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The following are quotes said by or related to Liz. Quotes may vary slightly depending on wether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 8[]

"My name is Liz, I'm a Lizard."
"And I'm Kinu, an Oni!"
"We're part of the private security firm TALIO. We've been charged with your protection."
Liz and Kinu introduces themselves to Kimihito, Mero and Suu when they first meet, Chapter 34
"More accurately, we are the TALIO firm's Extraspecies-oriented task squad. After the Extraspecies Exchange Law took effect, many different species came to Japan. But at the same time, disputes between those many different species and humans broke out. The aforementioned Extraspecies law complicates the situation for humans while handling these disputies... and there are too many petty disputes for governmental organizations to take care of. So! An eye for an eye! A tooth for a tooth! An Extraspecies person for an extraspecies person! A private enterprise by extraspecies people for extraspecies people."
Liz tells Kimihito, Mero and Suu the story of the founding of TALIO, Chapter 34

Volume 10[]

"I'll say this one more time. I'm on duty. Now get lost."
"Boy, that was pretty harsh Liz."
Draco (scared)
"If anything I was too nice."
Liz rejects Draco, Chapter 40
"You see the Mermaid kingdom sent out a special order for us, since the princess is here. It looks like an extraspeciesperson who was forcibly deported for causing problems around here is back in town. They want us to catch him before he can cause trouble again. You guys should be on the look out too. Catch you later."
Liz warns Kimihito and Doppel about the Orc leader, Chapter 40