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The following is a description of Lilith's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

Lilith attempted to make him her plaything (along with Centorea) but failed. She appears jealous of Kimihito's bond with Rachnera.

Lilith is rather jealous of Kimihito as Rachnera favors him above others. She attempted to seduce him, through her loli charms, assuming he was a lolicon, in order to blackmail him which would cause Rachnera to leave him, however he simply whacks her forehead and scolds her for the way she dresses. Shocked and confused, Lilith decided to use her Devil powers to hypnotize and allure him, only for Kimihito to repeat the same action and scold her. Frustrated, Lilith resorts to forcing herself onto him, only to be "caught" by Rachnera (disguised Doppel) and preformed bondage on her as part of her prank.

In general, Lilith enjoys putting Kimihito into uncomfortable or embarrassing situations. During Kimihito's visit to the Kobold Casino, Kimihito lost the second half of his chips playing roulette against Lilith, and later Lilith made fun of Kimihito getting a nosebleed at the sight of Draco's reverse bunny girl costume. Kimihito found the situation embarrassing, but Lilith happily commented that she expected this from a "naughty, creepy man" like him.

Kuruko Smith[]

Not much interaction has been shown between Lilith and Ms Smith, but judging by Chapter 34, Lilith has respect for Ms Smith and prefers not to contradict her. Presumably it was also Ms Smith who, like Draco, put Lilith under Polt's supervision as a punishment for leaving without permission.

Bicycle Police Officer[]

In Chapter 40, Lilith posed to the Police Officer as a small child who had lost her wallet. The Officer then ran helpfully to look for the alleged wallet, but didn't notice that Lilith had stolen his own wallet.

Kimihito's homestay girls[]


Lilith and Miia don't interact often with each other in general, but they do know each other. In general, both seem to have a neutral relationship with each other.

In Monster Musume: Monster Girls on the Job!, Miia was amazed to learn that Lilith drinks alcohol, and the Devil angrily referred to her as "snake woman". During Miia's drinking game with the punk, Lilith wasn't really concerned about the situation, mostly because Rachnera was there to help Miia if necessary.

Centorea Shianus[]

She attempted to make Centorea her plaything but failed. Centorea is grateful to Lilith under a misunderstanding and impression she was a mysterious girl giving her advice.

Rachnera Arachnera[]

After Lilith taunts Rachnera on how others would see the Arachne, Rachnera punishes her. This resulted in Lilith having a master-slave relationship with Rachnera where Lilith is now infatuated with her and calls her "Mistress".


Lilith and Suu met in Chapter 34, but there was no real interaction between them.

Meroune Lorelei[]

Lilith and Mero met in Chapter 34, but there was no real interaction between them.



In an attempt to make Centorea and Kimihito her playthings, Lilith manipulated/distracted Manako by pretending to be a child that was afraid of her one eye.


Due to Doppel's work at M.O.N, she regards Lilith as a thief who should often be given a reminder. However, as shown in Chapter 42, Doppel also tends to play pranks on Lilith just for her own pleasure. When Doppel transformed into Rachnera and punished Lilith with bondage, Lilith visibly enjoyed it too, but only because she didn't know it was Doppel in transformation.

Monster Community[]


After being caught for her actions, she's now performing community service under Polt's supervision. She finds the Kobold's energetic personality overwhelming.

Under Polt's supervision, Lilith has to perform various tasks more or less willingly. While Polt is generally patient with Lilith, she can also take tough action, for example when she crushed Lilith's pack of cigarettes after Lilith smoked on the casino ground without permission. However, as Kimihito notes, Lilith, along with Draco and Kii, are also very grateful for the Kobold's continued belief in them, despite how much trouble that all three constantly cause.


The two worked together doing community service under Polt, but don't seem to consider each other as friends. While both generally get along with each other, Lilith often makes fun of Draco, much to the annoyance of the Dragonewt.


While Lilith and Kii know each other, they don't seem to have a special relationship with one another. However, during Kimihito's visit to Polt's casino, Kii and Lilith agreed that Kimihito would be too much of a "pushover" to be worth hypnosis after he lost to both in poker and roulette.

Liz & Kinu[]

When Lilith first met the two TALIO-agents in Chapter 34, she became at odds with them as she was only interested in wondering if Rachnera abandoned her.