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The following is a description of Liz's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

Liz's first encounter with Kimihito in Chapter 34 was quite chaotic as Liz and Kinu took Kimihito, Suu and Mero into protective custody according to their orders as bodyguards, although the two agents didn't know exactly which of the three was the VIP they were supposed to protect. While Kimihito initially viewed the two agents as incompetent due to their clumsiness, he eventually understood their efforts when they finally, depressed, explained to him that they had tried to complete their assignment this time without the help of their colleagues after botching many previous assignments.

In addition to the chaos, Liz also gets into some unpleasant situations with Kimihito in Chapter 34, such as when he accidentally groped her butt while trying to stop her from throwing off her tail after she explained to him that there was a risk that if she did this, she could die from malnutrition. This led to Liz becoming quite angry with Kimihito, calling him a "pervert" and also hitting him with her tail. However, as seen at the end of Chapter 34 and later in Chapter 40, Liz seems to have either forgiven Kimihito or understood that he had not done this on purpose, as she held no grudge against him and warned him and Doppel about the Orc leader, who had re-entered Japan illegally.


Kuroko Smith[]

Liz and Ms Smith didn't interact much with each other, but like many others, Liz has great respect for her authority. As seen in Chapter 34, a sharp look from Ms Smith was enough to end the fight between Liz, Kinu, Draco and Lilith.

Kimihito's homestay girls[]


During their first encounter in Chapter 34, Liz misunderstood Suu as the VIP she and Kinu were supposed to find and protect as bodyguards. Driven by her effort not to screw up the assignment again, Liz tried to make Suu as comfortable as possible and grant her her wishes, such as a can of soda when Suu said that she was thirsty. After it turned out in the end that Suu wasn't the VIP, Liz didn't show much reaction, because she was just too depressed because she thought she had screwed up the job again.

Meroune Lorelei[]

Liz and Kinu's first encounter with Mero in Chapter 34 began rather chaotically as the two TALIO agents took her, Kimihito, and Suu into protective custody. However, the two agents were not aware that the person they were supposed to protect as bodyguards ("X-O") was actually Mero, and they mistakenly thought that they had to protect Suu. For this reason, Liz and Kinu did not pay as much attention to Mero, although, as friend of the supposed VIP, they also offered to accompany her, as stipulated in the client's order letter.

Later, after Liz and Kinu were deeply depressed when they thought they had screwed up the job again, Mero cheered them up with a few words, telling them that she herself was constantly causing problems. Liz and Kinu were particularly surprised when Mero told them that she had almost drowned Kimihito many times, especially when they realized from Kimihito's embarrassed reaction that it was true. After Mero used her royal aura to further encourage Liz and Kinu to do their best to become good agents, the two were so overwhelmed that they saluted Mero. Later, the two were very perplexed when they learned from their colleagues that Mero was the VIP they should be protecting, which meant that they had successfully completed the mission without noticing it.


Liz and Lala first met in Chapter 34, but this encounter didn't go well at first as Liz and Kinu mistook Lala for a pursuer who would threaten their VIP. Also, Lala's complicated explanation that she only chase the souls of the dead further led Liz to believe Lala was a pursuer, so she attempted to arrest the Dullahan girl. Eventually, however, the misunderstanding was cleared up and the two will probably get along now.

Unlike Kinu, Liz didn't seem startled by Lala's detachable head, although that may have been more because Liz was more focused on her assumption that Lala was an attacker.



They are fellow co-workers as bodyguards working under the same company. While she tends to berate Kinu for her lack of initiative and foolishness, Liz can be sometimes as dense and incapable as her. Regardless, Liz still cares for Kinu and wishes that her own shortcomings don't affects hers. 

Monster Community[]


As a fellow reptile Extraspecies, Draco tries to hit on Liz, but she finds the Dragonewt more of a bother to her work. 


Liz and Lilith first met in Chapter 34, but this encounter didn't go well as Liz and Kinu thought Draco and Lilith where pursuers who would threaten their VIP. This led to a fight between the four, which was eventually broken up by Ms Smith. Liz and Lilith haven't interacted since then, but presumably Liz doesn't really see the Devil girl as a threat.

Sebasstian & Flounnder[]

Liz has not personally interacted with Sebasstian and Flounnder, but in Chapter 34 the two butlers hired TALIO to ensure Mero's safety.


Liz and Yukio first met in the omake of Volume 8, but they didn't actually interact with each other.

Ils Nineta[]

Liz and IIs Nineta first met in the omake of Volume 8, but they didn't actually interact with each other.


Liz and Cathyl first met in the omake of Volume 8, but they didn't actually interact with each other.


Liz and Merino first met in the omake of Volume 8, but they didn't actually interact with each other.

Cott & Ton[]

Liz and the Barometz twins first met in the omake of Volume 8, but she didn't interact much with them. When the twins asked Liz and Kinu, if they had any human friends, Liz told them that at least they didn't have lovers, just their co-workers at TALIO.