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Lizardfolk, or Lizardmen, are a demihuman race that possess lizard-like attributes such as claws, scales and a detachable tail.

Considered to be as enigmatic and cold-blooded as their bestial associates, Lizardfolk are thought to be one of the oldest sapien species in existence thanks to their reptilian DNA directly linking them to the age of the dinosaurs.

Physiological Attributes[]

Liz's and Kinu's Secrets
  • Poikilotherm: Lizardfolk are cold-blooded like their Lamia and Dragonewt counterparts. They are susceptible to cold weather, and will seek places to hibernate unless their temperatures are at a functioning Level.
  • Super Strength: Lizardfolk are somewhat stronger than the average human, making them perfect for Escort/Bodyguard duties, but are still weaker than the stronger Demihuman/Liminal species.
  • Sense of Balance: If the tail isn´t detached, Lizardfolk have a better sense of equilibrium than a peak-conditioned human, and are capable of making sharp turns without losing control of their movement.
  • Detachable tail: Like some Species of Lizard, if they are in danger, Lizardfolk can detach their tail to serve as a distraction. However, considering Lizardfolk store their nutrients in their tails, doing so is very dangerous to their health and can cause them to die of malnutrition. Also when the tail grows back the bone is replaced by solid cartilage so it's a trick that can only be used once.
  • Just like Dragonewts, Lizardfolk have trouble sleeping since, due to their tails, they can not lie on her back.
  • Lizard scales: Their scales are similar as those of the Dragonewts, but Lizardfolk have more individual scales. That´s because they´re evolved to have bodies suited to be able to live on the ground.
  • As one of the bigger species, female Lizardmen have usually large bust size, like a H-Cup (Chapter 64). But there are also exceptions, like Liz.
  • Just like regular lizards and Lamia, Lizardmen will shed their skin once in awhile (Chapter 53).


Rock Lizard[]


Rock Lizards are a subspecies of Lizardfolk that are physically adapted to scaling sheer surfaces without assistance.



Salamanders are a group of lizard-like liminals who are known to allegedly live near volcanoes, can spew flames and are completely immune to fire and high temperatures.

Salamanders are considered one of four liminal species that embody the cardinal elements; alongside the Sylph (Air), Undines (Water), and Gnomes (Earth).



Bullywugs are a pseudohuman species that possess frog-like attributes such as flippers and long, prehensile tongues. The mucus they excrete is an extremely effective moisturizer and prized in beauty products.

As amphibious beings, Bullywugs inhabit wet places such as rainforests, marshes, damp caves or any other environment that is shady/dark and has water nearby. Forming mobile tribal societies that value power through strength, Bullywugs are thought to be fiercely territorial and will aggressively attack any outsiders that approach.


In the Manga[]

  • Liz (Lizardfolk)
  • Yukio´s Unnamed Friend (Salamander)
  • Aide (Lizardfolk)

In the Game[]




See Also[]


  • Despite their mutual reptilian looks, Lizardfolk are quite distinct from and not related to Dragons and Dragonewts. The three species share a hierarchical relationship; wherein Lizardfolk are at the bottom rung, Dragonewts occupy the middle rank and Dragons reign supreme. Lizardfolk are regarded with such contempt by the other two species that to infer that they are even slightly related to Lizardfolk is considered a supreme insult by both Dragons and Dragonewts.
  • It can be considered strange that Bullywugs are a subspecies of the Lizardfolk since frogs are amphibians and not Lizards, let alone reptiles. However, there is actually a relationship between the two groups of animals, as reptiles evolved from amphibians. Nevertheless, the relationship should be too distant for Bullywugs to actually be regarded as a subspecies of the Lizardfolk.
  • As Miia reveals in Chapter 19, Lamia and Lizardfolk are closely related, although the Lamia subspecies of the Echidnas is apparently more closely related to Lizardfolks than other Lamia.
    • This statement is probably based on the fact that snakes (Serpentes) and lizards (Lacertilia) form the suborders of scaled reptiles (Squamata) in zoological systematics, and are therefore more closely related to each other than to other reptile genera.
  • Although the Lizardfolk species was already mentioned in Chapter 19, the species was not officially introduced into the manga series until Chapter 31.

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