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The following are quotes said by or relating to Lilith. Quotes my vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 5[]

"Kihihihi! Extra-species peeps are so easy to mess with!"
Lilith, Chapter 21
"Is that so?! Think about it Reaaaal hard. What's something you can do for your master? There's something that would make any man happy, isn't there? Something only you...only you can do for him!"
Lilith hypnotizes Centorea, Chapter 21
"S....scared? Well, well, if it isn't the pot calling the kettle black! Seems like all you do is hide in the shadows and follow behind everyone! I bet you're just scared of showing yourself to humans! You pretend that you don't care, but you're actually scared of being rejected by them! You're self-conscious about how humans see that spider body of yours! But you don't even try to overcome that problem of yours! Seems like you're the scared one, spider lady! Kihihi!"
Lillith taunts Rachnera, Chapter 21
"Alright, Lilith-chan, is there anything else you're hiding! Are you lying about anything?"
"Ahhh! Mistress! I-m not hiding anything nor lying for you! So please, give me a reward!"
Lilith is "disciplined" by Rachnera and enjoys it, Chapter 21

Volume 8[]

"Why did Rachnee-sama leave me?! I can't live without her!"
Lilith, Chapter 34

Volume 10[]

"That jerk...isn't he mistress's host family...Complaining about being tied up by mistress, how rude!"
—Lilith about Kimihito, Chapter 40
"Men are all sick lolicons. I hook them about that line every time."
Lilith's thoughts about men, Chapter 40
"It didn't work...?! But all men are lolicons! So then why...!?"
Lilith is completely confused that Kimihito is not seduced by her, Chapter 40

Light Novel: Monster Musume: Monster Girls on the Job![]

Chapter 4: Dealer[]

"Everyone had spent too long with Lilith to believe she was anything but a Devil. She drank, she smoked, and she'd con anyone out of their money first chance she got."
Kimihito's thoughts about Lilith