encounters Centorea as the Centaur is wandering the park alone, distraught at not being useful to her master. Lilith then pretends to be a little girl again, causing an emotional Centorea to open up to her. Just as Centorea finishes talking, Lilith suddenly hypnotises her to do "something only she can do" to Kimihto, to do "something boys like". This causes Centorea to walk up to Kimihito and force herself upon him, as a misguided attempt to repay him, much to the latter's confusion and shock. During this, Lilith watches and giggles at the mischief she has created, only to suddenly be attacked by a Wild Boar that roams the park. Due to this, her influence over Centorea wears off, causing the confused Centaur to back down.

Kimihito distracts the boar as Lilith flees, only for her to be captured by Rachnera shortly afterwards. As Kimihito and Centorea leave, Rachnera ponders on what she can do with Lilith, proclaiming that the devil seems to be scared. Lilith responds to this comment, explaining that Rachnera is only pretending to be in the shadows and pulling the strings, but in reality she scared of what people will think of her. In response to this, Rachnera bursts into a rage, proclaiming that she now knows that Lilith is an adult in a child's body, and that she can take a real punishment.

Lilith is later secretly taken to Kimihito's home by Rachnera and quickly turned into a masochistic sub by the BDSM mistress. Rachnera uses her skills to force Lilith to confess everything, but Lilith reveals that she isn't D at all.[3][5]

Punishment under Polt[]


For leaving her household by herself, Lilith is apprehended and placed under Polt's custody. The Kobold forces both Lilith and Draco to run an entire marathon as a penalty. Though Lilith tries to get out of it by claiming once again she's just a child, Polt easily sees through the deception with her sense of smell and forces the two to run regardless. The Devil and Dragonewt never caught out on their own again.[4]

Second encounter with Kimihito[]

She later reappears in alongside Draco, searching for Rachnera after being released from her "enslavement". In the confusion, Lilith, Draco, Liz and Kinu started fighting, only to be apprehended by Smith later.[6]

Zoological Classification[]

Main article: Devil

Lesser Devils (レッサーデビル, Ressā Debiru) are devils that have the bodies of humans in their childhood. Lesser Devils have small wings and bodies that are comparable with children, even though Lesser Devils can be fully grown in actuality. Lesser Devils usually use their petite bodies to get away with purchasing things at children's admission rates.


  • She takes her name after the first wife of Adam, consort of Iblis and mother to all demons in extra-Biblical legend.
    • She's also the first Liminal species that is based exclusively on religious folklore.
  • Despite being a devil, her actions and appearance are more akin to a succubus.
  • With a size of 120 cm Lilith is currently the second smallest character in the manga series, with the smallest being Fii.
  • Like Draco and Kii, she did not know anything about the letter that D sent.
  • MonMusu Anime Twitter account[7] revealed that her Birthday is June 6th.
  • In her character profiles, she is shown to have the same attitude as Akira Kogami of Lucky Star. She acts cute and childish in public, but in private she behaves much more sarcastic and wickedly.
  • Lilith uses her appearance as an adolescent to do Enjo Kosai in Akihabara. Enjo Kosai is a transactional relationship where older men will give money or luxurious gifts to women for dates, companionship and sometimes sexual favours (similar to a "Sugar Daddy" relationship). When teenage girls do Enjo Kosai it is known as "JK (Joshi Kosei (School Girl)) Business".
  • Although Lilith is a devil, her species is often referred to as a "demon" in the English translation of Monster Musume: Monster Girls on the Job!. This is probably due to inaccurate translation, due to the fact that the Japanese word "akuma" translated can mean both devil and demon.


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